best basketball shoes for dunking

Best Basketball Shoes For Dunking Reviews

Are you a diehard basketball fanatic, and you want to be able to dunk? Are you struggling to touch the rim but got no success? 

All basketball addicts have a dream to attain a better vertical lift, but there are only a few folks who realistically slam it down. 

Athletes have a firm conviction that basketball sneakers with greater Bounce can help them pull off dunk more graciously. 

If you want to have an opportunity to perform splendid leaps for dunking, you need to find the best basketball shoes for dunking that can elevate your vertical jump. 

You also need to pick a boot with other vital features like a locked-in fit, comfortable cushion, adequate support, and insane traction for a swift response and slippage prevention.

Let’s be honest; ordinary joggers can’t help you maximize your vertical jumps for basketball; therefore, you must do some research for the custom-designed best basketball shoes for jump shooters. 

That is because soaring through the air, reaching the ring, and dunking the ball like legends is already an extremely challenging stunt which only a few can pull off fluently. So, without having the right footwear, you will hardly acquire the chance to dunk. 

best basketball shoes for dunking

Of course, the great hops basketball shoes won’t make you Darrell Griffith or Michael Jordan; in addition to extensive training, a healthy diet, and proper sleep, a kick that is exclusively crafted for dunking would be great. All of these factors will make your dunking journey the quickest and proficient. 

Luckily, we have compiled a list of the shoes that make you jump higher based on many owners’ and basketball athletes’ feedback. They are designed to make you a high-flyer you want to be and also handle an explosion of energy your legs produce. 

So, let’s go ahead and take a peek at our top selections for jumping slippers without wasting time.

List Of 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Dunking

1- Nike Men’s Hyperdunk 2015 PRM – Best Basketball Shoes For Jump Shooters

If you are looking for a stylish and innovative kick, the 2015 version of the popular Nike Hyperdunk is an ideal option. Starting with their fit, they don’t fit as expected, and the fuse takes a long time to break in, so they will be uncomfortable initially. 

Also, the upper has a fuse, so it is not very breathable. The hops basketball shoes are equipped with super-comfortable Zoom cushioning. The cushioning is barely felt in the heel area, but it is intended to provide you with impact protection.

On the other hand, it is also not very useful in the forefoot region, but it is slightly better than the heel area. Overall, the cushioning setup won’t provide you with the desired comfort and responsiveness. It is still a good option for big players. 

The major highlight of the Nike Hyperdunk 2015 PRM is its thick and durable rubber outsole. It can endure multidirectional motions with an insane herringbone traction pattern. 

The shoe is designed for heavy and oversized athletes who don’t perform aggressively, so the traction pattern is quite suitable for them. It will perform amazingly on dusty courts because rubber material is sturdy but not dense. 

It features a high and stiff ankle collar with a weird and huge heel that serves like a heel counter so that you will acquire sufficient support. The best thing is that the upper is robust and supportive, but this setup is not suitable for everyone because you will lose mobility. 

The shoes that increase vertical jump are composed of the fuse with some mesh for breathability. They are incredibly bulky, stiff, and also restrict foot movement. So, if you need a soft and loose upper, this pair is not suitable for you.


  • The upper is made of Hyperfuse and mesh material for durability and ventilation. 
  • Thick and resilient rubber outsole with herringbone traction pattern performs exceptionally on outdoor courts. 
  • A high and stable ankle collar and huge heel provide excellent foot and ankle support. 
  • They feature. Zoom cushioning that offers enough comfort, responsiveness, and impact protection to big players.
  • Most comfortable and supportive slippers
  • Provide adequate ankle support
  • Eye-catching design and color
  • Lightweight for running and jumping
  • Excellent containment and stability
  • A little expensive
  • Don’t provide an expected fit

Final Words:

These best basketball shoes for dunking came with promising upgrades, some of them succeeded, but a few failed severely. Nike Hyperdunk 2015 PRM offers you outstanding support, remarkable traction, and durability. 

It is incredibly uncomfortable, takes a long time to break-in, restricts foot movement, and cushioning is also not good. So, if comfort is your top priority, you should stay away from these. 

