best basketball shoes for high arches

10 Best Basketball Shoes For High Arches

Are you hunting for the best basketball shoes for high arches? If so, make sure to deliberate on your foot’s shape and fitness while purchasing sneakers. Folks with lower arches overpronate, but individuals with high arches tend to under-pronate. 

High arches have a problem with shock absorption because when the foot is under pressure, it can’t roll enough to boost the weight distribution. You might have to experience ankle tendon injuries, Achilles, Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, and many other enigmas. 

Therefore, you are advised to pay special attention to your lower limbs. High arches are also known as deeper arches as the body’s weight is placed on the feet’ balls. Regrettably, you will have to deal with the situation for your whole life if it can’t be fixed medically.

That’s why; you should opt for neutral and lightly cushioned best outdoor basketball shoes that encourage your foot’s natural movement, reduce pain, and enhance comfort. It is mandatory if you are a runner, basketball athlete, or spend many hours standing. 

Having Pes Cavus is not all disadvantage, but an advantage too. The most significant benefit of having them is that they work exceptionally well with abrupt acceleration and directional changes. 

The feet adopt a firmer form; thus, the force distribution allows it to adjust and move quickly under immense pressure. In the past, most of the best-cushioned basketball shoes were primarily customized to meet normal arches’ requirements, leaving out few individuals with high arches. 

Best Basketball Shoes For High Arches

However, many brands have started producing tailored boots for high arches over the last couple of years. The wide variety of joggers can make picking the right ones a vital task. Don’t panic; we have covered you. 

In this guide, we review the top-rated ten best basketball shoes for players with high arches.  

Top Best Basketball Shoes For High Arches

1- Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii Nubuck Basketball Shoe

The Nike Unisex-Adult, Precision Iii Nubuck, is one of the top-rated models with a 4.3 positive rating from 194 users’ reviews on Amazon. The primary purpose of creating this shoe is to help the players move with accuracy on the court. 

It is equipped with an all-purpose mid-top figure that provides a comfortable blend of cushion and control. Their midsole is lightweight, so you will enjoy smooth rides and also offers ample impact protection. 

Its outsole is composed of rubber stuff that is thick and sturdy. The outsole features multi-directional traction that teams up with dual pivot points for soft steps, swift cuts, and rotational motions. 

The traction has an excellent grip, so there are zero chances of slippages. The installation of Phylon foam makes them exceptionally lightweight, and they provide incredible responsiveness. 

You will witness a padded ankle collar placed for offering tremendous comfort and containment to the athletes so that they can feel relaxed and focus on their game. An engineered quarter panel and extra eyelets will provide a perfect snug fit. 

These best cushioned basketball shoes are excellent at absorbing shock as an air unit is inserted at the heel area. Furthermore, they flaunt a ventilated mesh construction to ensure that your feet stay sweat-free and comfortable. 

If your top priority is support, comfort, and padded cushioning, then these sneakers are a fantastic choice. The standard lacing system makes it secure to wear as it holds the foot nicely and snugly. Overall, they flaunt a sleek and elegant design so that you can match them with plenty of outfits for both on and off-court usage. 


  • The all-purpose mid-top boot offers a seamless mixture of control and cushioning.
  • Feature a lightweight midsole and rubber outsole with multi-directional traction
  • Traction has a hard bite and is perfect for soft steps and quick cuts.
  • The traditional lacing system provides a secure and snug fit.
  • Sleek and stylish design allows you to use it for both on and off-court usage. 
  • Comfortable
  • Cushioned
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Phylon foam
  • Superb traction
  • Snug fit
  • Nice arch support
  • Simple to clean
  • Firm sole
  • Too tight and uncomfortable
  • Materials are cheaply made

Final Words:

People who are looking for a genuinely sensational high-performance basketball shoe from Nike should give a try to Nike Unisex-Adult Precision Iii Nubuck. They will help you move with precision and fight for a victory on the court. 

Not to mention, this pair of joggers are going to lock down your feet entirely and deliver ultimate support, comfort, stability, and breathability.

2- Nike Men’s Air Precision High-Top Mesh Basketball – Best Cushioned Basketball Shoes

Serious basketball players recognize the worth of wearing high-quality basketball slippers manufactured for the game’s strains and requirements. 

Nike Air Precision is one of the best basketball shoes for high arches that provide players with support and responsiveness vital for peak performance and elevated stadium movements. 

It is indeed an extraordinary model armed with lots of features and available at an affordable price tag. First of all, if we talk about its cushioning setup, this pair incorporates an encapsulated air-sole unit at the heel part. 

You can visualize it as a polyurethane pouch that is loaded with dense gases. The ultimate purpose of inserting it into this kick is to provide durable cushioning that does not bottom out as quickly as ordinary foam. 

