Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

10 Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support – Unbiased Reviews

Are you an ambitious basketball player who is looking for the best basketball shoes for ankle support? If you nod your head in YES, congratulations, you have finally landed at the right place. 

Basketball is a rigorous game that requires a lot of effort and passion. It is packed with cuts, stops, starts, and quick directional changes. 

If you are an amateur or professional player who loves to play basketball for extended periods, you are surely going to suffer from a bad ankle sprain, twist, roll, or even ankle break. 

Ankle sprains and injuries are somewhat common in basketball. This sport involves a sheer amount of jumping, so the ankles are put under extreme pressure when playing. 

When a player jumps, they land improperly that leads them to ankle rolling. Although they are the most vital part of the human body, they can still be injured due to immense stress. 

The most upsetting thing about ankle injuries is that you will never know for how long you won’t be able to hit the court for enjoying your favorite game. Therefore, it’s critical to safeguard your ankles during the active game. 

It is somewhat possible to play this magnificent sport without having to worry about twisting your ankles during the training session or even a big tournament. There are various ways to minimize the risk, but the safest way is to use the best basketball shoes for Achilles support. 

Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

These boots are exclusively crafted for people with weak ankles. They provide exceptional support around the ankles, wraps snugly to your feet, offer a seamless fit, fantastic traction, and comfortable cushioned landing when you hit the ground.

However, finding the right pair can be an intimidating task, especially if you are a first-time sneaker buyer. You can be effortlessly get fooled by the cutting-edge designs and fancy marketing. 

That’s why, to assist you in making an informed purchasing decision, we have devised a list of the best shoes for ankle support that promise to protect your ankles from injuries. So, let’s dive together into our top selections.

1- Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive Best Basketball Shoes For Achilles Support

These basketball slippers are a versatile option for any player. They feature exceptional cushioning, support, and traction. If you are a man with a big and strong body on the lookup for support and impact protection, this pair is an impeccable choice for you.  

It exhibits a full-length boost, which is the most responsive cushioning ever. The comfortable cushioning offers an ample amount of fast and lightweight energy and enables you to move in any desired direction. 

Furthermore, the cushioning is wrapped by forged TPU construction for durability and stability. It’s synthetic and dual mesh upper wraps the foot in ultra-light comfort, adaptive support, and a breathable environment. 

The grippy rubber outsole offers resilient traction to prevent slipping or falling. It wraps up and around your midsole and safeguards your foot when you make reliable and decisive cuts. 

A shank plate is also integrated into this shoe that provides midfoot stability. The entire structure enhances energy return for a top-notch game performance on the court and permits optimal comfort. 

These best basketball shoes for Achilles support have a perfect fitting, but you can go down half a size if you have standard foot size. They boast an anatomical lace system that wraps the entire foot and decreases stress for greater comfort. 

The Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017 comes up with a high-top silhouette that delivers incredible ankle support. The mesh tongue and heel insert provide breathable comfort to the players in the game’s critical moments. 


  • Grippy Rubber Outsole 
  • Made Of Mesh And Synthetic Upper 
  • Forged TPU Construction For Stability And Durability
  • Ultra-Responsive Boost Cushioning
  • Anatomical Lace System Relieves Pressure
  • High-Top Silhouette Offers Optimum Ankle Support
  • Rubber Outsole Provides Robust Traction That Prevents Slipping
  • Great Ankle Support
  • The Kicks Fit True To The Size
  • Fantastic Design
  • Available In Multiple Color Options
  • Excellent At Shock Absorption
  • Affordable
  • Toe Box Is Uncomfortably Tight
  • Make It Difficult To Accelerate
  • Upper Is Stiff

Final Words:

They are ultra-light, responsive, and heavy-duty basketball shoes for individuals with ankle injuries. Their excellent traction, cushioning, lacing system, rubber outsole, and dependable support make them a perfect option for big men. However, the upper can be a little bit stiff for guards. 

2- Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost – Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Adidas produces one of the best high top sneakers for ankle support. These shoes are specifically built to keep the player comfortable and eliminate distractions. It is designed with a classic silhouette packed with new details inspired by the Brooklyn Creator Farm.

It’s the place where the brand generates its most dynamic designs. The specialty of these sneakers is that they are deliberated for speedy basketball players. It enables you to enjoy a comfortable ride. 

The Adidas men’s marquee arrives with a full-length boost midsole that returns light and fast energy with every single step. Its thick heel foam is excellent at absorbing all the harmful energy. On the other hand, the thin forefoot foam gives you a great court feel. 

If we talk about their outsole, these joggers feature a zonal herringbone rubber traction pattern that provides added grip on the hard surfaces. It is reported that the outsole draws a little bit of debris, but it can be fixed with minimal wiping. 

The good thing about them is that they have a perfect size for wide-footers. However, folks with normal-sized feet are suggested to go down half a size for seamless fitting. 

Thanks to its standard lacing system that secures your foot when making fast moves on the court. It also allows you to accomplish a personalized fit and tightness. 

The upper of Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost is made of 100% lightweight textile and synthetic materials that are utilized for heightened comfort, breathability, and durability. Its padded heel collar delivers extra support to the ankles.  

The best basketball shoes boast a shaft that measures mid-top from arch. Aside from its splendid on-court performance, the marquee boost is famed as a head-turner in the streets. 


  • Made Of Textile And Synthetic Materials
  • Standard Lacing System
  • Full-Length Boost Midsole
  • Perfect Size For Wide-Footers
  • Zonal Herringbone Traction Pattern
  • Manufactured For Speedy Basketball Players
  • Super Comfortable
  • Great Cushioning
  • Snug And Comfortable Fit
  • Great Looking Shoe
  • True To Size Fit
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Cushy Heel Is Perfect
  • Affordable Sneakers
  • Sticker On The Side Of The Boot Doesn’t Look Good
  • You Can’t Peel Off The Sticker
  • Bulky And Heavy Shoes

Final Words:

When Adidas Marquee was launched, it surprised the entire shoe industry. It has a breathable upper, responsive midsole, superb traction, and conspicuous design. 

When this pair is brought to court, it performs uniquely. The only downside of this shoe is that it has a sticker that you can’t peel off even if you want to. 

3- Adidas Men’s N3xt L3v3l Basketball Shoe – Best High Top Sneakers For Ankle Support

N3xt L3v3l Basketball Shoe is another celebrated product by Adidas that allows you to change your directions in a dime. They are the first laceless basketball shoes that were released in 2018. 

They are designed to perform at all levels of the game. It is equipped with a light strike foam midsole intended to provide durable cushioning that will last all game long. 

The all-new light strike cushioning delivers a speedy and snappy feel without the added weight as you move up and down the hardwood. 

This pair features an aggressive zonal herringbone rubber traction pattern that provides maximum grip on the court when performing cuts and pivots. 

Just like other Adidas products, this shoe also runs true to its size. However, these slip-on boots will run narrow and give you a too tight feel if you have wider feet. 

Despite their laceless build, the best basketball shoes ever boast a sock-like construction with Primeknit upper that wraps the foot for a premium locked-in fit that enhances movement. A TPU midfoot overlay offers increased lateral support for swift side-to-side movement.  

These sneakers belong to a series of technical innovations, so they flaunt admirable performance and eye-catching style. They are manufactured of imported knit and synthetic materials that are highly durable, soft, and comfortable. 