2- Adidas Harden Vol. 2 Shoe Men’s Basketball – Best Basketball Shoes For Jumping

These best basketball shoes for jump shooters are an amusing improvement over James Harden’s preliminary signature kick. It is mainly inspired by Harden’s movements such as step-back, jab-back, and others. 

If we talk about its performance, the second signature model is equipped with thicker Boost cushioning that is envisioned to offer huge impact protection and guards responsiveness. 

Though, at the lateral side of the forefoot, the cushioning setup is moderately caged. Its midsole is blatantly wider than the sneaker’s upper portion, offering a steady base for the foot and enhancing the foot’s containment. 

Talking about their traction, they have a random-looking fractal pattern on the outsole. It is the same pattern we saw on James’ Vol. 1, but now it is prominently tighter. 

On the cleaner courts, it works efficiently and offers lateral motion coverage too. However, it does not provide the great stopping power and lateral coverage on the outdoor courts. It draws grime and dust like crazy because it has smaller grooves. 

To avoid slipping, you will have to clean it consistently. Keep in mind that it will not last for a long time if you are willing to utilize it outdoors. 

The best basketball shoes for dunking flaunt a low-top figure, and Adidas’ equipment logo is printed on the heel. On the other hand, three stripes are stamped on the lateral side of the forefoot. You will be able to see Harden’s logo on the tongue. 

This pair of sneakers reportedly stay right to size, but it feels narrow at midfoot because there is an elastic band in that region. The band will stretch after properly breaking in. 

For lockdown purposes, an adaptable lacing system is implanted in them. The laces are fixed on synthetic materials that are impeccably molded. 

A full bootee construction enhances the sneaker’s lockdown, and the elastic band on the midfoot enables the kick to achieve a tighter fit.  


  • The Boost cushioning provides impact protection and responsiveness.
  • The blatantly wider midsole offers a stable base and increases the containment of the foot.
  • A full bootee construction heightens the sneaker’s lockdown. 
  • The elastic band permits the slipper to attain a tighter fit.  
  • Comfortable upper and cushioning
  • The cushioning setup is firmer at the forefoot
  • Quite durable and responsive
  • An adjustable lacing system offers the desired fit
  • A supportive and stable shoe
  • Traction doesn’t perform well on dirty courts
  • The outsole is not flexible

Final Words:

Overall, Adidas Harden Vol. 2 shoes that make you jump higher and run faster are more massive than their predecessor. However, users are not happy with its traction because it attracts tons of dirt on the dusty court. 

But still, it is an influential performer that offers outstanding cushioning that shields more prominent athletes from negative energy while remaining responsive at the forefoot for guards. 

3- Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Low Basketball Shoe – Hops Basketball Shoes

The best basketball shoes for jumping feature herringbone traction that provides multidirectional coverage from heel to toe. Its outrigger section has a thicker form of traction. 

What we love about the herringbone traction is its exceptional and consistent coverage. The thin and tightly spaced rubber outsole attracts dirt that gets stuck in the grooves. 

The traction is reliable but only for cleaner courts. When you play on outdoor courts, it requires a lot of wiping, and it is not so durable as well.

Coming to its cushioning, the Adidas Marquee Boost Low makes use of full length Boost cushioning. It gives a spring feel to the player, but it is unresponsive in the forefoot area. 

It features ETPU on both the medial and lateral forefoot sections that confine the material from moving away. On the other hand, the rear portion will offer you the bouncy feel and comfort you need. 

The upper is made of a nice mixture of air mesh and textile material. The durable materials offer flexibility and support to the feet. Best of all, you won’t notice the signs of wear and tear for a long time. 

A molded ankle collar and a padded heel are deliberated for boosted comfort and support. They offer a perfect fit for folks with regular feet, but they run narrow and tight for wide-footers. So, it’s better to buy them from a local store after trying them. 

The shoes that make you jump higher use the old-fashioned lace-up system that gives a perfect fit. Heavily layered eyelets with paneling provide sturdiness to the eyelets.  


  • The inner walls and ankle collar of these low-cut basketball shoes are cushioned to give a cozy feel.
  • It features a mesh and textile upper that eliminates moisture and maintains robustness.
  • The full-length Boost cushioning provides all-day and all-game long heightened comfort.
  • The herringbone traction gives maximum floor control and grip.
  • High-performance sneakers
  • Cushioning gives a springy and comfy feel
  • Attractive design and color options
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Exemplary ankle support
  • Fantastic floor control and grip
  • Midsole sits high
  • Foot slips out of the footbed
  • Design can be improved

Final Words:

The Adidas Marquee Boost Low is one of the most comfortable shoes that increase vertical jumps. They are available at an affordable price range with multiple color options. 

This beautiful-looking sneaker has awe-inspiring traction that performs excellently on the hardwood. The thicker cushioning offers comfort and excellent impact protection. 

4- PEAK High Top Men’s Basketball Shoes – Best Basketball Shoes For Jump Shooters

The Peak is a leading brand founded in 1989 and primarily designs and produces comfortable and practical sportswear and footwear. 

They provide stylish, functional, and comfortable basketball sneakers to their consumers to help them maintain top-notch performance. 

This particular kick belongs to the Louis Williams Streetball Master chain, using distinct technical configurations to provide security, support, comfort, and a breathable wearing experience. They are available in various striking color options with eye-catching designs. 

PEAK high top best basketball shoes for jump shooters are made of premium quality built-in weaving mixed with the hot-melting procedure to lessen the foot’s discomfort and give comfy coverage and support. 

Its outsole is very thick and solid and features a deep traction pattern that functions nicely outdoors. There is a stabilization module that goes up on the forefoot’s outer side to provide immense support for the foot’s lateral motions. It is also liable for lowering the chance of straining. 

The rubber material has been upgraded that has ultimately made the shoe wear-resistant. It can adapt to the conditions of cement, plastic, and other court surfaces. This lightweight and breathable boot have a solo-parametric design that enhances grip. 

The upper area is equipped with Peak surface innovative tech material that provides protection and comfort. It is made of mesh wrapped with a robust synthetic rubber. Its slightly warped shoe toe is intended to prevent toe injury. 

The arch is not too high or low, so it is super-comfortable. The insole is lightly padded, so you will have to use separate insoles. It offers a secure and perfect fit, and the laces come across the instep at the exact spots. 

The bold and nicely-shaped midsole gives these shoes that make you jump higher and aerodynamic and cushioned appearance.


  • Made of synthetic, textile, and leather materials for air circulation, support, and durability
  • Hot-melt filming provides support and balance when you are performing intense exercises.
  • The upper is made of mesh combined with innovative tech material for comfort and security.
  • Wear-resistant and thick rubber outsole with deep traction pattern performs flawlessly on all court surfaces.
  • Extremely supportive and comfortable
  • Made of excellent quality materials
  • Tractions grips the ground tightly
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Wear-resistant and anti-skid
  • Fantastic design and color combination
  • Runs too narrow
  • Poor quality

Final Words:

These nice-looking basketball sneakers are available at a very cost-effective price. They are super-supportive, comfortable, and breathable, so you can rest assured that they will assist you in taking your game to the highest level possible.  

5- Nike PG3 Basketball Shoes – Shoes That Increase Vertical

The upper of these slippers come with mesh and synthetics that look more like a foil. The primary purpose of using these materials is to reduce the overall weight of the shoe. 

You will also see lots of exposed glue around the linking lines that give an ugly appearance. A tongue is inserted into its rip-stop collar that is deliberated to provide support and improved agility.  

When it comes to their performance, these shoes that increase vertical jumps are armed with a lightweight foam midsole that is seamlessly paired with the forefoot Zoom airbag. 

The same setup was used in the Nike PG2. But, the updated configuration provides more response to the athletes. Moon craters inspire this pair, so it flaunts a circular traction pattern that offers an enhanced multidirectional grip. 

The ground-breaking traction gives a unique aesthetic and empowers the player to cut and slash in all directions. 

To see the full magic of the cushioning, you will have to give it some time. It feels tremendously amazing in the forefoot zone and generates a “smash your rivals in the first attempt” sort of responsiveness. 

In the rear portion, Phylon cushioning is quite good and offers enough impact protection, so it is guaranteed that you will feel comfortable playing basketball or doing the necessary footwork. 

It takes 3 to 4 days to fully break-in before providing a “straight-up glue” performance. You won’t have to experience dust problems with this shoe, thanks to the deep and extensively spaced crater holes. 