  • Lightstrike Cushioning Gives A Fast And Snappy Feel
  • Zonal Herringbone Traction Pattern For Added Grip
  • Primeknit Upper For Snug And One-To-One Fit
  • TPU Midfoot Overlay For Lateral Support
  • Made Of Knit And Synthetic Materials
  • Laceless Lightweight Joggers
  • Durable And Soft Cushioning 
  • Admirable Performance
  • Amazing Style
  • Perfect Length And Lockdown
  • Excellent Traction Pattern
  • Impressive Lightstrike Foam
  • Soft, Bouncy, And Lightweight Cushioning
  • Performs Very Well On The Court
  • Traction Is Not As Good As Other Shoes By Adidas
  • Quite Expensive

Final Words:

Overall, these sneakers have an outstanding style with a comfortable fit. They are made of premium quality materials and provide needed support and lockdown when you need it the most. 

If you have standard foot size and looking for the best basketball shoes for ankle support, then get the Adidas Men’s N3xt L3v3l immediately. Wide-footers should not buy it because it can run narrow and feel very tight.

4- Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Low – Best Basketball Shoes Ever

As a pro or career basketball player, it’s nearly impossible for you to accomplish the best without integrating robust and reliable sneakers. 

If you are looking for the best basketball shoes for Achilles support, we would advise you to try out this particular pair because it’s healthy, long-lasting, and resilient in the long run. 

The Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Low basketball shoe is crafted of high-quality textile and synthetic materials that help it endure wear and tear. The upper is extremely lightweight and durable, so you can expect to use this shoe for the long-term. 

It features a multidirectional herringbone traction pattern that provides maximum control and grip. It also guarantees that you won’t fall or slip on any type of court surface. A full-length boost midsole guards your knees and muscles against fatigue and strain.

It also returns light energy with your every step and keeps you comfortable during the game by eliminating distractions. Additionally, these joggers have a shaft that measures mid-top from arch. 

The best basketball shoes are listed as being a regular fit. Keeping the foot in the right position uses the standard lacing system that permits the players to achieve the desired fit. They have a thick sponge and tongue on the ankle area. 

These sneakers flaunt a padded heel collar that gives higher support and a cozy feel to the feet while you are playing. Appearance-wise, they are very eye-catching and come with an economical price tag. 


  • 100% Imported, Textile, And Synthetics Materials
  • Lightweight Textile Upper For Durability
  • Padded Heel Collar For Greater Support
  • Zonal Herringbone Traction For Greater Control And Grip
  • Ultra-Responsive Boost Cushioning Has Energy-Returning Properties
  • Keeps You Comfortable All Day Long
  • Excellent Fitting And Lockdown
  • Fantastic Cushioning
  • Eye-Catching Design
  • Provide Exemplary Ankle Support
  • It Can Be A Struggle To Get Them On And Off
  • Not Very Breathable

Final Words:

They feature comfortable cushioning, boost technology, and killer traction. All of these features work hand in hand to provide you adequate support, stability, and strength as you play. It also gives you mental peace because you won’t have to spend a massive amount on repairing and maintaining them. 

5- Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 Mid Sneaker – Best Basketball Shoes

If you are looking for the best basketball shoes for ankle support that are super-affordable, long-lasting, and fashionable, then Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 is a perfect option for you. This fabulous pair features a mid-top design that delivers added ankle support. 

The basketball-inspired shoes have a gorgeous synthetic and textile upper that embraces the foot better and gives a modern and sporty appearance. It also flaunts a breathable mesh collar for enhanced comfort. 

The comfortable textile lining and two-toned lacing system of these sneakers deliver a customized fit and a fashionable touch. However, make sure to buy it in person to acquire the perfect size.  

They are the best basketball shoes ever that flaunt luxe style with suede upper on a tinted cupsole. The mid-top joggers are built on the standard basketball shoe silhouette. The signature 3-strips on the sides of the sneakers give them a modern and elegant vibe. 

Their classy Appearance makes them the number one choice of professional basketball players. The exciting thing is that Adidas Hoops 2.0 Mid arrives in neutral colors with optimum fitting, so folks can conveniently wear them with jeans, shorts, or a chic white top. 