The hollows don’t leave any room for dust to stay in. The rubber element is soft, boosting your indoor performance, but it is not ideal for outdoor courts. 

Nike PG3 runs right to size and feels snug at the forefoot. However, wide-footers are advised to try them before purchasing. 

It boasts a half bootie construction that produces a protected and snug fit. Furthermore, it is equipped with free-floating synthetic wings across the forefoot that further locks in the foot. 


  • These lightweight hops basketball shoes are built to excel on hardwood.
  • The upper is made of mesh with synthetic overlays.
  • A built-in tongue gives support without compromising agility.
  • The multidirectional traction performs excellently on both indoor and outdoor courts. 
  • The free-floating synthetic wings across the further forefoot lock in the foot. 
  • Circular traction sticks like glue
  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • The foam midsole is softer and lighter
  • Amazing impact protection
  • Cushioning feels bouncier and more responsive
  • Super soft and supportive
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Materials look and feel cheap
  • Feels snug at the forefoot
  • Soft foam can bottom out quickly

Final Words:

These best basketball shoes for jumping are packed with several features so that they won’t disappoint you at all. 

It has a normal appearance and cheap built, but it successfully impresses the uneven and hard surfaces. The traction is fantastic, and the Zoom Air cushioning is tremendously lightweight and responsive. 

6- Nike Lebron 17 Basketball Shoes – Shoes That Make You Jump Higher

These shoes that make you jump higher are designed to provide you immense strength and speed in the stadium. The LeBron shoes are created to allow you to govern all sides of the court and beat your opponents with the upgraded Max air unit and knitposite upper. 

If we talk about its materials, Nike has presented the newest knit innovation—Knitposite. It is a perfect blend of Flyknit structure and pre-twisted and heat-molded yarns that create twirled patterns for increased support and structure. 

We saw the same construction in the LeBron 16, and there was a free-flowing knit in the toe box that offered enhanced flexibility and ventilation. The knit effortlessly converts into a more sturdy, support packed version for additional lateral support in the rear part.

Speaking of its cushioning setup, it features a pretty massive makeover in the forefoot. On the other hand, it stayed similar to the last version in the heel area. 

The highest-volume heel Max Air unit is combined with decoupled zoom air units in the forefoot zone. But, some foam is placed to cover-up the toe’s tip. It will offer you outstanding shock absorption, plushness, and responsiveness. 

The only downside of the cushioning is that it doesn’t provide much court feel because your foot sits relatively high on the ground.

These modern sneakers have a durable, thick rubber outsole with a muscle cell-like traction pattern that gives maximum flexibility and grip on the court. 

It performs efficiently on cleaner courts, but you will notice that it draws tons of dirt on rough spaces. To deliver a locked-in feel to the wearer, it exhibits a wide collar and standard tongue. 

According to reviewers, the Nike LeBron 17 stays true to size, but it offers a snugger feel. So, if you have wider feet, you should go half a size up to attain a perfect fit. Initially, they feel tighter, but they will provide you with a customized fit once they break-in. 


  • Knitposite is flawlessly merged with Flyknit threads and pre-twisted and heat-molded yarns for increased support and structure.
  • The thick rubber outsole has a muscle cell-like traction pattern for heightened flexibility and grip.
  • A wide collar and traditional tongue offer a customized fit.
  • The heel’s pretty enormous Max Air unit is paired with decoupled zoom air units for impact protection and responsiveness.
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Very supportive
  • Offers a tailored fit
  • Exceptional impact protection and responsiveness
  • Traction grips the floor firmly
  • Traction draws tons of dirt
  • Cushioning doesn’t offer court feel
  • Quite expensive

Final Words:

If you are looking for a basketball shoe that provides enough impact protection over the court feel, Nike LeBron 17 is the right choice. It is an excellent option in all possible ways. 

Overall, with its extraordinary traction, comfortable cushion, impressive lockdown, and generous support, it won’t disappoint you on-court. However, you can pass on these best basketball shoes for jump shooters if you have a tighter budget.

7- Adidas Men’s Dame 5 – Shoes That Make You Jump Higher And Run Faster

These best basketball shoes for dunking feature the combined characteristics of the Dame 2, 3, and 4. The best Damian Lillard basketball sneaker arrives with full-length Bounce cushioning. 

It is thicker than it was in the previous version but still offers a lot of court feel. You will also get adequate impact protection without causing any shakiness or loss of court feel. Its responsiveness and plenty of energy return will meet your unique needs. 

When it comes to their traction, they utilize a trusted multidirectional zonal herringbone tread pattern from heel to toe. Each line of the tread is thicker and extensively spaced apart, so dust won’t clog up the rubber outsole when playing on the dusty court. 

The combination of rubber compound and traction pattern performs impressively well on all types of courts. The Adidas Dame 5 has a full textile upper, ankle collar, tongue, and interior walls that are nicely padded for comfortable support. 

Its edges come with wide outriggers, so these affordable boots will provide stability and prevent ankle rolls as well. The leather looks and feels cheap but perform efficiently on the court. 

These performance-oriented slippers have a regular length and width. They are constructed for people with standard feet size, so you should go half a size up if you have wide feet. 

Thermo polyurethane panel is inserted on both sides of the shoe that is anticipated to keep the foot in the right position. On the other hand, the lateral panel provides ample support and prevents the hazard of foot slippage. 

Their support system is simply unique. There is a TPU panel that offers you extra coverage on the lateral side and doesn’t cause any discomfort. Its torsional support is also great.


  • They come with full-length Bounce cushioning that offers responsiveness, impact protection, and ample court feel.
  • The multidirectional zonal herringbone traction performs well on all surfaces.
  • A textile upper, padded tongue, inner walls, and ankle collar provide comfortable support.
  • The outriggers on the sides deliver stability to the player and also prevent ankle rolls.
  • Best cushioning setup ever
  • Has a sleek outline
  • Look more stylish than previous versions
  • Super comfortable straight out of the box
  • Immediately break-in
  • Traction works wonderfully
  • Perfect fit for regular footers
  • Leather looks cheap

Final Words:

If you want to play the game in Dame Lillard’s style, the Adidas Dame 5 is the perfect package for hoppers. Wide-footers have some issues with their fitting, so make sure to try them in-store before buying. However, its lockdown, support, and cushioning are a sure win.

8- Nike Precision Iii Basketball Shoe – Best Basketball shoes

These best basketball shoes for jump shooters are designed to allow you to move with accuracy and hit the shots with precision. The stylish sneakers have a mid-top construction with a rounded toe that enhances the beauty of this pair. 

On the tongue, heel, and edges, Nike and Swoosh logos are situated. Its upper is made of high-performance fabric and mesh material, so you will be able to acquire breathable support all-day long. 

Additionally, a textile lining and midfoot shank are also there to provide you with massive comfort and torsional rigidity. 

If we talk about its fit, it stays true to size, but some individuals have complained that they are slightly narrow. Therefore, we would suggest to wide-footers to try these boots before ordering. 

The support system and lockdown are quite impressive. The all-purpose mid-top shoes have a padded collar that delivers comfort and control to the player. 

An engineered quarter panel is integrated for providing a protected and precise fit. Besides, they feature added eyelets that stretch up to the kick’s collar.    

The best basketball shoes for dunking exhibit a solid and well-made rubber outsole with multidirectional traction, so you can be sure of obtaining admirable grip when making swift cuts. 

The dual pivot points will enhance your suppleness and support your rotating motions. Nike Precision 3 is equipped with a robust foam midsole that has two levels of cushioning technology. The lightweight midsole will produce a smooth and soft ride for you. 

This pair of sneakers is exceptionally responsive, comfortable, and supportive. You can use them on uneven and rough surfaces without overthinking. 

It is guaranteed that they will not fall apart, thanks to the resilient materials. If you are a bigger and heavier athlete, these boots are not suitable for you because they won’t support your weight.   