Furthermore, they have a thick white rubber cup sole that provides an impressive grip on all sorts of surfaces and looks fantastic with any casual outfit simultaneously. A die-cut EVA sock liner is infused in them that offer ultra-light cushioning, support, comfort, and steadiness to the wearer. 


  • Produced Of Textile And Synthetic Materials
  • Mesh Collar For Breathability
  • Die-Cut EVA Sockliner For Ultra-Light And Comfortable Cushioning
  • Designed On Typical Basketball Shoe Silhouette
  • Rubber Cupsole Offers Astonishing Control And Grip On The Court
  • Supportive And Comfortable, Especially For Long Walks
  • Best High Top Sneakers For Ankle Support
  • Modern And sophisticated Appearance
  • Looks Great With White Apparel
  • Exceptional Fit
  • Durable And Stylish
  • Great For Casual Wear
  • Affordable Cost
  • Top-Notch Quality
  • Pretty Hard To Put The Foot Inside The Shoe

Final Words:

So far, these superior-quality joggers are worth every single penny, and there are no regrets as well. It has almost everything that you might be looking for in a perfect pair. 

They boast sturdiness, comfort, support, and style at a very cost-effective price. These men’s mid-top basketball sneakers are perfect for long walks. This highly-sought shoe can be paired off with any dress in the closet. 

6- Adidas Men’s Entrap Mid Basketball Shoe

If you are suffering from Achilles tendinitis injury, then you must acquire the best basketball shoes for Achilles support; otherwise, you won’t be able to hit the court. 

The Adidas Men’s Entrap Mid is exclusively intended for individuals who are crazy about basketball but have weak ankles. These mid-top sneakers provide ankle protection and support much better than low-top ones. 

They have a lacing closure that offers a comfortable and tailored fit. Their upper is made of premium quality suede and leather that give the boots a throwback vibe. There are ventilation holes on the upper that allow the air to flow smoothly. 

These highly breathable joggers arrive with Ortholite sock liner for improved comfort and protection against harmful energy. Moreover, they also have a tongue and padded ankle collar for extra support, balance, and comfort. 

The great thing about them is that they allow you to maintain a fashionable look and slay your day-to-day life with great self-confidence. Their modern cushioning empowers you to wear them proudly and explore today’s streets. 

These basketball shoes conjure a nostalgic vibe. It flaunts a mid-top silhouette that revolutionizes basketball jogger’s retro look and ties everything together. Adidas Men’s Entrap Mid has a regular fit. However, if you have wider feet, it’s highly recommended to go up half a size.

It is equipped with Ortholite technology that delivers amazing cushioning and revitalizes the foot. It is packed with antimicrobial property, so; it’s also responsible for promoting a healthy foot atmosphere. They showcase a rubber cup sole that is deliberated for durability. 


  • Regular Fit With Lace Closure
  • Upper Made Of Suede And Leather Materials
  • Displays A Combination Of Retro Look And Contemporary Comfort 
  • Flaunt A Mid-Top Silhouette
  • Tongue And Padded Ankle Collar For Additional Support
  • Ortholite Sockliner For Improved Comfort And Impact Protection
  • Super Sporty Shoes With Great Cushioning
  • Fits Very Well
  • Cost-Effective
  • Delivers On-Feet Comfort
  • Classic And Stylish Design
  • Offers Sufficient Arch Support
  • Excellent Quality And Lightweight Sneaker
  • Boast A Versatile Style That Can Be Paired Off With A Variety Of Outfits
  • Start Separating At The Tongue After Some Time
  • Some Wearers Say They Are Narrow And Stiff
  • It Creases Easily

Final Words:

The Adidas Entrap Mid is one of the best basketball shoes for ankle support currently obtainable in the market. This basketball-inspired pair makes you ready to show off its retro style on the streets proudly. 

With a classic vibe, these mid-top boots can complement both casual and sporty looks. This trendy lifestyle kick is armed with Ortholite technology that keeps your feet comfortable and fresh all day long. At an economical price tag, it gives you adequate comfort and support. 