  • The economical mid-top sneakers have a padded collar for containment and comfort.
  • A multidirectional tread pattern sticks to everything and is extremely durable.
  • Two levels of cushioning in the midsole will provide you comfort, support, and responsiveness.
  • Fabric and mesh upper provide comfort for all-game long.
  • Made of premium quality materials
  • Will last longer
  • Offer exceptional value for money
  • Need a short break-in time
  • Traction is superb and has a hard bite
  • Useful for both play and work
  • Responsive cushioning offers a bouncy feel
  • Run a little bit narrow and tight
  • Upper is not too strong and supportive
  • Materials’ quality can be improved

Final Words:

Overall, users are immensely gratified with the price and beasty performance of these basketball shoes, making you jump higher and run faster. 

The stylish, responsive, and comfortable sneakers are a great option for speedy guards. But it is not suitable for heavy and oversized players. 

The traction sticks to everything, so there are zero odds of slipping on-court. Don’t be surprised if they increase your vertical jumps and become your favorite go-to kicks.

9- Under Armour Men’s Jet 2019 Basketball Shoe 

If you are looking for mid-top shoes that make you jump higher and run faster, then Under Armour Jet 2019 is an incredible choice. They vaunt a sleek figure that is well-suited for basketball players. 

Brand logos are placed on the midsole, front, and back regions to enhance the sneaker’s exquisiteness.

Starting with its upper, it features a perforated upper that is composed of textile and leather material. These materials are notorious for providing increased support and breathability. 

An abrasion-resistant TPU overlay is also present to give the shoe additional durability. It also aids the kick in maintaining its original shape. 

According to reviewers, hops basketball shoes offer a flawless fit. The Inner bootie construction will provide you with a comfy and secure fit. 

A lace-up closure system is incorporated in them that delivers a locked-in fit. Furthermore, an internal heel counter will also provide you with the desired support. 

To prevent the danger of feet roll over, Under Armour placed an internal midfoot shank in these sneakers. Overall, its lockdown support is magnificent, and you won’t face any support issues while performing on the court. 

Now, if we move on to their cushioning setup, the 2019 version of the UA jet showcases a compression-molded EVA midsole. This ideal setup offers you an ultra-light and highly responsive ride. 

A die-cut EVA sock liner inside the kick provides vital support and cushion. It features a sturdy and tough rubber outsole with a distinct tread pattern for maximum grip and control. 

It is intended to provide an enhanced grip when the player makes lateral moves. It is a fabulous pair for folks who play on outdoor courts. However, keep in mind that its underfoot shock absorption is not too good, but it offers an excellent court feel.  


  • The textile and leather upper is seamlessly molded and perforated to make the shoe breathable and supportive. 
  • Abrasion-resistant TPU overlay aids the kick in retaining its original shape.
  • Internal bootie construction and internal heel counter are deliberated for secure, comfy, and locked-in fit and support. 
  • Die-cut EVA sock liner in the midsole delivers cushioning and support beneath the foot. 
  • Trendy and durable sneakers
  • Offer a lot of court feel
  • Traction works effectively on outdoor courts
  • Fast and responsive
  • Highly supportive and comfortable
  • Satisfactory lockdown
  • Don’t absorb the shock at all.

Final Words:

The Under Armour Jet 2019 is one of the best basketball shoes for dunking. It is exclusively crafted to make you run fast and jump higher on the court. 

It has a thin cushioning, so bigger players should not opt for it. Overall, these affordable boots are a valuable choice for people who want to enjoy a smooth and responsive ride on-court.  

10- Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Basketball Shoe – Best Basketball shoes for outdoors

All the basketball players who dream of executing great leaps for dunking should buy Adidas Ownthegame basketball shoes. They are specifically made to help you slash through the traffic, push past the competition, and own the game. 

First, if we talk about their style, they flaunt a sleek and trendy appearance. The mid-top shoe has a debossed toe cap and three stripes that conclude its overall design. 

Moreover, cloud foam cushioning technology is integrated into the midsole to provide premium support and cushion comfort. The Ortholite sock liner is also present in them to deliver additional comfort. 

If you are dealing with a foot injury, the soft massage nubs will help the foot heal faster. These cost-effective and durable boots are equipped with a durable Adiwear outsole. 

The outsole has a dual-zone tread pattern; it will inevitably offer you enhanced traction that sticks to everything. The outsole is abrasion-resistant, so it will help refine maneuverability when you make your way to the basket. 

When it comes to their materials, these best basketball shoes for jump shooters are fabricated with a mixture of mesh and soft synthetic leather zones for breathability, resilience, and long-lasting support. 