7- Under Armour Men’s Jet 2019 Basketball Shoe 

These gorgeous sneakers will be noticed on and off the court. They are available in lots of striking colors, so you can select the one that suits your style the most. 

Besides being a good-looking shoe, the 2019 version of Under Armour showcases a compression-molded EVA midsole that delivers a lightweight and ultra-responsive ride. 

Inside the boots, a die-cut EVA sock liner is infused that provides additional cushioning and adequate support. For enhanced floor control and grip, the Under Armour Men’s Jet features a sturdy rubber outsole with a unique traction pattern. 

The traction pattern provides a more excellent grip when you are making lateral movements. When it comes to their fitting, many reviewers claim that these particular joggers fit seamlessly. 

Internal bootie construction is designed to give a secure and super-comfortable fit. These cost-effective basketball shoes are armed with a lace-up closure system that offers a locked-in fit. 

They also boast an internal heel counter whose primary purpose is to offer locked-in support. However, on the other hand, an internal midfoot shank is intended to provide maximum support and prevent the foot from rolling over. 

The UA jet 2019 is manufactured of molded and perforated leather and textile upper for the more generous support and ventilation. At the forefoot, a durable TPU overlay is incorporated that is abrasion-resistant and helps the shoe maintain its actual shape. 

These sneakers have a sleek mid-top silhouette that is highly suitable for men with ankle problems. The logos are placed on the forefoot, heel, and midsole regions that make it visible that the shoe belongs to Under Armour. 


  • Leather and textile upper for ventilation and support
  • Abrasion-resistant TPU overlay helps maintain shape
  • The internal heel counter delivers locked-in fit
  • Internal bootie construction provides secure and comfortable fitting
  • Die-cut EVA sock liner for support and cushioning
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole let you enjoy a light and responsive ride
  • Nice and neutral style
  • Fitting is just right
  • Stylish and Lightweight pair
  • Great traction pattern
  • Provide necessary ankle support
  • Highly recommended shoes for running and walking
  • Sufficient support and lockdown
  • They don’t have impact protection at all.

Final words:

If you want to feel fast on the court, these best shoes for ankle support are a decent option for you. They are highly responsive and allow you to enjoy plenty of court feel. Professional basketball players and older hoopers who need more cushioning should think twice before buying this pair. 

In general, this sneaker offers excellent value for your money. However, we suggest you to try them on first to check if they have enough cushioning as per your requirements.    

8- Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Basketball Shoe

These mid-top basketball shoes are specifically designed to help you push past the competition with its splendid cloudfoam cushion in the midsole. The cloud foam midsole provides adequate support and cushioned comfort. 

It is equipped with soft massage nubs and Ortholite sock liners that add comfort and help the feet recover quickly. A long-lasting Adiwear outsole delivers dual-zone extraordinary traction that aids you work the lane, slash through the traffic, and generate separation on the rough surfaces. 

The outsole is abrasion resistant, so it improves maneuverability when you are performing cuts and pivots. There’s a footbed that delivers fast energy and comfort to the wearers during the clutch moves. 

The upper is constructed with a combination of mesh and leather materials that offer durable support as the game heads into overtime. They have a regular fit, so we recommend obtaining your actual size while buying these Adidas Own The Game sneakers. 

This pair vaunts a lace-up closure that offers a secure and perfect locked-in fit. For maximum durability, its high-wear zones are coated with polyurethane leather that provides a sleek and fashionable look. 

A textile inner lining delivers a very soft feeling to the players. Debossed toe cap, 3-Stripes, and TPU heel cup complete the mid-cut silhouette. 