The high-wear zones make use of synthetic leather material for boosted durability. Besides, the internal textile lining provides a soft and smooth sensation.

To simplify the foot entry, a heel pull is there to help you. They offer a perfect fit, so we would recommend you to stick to your actual size. 

A lace-up closure system gives a locked-in and protected fit. Best of all, it requires the shortest time to break in thoroughly. They are one of those mid-top best basketball shoes for dunking that are still very comfortable with laces. 

Its downside is that its design is not too striking, so it draws little attention. Their color starts to fade away after a few months of usage. 


  • The lace-up closure system offers locked-in support and a snug fit. 
  • Cloudfoam cushioning in the midsole provides plenty of energy and comfort.
  • Resilient Adiwear outsole with dual-zone tread allows you to generate separation on-court by holding the ground tightly. 
  • The mesh upper boasts synthetic leather zones, a debossed toe cap, and stunning three stripes. 
  • Upper feels and looks nice
  • Quite durable and lightweight
  • Comfortable and responsive
  • Inexpensive
  • Color fades away after some months
  • Design needs improvements

Final Words:

The best basketball shoes for jump shooters are offered at a very affordable price tag by Adidas. 

According to users, they feel nice on the feet and are very comfortable, supportive, and lightweight to play in. Plus, they look classy and cool, so you can utilize them for both work and play. 

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Basketball Shoes For Dunking

If you are going to buy the dunking joggers for the first time, there are some key aspects that you should know. These attributes will give you high power and agility so that you can perform competently. 

Here is the list of the factors you must consider before making a purchase.


It is the first thing you have to deliberate on while looking for a perfect pair of basketball sneakers for dunking. There are diverse styles of basketball kicks available on the market. These styles include high-cut, low-cut, and mid-cut shoes. 

The high-top sneakers are trendy among athletes who play aggressively as they have an upper wrap that offers enhanced safety. Their construction around the ankles gives you adequate support and stability. 

On the other hand, the mid-top joggers are an excellent option for those players who play multiple positions. They provide a medium level of support and flexibility. 

The low-cut slippers are less supportive and highly suitable for guards. They offer more speed and agility, so you can efficiently run all over the court.  


Cushioning is situated in the sole of the boot. Different brands utilize different cushioning technologies for providing enhanced underfoot comfort. 

For instance, Adidas relies on Boost and Bounce cushioning, but Nike uses Zoom Air technology. Cushioning is liable for absorbing all the negative energy from the impacts of jumping. 

The Midsole

Before checking the cushioning setup, you should inspect the midsole. The advanced technology in the midsole of the best basketball shoes for jump shooters will add extra padding in pressure points. 

If the midsole is made of stiffer materials, it will increase stability and prevent inward rolling. However, it is better to opt for a moderate to thin layer of cushion because it will provide you with more comfort.

The Outsole

The outsole hits the hardwood, so you should not overlook it at any cost. It determines how much grip your shoe has, how long it will last, and how it will perform on the court. 

It is generally constructed of rubber materials and has a hexagon or herringbone tread pattern for increased grip. It also protects your feet, so you feel secure in the stadium. Moreover, we recommend you to pick a kick that has broad and flat outsoles. 


The design of the shoe is imperative because it will determine whether you will wear it or not. Of course, you would never want to hit the court by wearing something terrible that can make your competitors laugh at you. 

The design and colors should be eye-catching so they can complement your personality. The best basketball shoes for jump shooters have a significant impact on your confidence and performance.   

Shock Absorption

When you jump higher, you land hard. So, it’s critical to select basketball boots designed to support hard landings and have extraordinary shock absorption capabilities. 

Combining the superior quality midsole, thick rubber outsole, and excellent tread will provide you with the right level of shock absorption and impact protection.  

Tight Fit

The shoes that make you jump higher have to fit impeccably. If you get a large pair, your foot will slip inside when you try to jump. 

Poor-fitting sneakers will divert your attention, and you will also lose momentum and stability. If they don’t fit you correctly, you can wear good-quality socks to make a difference.  


The materials of the best basketball shoes for dunking ensure their longevity. These days, shoes are made with different materials such as textile, mesh, leather, and synthetic. 

If you need a ventilated sneaker, you can pick breathable material with a durable and supportive upper. It will provide enhanced comfort and allow you to move effortlessly. The shoe’s closure system will help your feet stay secure and supportive.

Reputed Brand

While purchasing shoes that make you jump higher and run faster, you should consider the company as well. 

Countless brands are operating in the industry that are producing high-quality and cost-effective joggers for their consumers. Always pick a reputed brand to get top-rated basketball kicks. 


Many people think that famous basketball players wear expensive shoes. It is somewhat true because costly sneakers are built of superior quality materials and designed to enhance your stadium’s performance. 

Best of all, they will last for a long time. However, some known brands also create durable joggers at competitive prices. The pricing factor will help you select a stunning pair of exceptionally sturdy shoes without burning a lot of time and money. 

Benefits Of The Best Basketball Shoes For Jump Shooters

Simple Playing

High-performance slippers make it easier for you to play the game. Basketball consists of jumps, starts, stops, and sudden moves amid the match so that a great kick will enhance the athlete’s exercises. 

They can enjoy the game with no risks. By getting the appropriate shoes, you can run faster and jump higher.  

Reduces Injury

You know that basketball is an intense game, and it puts immense pressure on the foot and ankles. If you don’t wear the right sneakers, you will be placing yourself in getting wounds. 

The majority of injuries occur when you jump or land incorrectly. The right shoe will offer enough support and absorb the negative shock from constant motions. 

High and mid-cut shoes provide optimal ankle support and also lower the occurrence of ankle-twisting and foot injuries.  

Support Playing Style

The player must assess his playing style before buying the best basketball shoes for dunking. It is because you will be able to narrow down your selections and pick the right shoe for your playing style. 

If you are a post-player, you should choose high-tops because they offer increased ankle support. An all-around athlete can go for mid-tops as they convey greater support and are not too heavy. On the other hand, the ball-handler should select low-tops.

Enhances Footwork Motion

Basketball game puts a terrible strain on the feet and ankle, so the shoes that increase vertical jumps give the player confidence and assurance to run, move, and improve performance. 

It also assists you in enhancing footwork motion while playing. You can quickly improve your skill and lower the hazards of injury in the court. 

Boosts Shoe Breathability

The upper that is made of high-quality materials gives stability and security during the competition. They also offer ventilation and resilience to the sneaker. 

These days, brands generate ventilated uppers made of leather, synthetic, and mesh materials. The synthetic mesh makes them flexible and breathable, and leather provides durability. Advanced technologies are also inserted in them to improve their feel, fit, and breathability. 

best basketball shoes for dunking

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are The Best Basketball Shoes For Dunking Suitable For Running?

Yes, you can use them for running, but they won’t last for a long time. Running is a more intense game than basketball, so you need a pair with thicker cushioning and incredible traction. 

The shoes that make you jump higher don’t have the level of cushioning required for running. Professional runners should never use basketball shoes for running. 

Q. Can I Use Indoor Hops Basketball Shoes For Outdoor Games? 

The indoor shoes are prepared for indoor courts. So, it is better to avoid wearing them on outdoor courts. Purchase a shoe that can be utilized in both indoor and outdoor courts. Make sure to keep them clean to acquire outstanding performance. 

Q. Are High-Top Joggers An Excellent Option For The Basketball Game?

They don’t give a quick and sleek response compared to low-tops. Also, they are heavier and decrease your speed on the court. 

If you want to enhance your speed, then you need a low-top lightweight boot. However, if you wish to obtain high security, a high-top will be a good option because it can lower injuries. 


If you don’t play basketball religiously, you might not notice the differences between ordinary shoes and custom-designed best basketball shoes for dunking. Therefore, there are greater odds of you making the wrong choice. 

In this write-up, we have reviewed the adequate shoes that make you jump higher but bear in mind; they won’t help you unless you do intense training to boost your elevation. 

The mentioned models are equipped with the most convenient attributes, advanced technologies, and higher functionality. They will empower you to hop, dunk, jump higher, and score points. 

With these, you will obtain higher uncompromising traction, maximum comfort, and protection. Also, we would recommend you to pick your correct size to enjoy the game to the fullest.

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