  • Cloudfoam Cushioning For Support And Comfort
  • Soft Massage Rubs And Ortholite Sockliner Help The Feet Recover Fast
  • Durable Adiwear Outsole
  • Dual-Zone Traction Pattern For Maximum Grip 
  • Footbed Delivers Energy And Comfort
  • Made Of Mesh And Leather Materials
  • Lace-Up Closure For A Locked-In And Secure Fit
  • Textile Lining For Soft Feel
  • Sleek And Stylish Design
  • Perfect Pair For Walking And Running
  • Well-Made And Comfortable
  • Cushioning Feels Like Clouds
  • Upper Feels Nice
  • Narrow And Tight Around The Toes
  • There’s No Removable Insole
  • Insufficient Arch Support

Final Words:

These budget-friendly Adidas Men’s Ownthegame shoes feel nice on-feet and are incredibly comfortable to play in. The good thing is that they have a calm and stylish design, so you can be rest assured to receive lots of compliments. 

If you are suffering from an ankle sprain and looking for cost-effective, supportive, and comfortable pair, then you should consider picking them up.  

9- Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi – Nike Basketball Shoes

If you are a basketball player looking for a top-notch product, your journey ends here because this Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro IV is crafted to boost your performance on the court. The pair can handle your swift first step and keep you comfortable up and down the court. 

Nike basketball shoes have excellent quality and comfortable fitting. It features an ultra-light, sleek, and supportive upper on the self-tie lace-up closure to improve your on-court performance. It means your foot will get fit in this pair without any blisters. 

The padded tongue collar provides you a comfortable snug fit. It flaunts a fabric lining and distinctive Phylon footbed in the midsole that ensures you feel comfortable. The outsole arrives with an air-sole unit that supports you when you are walking. 

The rubber sole has an excellent traction pattern that prevents slipping or falling on almost all types of surfaces, including hardwood and asphalt. This highly responsive shoe will let you move in your desired direction effortlessly. 

It is intended to provide excellent ankle support. These joggers are breathable when they fit true to your size. If we talk about their Appearance, the black boots have a tone-on-tone black design. The darkest parts of the sneakers are created of vamp and heel construction. 

The vamp is manufactured of super-soft and dark nubuck, so it can be challenging to keep them clean. The heel is made of a high-shine plastic. There is some mesh on the tongue and around the ankle of the upper body. 

However, the good news is that they are effortless to clean, stay shiny for the long-term, and won’t crease as well. You can wear them casually, formally, and with workout gear as well. 


  • Self-Tie Closure For Perfect Fitting
  • Breathable Upper Can Be Laced-Up To The Ankle
  • Rubber Sole For Great Traction 
  • Outsole And Air-Sole Unit Provides Support
  • Phylon Footbed Makes You Feel Comfortable
  • Stable, Durable, And Stylish Shoes
  • Well-Made Construction
  • Stay True To Size
  • Offered In Wide Size
  • Can Be Worn Casually And Formally
  • Made Of Superior Quality Materials
  • Less Lightweight Than Competitors
  • No Padding Inside Them
  • Plastic On The Heel Can Bother Some People

Final Words:

Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi Nike basketball shoes are a very excellent sneaker option available in the market. Overall, this pair functions well on the court with excellent traction and permits you to make cuts and turns easily. They are well-built, so even after frequent and active usage, you can expect to use them for a long time.  

10- Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe

These best basketball shoes for ankle support are fabricated to keep your game locked-in. They flaunt a 100% molded synthetic upper that provides a highly responsive fit and fast look. 

An extremely lightweight and breathable sockliner offers underfoot comfortable cushioning and much-needed support. The lockdown 4 is equipped with an injection-molded EVA midsole that delivers a light and responsive ride. 

Their durable rubber outsole arrives with adaptive multi-level traction to provide you outstanding movement, long-lasting grip, and control that will not wear down on any court surface. 

The fourth iteration of the Under Armour Lockdown has an excellent fit for the majority. However, some folks have complained about their narrow fit. The shoe’s construction is a tad bit less flexible than competitors to feel uncomfortable and stiff for some people. 

These sneakers are otherwise quite well-cushioned, supportive, and comfortable. Its mid-top collar provides enhanced support and comfort to the basketball players. The perforated leather panels are deliberated to offer increased breathability. 

These best high top sneakers for ankle support boast a sleek mid-top silhouette for a quick look. Their lace-up closure gives you a secure and locked-in fitting. These affordable boots will keep your game locked-in, no matter whether you are on the court or strolling on the streets. 


  • Light And Breathable Sockliner For Comfortable Cushion And Support
  • Molded Synthetic Upper For Responsive Fit
  • Injection Molded EVA Midsole For Responsive Ride
  • Adaptive Multi-Level Traction For Durable Grip
  • Intended For Great Airflow
  • Keep Your Game Locked-In
  • Well-Constructed Pair
  • Made Of Premium Quality Materials
  • Design Helps Prevent Sweat And Smell
  • Available In Multiple Eye-Catching Color Options
  • Comfortable Support For Ankle And Entire Foot
  • Runs A Little Bit Tight And Narrow
  • Fitting Is Not Flexible
  • Don’t Offer Much Court Feel
  • Takes A Long Time To Break In

Final Words:

Under Armour’s sport sneaker collection is incredibly expensive, but these shoes are pocket-friendly. This pair lives up to its name and delivers reliable performance on the court. 

They provide comfort and support to the wearers and allow them to enjoy their game to the fullest. The traction pattern and cushioning of the fourth version of UA lockdown are also seamless for swift movements. 

Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support – Buying Guide

An ankle injury can be the biggest nightmare for a basketball player. There are greater odds of turning your ankle while making sharp directional changes on the basketball court. 

If you want to prevent ankle twisting or breakage, you need to spend money on a pair that will help to stabilize your ankles. While buying the shoes, you can feel confused about whether it is worth the money or not. 

Making the right purchasing decision is difficult and takes a lot of time. So, if you don’t want to regret your verdict, make sure to pay attention to these crucial factors: 


First of all, check the durability of the shoe by holding it in your hand. Basketball joggers are utilized on harsh surfaces so that regular boots won’t last long. 

Therefore, look up for durable ones that are created for on/off-court usage. They should elevate your performance and stay undamaged in the process.


The pair’s material will determine how long it will last. Always opt for shoes that are made of superior quality materials because they will stay for a longer-term. 

However, on the other hand, low-quality boots have a shorter lifespan. Pick a pair whose upper is made of leather or synthetic materials. A rubber-made outsole would be an excellent choice. 

Severity Of Ankle Injury

Ankle injuries are different in scope and severity. Therefore, you have to consider this factor while searching for the perfect shoes. If it’s at an advanced stage, buy the joggers intended and prepared to address that condition. 

Torsional Stability 

The shoe should provide torsional stability. Grab the shoe, hold the heel firmly, and twist its front clockwise and anti-clockwise. The forefoot section should move a little. 

Full High Top 

Full high top sneakers are designed to provide more support to the ankles. Low-top shoes are indeed more comfortable to get on and off, but they don’t offer enhanced ankle stability. 

Therefore, it’s a better choice to invest money on a torsionally stable full high top pair. It will envelop your ankle and prevent it from twisting or rolling. 


It is compulsory to purchase the right-sized best high top sneakers for ankle support. Your foot will slip inside an extra-large shoe that might increase the chances of an injury. 

On the other hand, a small-sized pair will make you feel uncomfortable. That’s why; we recommend you visit the store and try a few sneakers on and select the one that fits you impeccably.  

Lace Design

If you want a pair with an optimum fit, check how its laces are designed and structured. Some brands have come up with a distinctive design to provide maximum ankle support. The best basketball shoes ever have eyelets so that you can tie them down across the bridge of the foot. 

Comfort Level

Individuals with ankle injury need boots that will keep them comfortable and support their ankles simultaneously. Basketball sneakers with thicker and soft cushioning will keep you as comfortable as possible. 

Therefore, while buying the joggers, check the cushioning level and quality. It should have outstanding cushioning around the forefoot and heel area for negative energy absorption. When it comes to easing, the ankle collar should also be soft. 

Player’s Skill Level

If you are a professional player, you will have to spend money on expensive best basketball shoes for ankle support. The expensive pairs are crafted of excellent quality materials, so they are softer, durable, and lightweight. 

However, if you play basketball occasionally, then you can obtain inexpensive shoes that promise ankle support.  

Nature Of Usage

Before buying the shoes, don’t forget to determine the nature of the use. Do you want to wear them for basketball training sessions, competitive games, or for day-to-day use?

If you plan to use them in the hot weather, they must be breathable. On the other hand, if you will be wearing them in the cold weather, they should contain some extra fabric to trap heat. 

Deliberate on your unique circumstance of use and choose the sneakers that meet your individual needs. 

Body Type And Size 

Not all the basketball shoes available out there are meant for you. Never buy a shoe by just looking at its attention-grabbing design. Always bear in mind your foot size and body type. 

Folks with strong built should acquire something highly durable. If you have wider feet, don’t waste money on narrow boots because they will hurt you in the long run. 


It should be the last factor to consider while purchasing shoes for ankle support. The primary purpose of basketball joggers is to boost a player’s performance, but having a striking style can be a plus point. 

You should select a pair that is performance-oriented and match your style as well. In the past, brands were only focused on developing performance-oriented shoes, and they did not care about how the sneakers looked, but fortunately, they do now. 

By spending a little extra time on research, we are sure that you can find a pair with excellent performance and impressive style. 

Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do Basketball Shoes Provide Ankle Support?

Of course, there are plenty of shoes specifically designed to provide ankle support to the players. It’s critical to wear them to reduce the risk of twisting or rolling your ankles. They will enhance your foot’s stability and preserve it for not just the game but other uses. 

Q. What Are Some Essential Aspects To Consider Before Buying Shoes For Ankles Problems?

Before purchasing shoes for weak ankles, you have to bear in mind the pricing, fit, style, materials, comfort level, traction, lace design, and much more. By determining these significant factors, you can get your hands on the most satisfactory pair that meets your individual needs. 

Q. Do Low Top Basketball Sneakers Provide Ankle Support?

Absolutely NO, these joggers don’t provide sufficient ankle support. People who have previous injuries should wear them only with a brace. The laces don’t go high enough, so they can’t support the ankle’s joint that could lead you to an injury. 

When it comes to ankle support, high tops are a better option than low top basketball shoes. However, it is not recommended to rely on them entirely because they won’t safeguard as well as the brace would. Additionally, you will also have to strengthen your foot muscles. 

Q. Can Basketball Shoes Help You Protect Weak Ankles?

If you have weak ankles, make sure to buy high top sneakers with outstanding cushioning. It will not only protect your feet from external negative energy but will support the weak ankles too. However, you should also train your foot muscles regularly to protect your ankles. 

Q. Is It Good To Wear Brace After Ankle Sprain?

You should wear a brace after sprain because it is one of the best ways to prevent further damage from occurring. Many people think that sprain heals quickly, but it could cause long-term issues if you do not take care of it. 


The best basketball shoes for ankle support are life-savers for players that are gifted with weak ankles. They provide secure mounting to your ankles and help you avoid common injuries. 

You would never want to sit out of season by not having the adequate shoes with killer traction, right base, compression, and outrigger. If you’re going to boost your gaming performance, they are worth the investment. 

Choosing the right boots is not as simple as you may think. You have to consider numerous aspects before making the final verdict. This review guide aims to help you be familiar with the healthy options currently available in the market. 

The top ten pairs we recommended above carry almost everything you may need in terms of features, so they are worth a shot. Take your time and pick an option that you think will provide you comfortable and safe wear. 

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