Phylon foam surrounds this unit to support the player’s weight and offers a stable and comfortable structure. It exhibits a mid-top figure that is lustrous and clean and looks outstanding with jeans and shorts. 

You can find the Swoosh logo on the medial, lateral, and bottom parts of the kick. Additionally, “Air Precision” and “Air” logos are placed on the tongue and heel’s back, respectively. 

Its tongue is connected to the base, producing a tightly anchored internal shroud, so the midfoot and forefoot will feel narrow. 

Reviewers have complained that it runs relatively small and narrow. Therefore, you must try it before bringing it home. Besides, these budget-friendly boots flaunt a traditional lacing system that offers a tight fit. 

Moving on to their traction, they are equipped with a rubber outsole with a multi-directional two-layered herringbone tread pattern that has a firm grip. 

Moreover, the upper is constructed of a ventilated mesh substance supported by foam’s layer and internally lined with a soft textile. In the high-wear zones, you will see fuse overlays that are installed for enhanced durability.


  • The encapsulated air-sole unit provides a durable cushion.
  • Phylon foam surrounds the air-sole to support the athlete’s weight.
  • The traditional lacing system offers a tight fit.
  • Rubber outsole has herringbone tread for optimum ground holding.
  • The mid-top design looks impressive with all sorts of clothes.
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Provide great support
  • Lightweight
  • Fit perfectly
  • Superb court stick
  • Excellent heel hold
  • Zero arch support
  • Design is not good enough
  • Take a week to break in fully

Final Words:

This pair of boots is a perfect option for people who prefer having a dual function sneaker that is excellent for daily wear. It is packed with numerous essential characteristics that increase court action with their responsiveness and lightweight structure. 

The cushioning, traction, mesh upper, and traditional lacing system combine to make it an impeccable basketball-inspired shoe.  

3- Nike Men’s Air Max Infuriate 2 Mid Basketball Sneaker

This basketball-inspired and affordable sneaker from Nike features a combination of two tread patterns. The portion that begins from the forefoot’s middle down to the heel employs a diamond pattern. 

However, the forefoot’s sides flaunt the herringbone pattern. Both designs are intended for supporting the multi-directional footwork. The grooves are thicker, so they provide a firm grasp on all court floors. 

These nice-looking boots are tremendously responsive as they are equipped with the Air Max 180 unit at the heel area. This cushioning technology is lighter in weight and great at absorbing impact. 

The Nike Air Max Infuriate 2 Mid fits in the same way as its low-cut version. If you have normal-sized feet, they will stick right to size. However, wide footers should try them in-person to grab the perfect fit.  

When it comes to their lockdown, they boast a standard lacing system. The lace loops hold the shoelaces in an accurate position to ensure an adjustable fit. The jogger’s inner walls are well-cushioned so that you will obtain a better and comfortable fit. 

Moving on to their materials, the upper part of these best outdoor basketball shoes is constructed of synthetic leather material and mesh with abrasion-resistant ink. The mesh is anticipated for breathability. Besides, the ink is envisioned for durability.

You will also see a padded mesh tongue that delivers a comfortable fit. In the upper, this mid-top kick arrives with graphic detailing that enhances its beauty greatly. Aside from sturdiness, the abrasion-resistant ink also boosts the pump’s visual appeal. 

It looks awe-inspiring with long and short pants and all sorts of shirts. Best of all, they are obtainable in four different tonal hues so that you can pick your desired color option. 

The mid-top structure of the Nike Air Max Infuriate 2 safeguards your ankles against shifts and jerks and offers you the range of movement you need.


  • Come with a blend of two traction patterns to support multi-directional footwork.
  • Diamond traction and herringbone traction have a firm grip on the court.
  • An Air Max 180 unit provides responsiveness and impact resistance.
  • The standard lacing system offers an adjustable fit, and padded inner walls provide a better and comfy fit.
  • Synthetic leather and mesh material with abrasion-resistant ink for ventilation and sturdiness
  • Excellent floor grip and control
  • Cushion safeguards the joints from stress and fatigue
  • Perform swiftly
  • Budget-friendly sneakers
  • Simple and attractive design
  • Upper doesn’t stretch
  • Shoelaces are short
  • Runs long and narrow
  • The upper doesn’t stretch, so it feels uncomfortable.

Final Words:

The Nike Air Max Infuriate 2 is designed to help you perform like a professional on-court. They are an ideal option for both light and heavy athletes. Its Air Max unit gives excellent comfort and impact protection, primarily upon landing. 

It perfectly meets the demands of the game and allows you to move in all directions. This sturdy mid-top basketball shoe will protect your ankles from jerks and shifts.

4- Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes – Best Basketball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Beita high upper best outdoor basketball shoes arrive with rubber damping outsole in net shape to give you firm ground holding as per the sole force position. It is also liable for supporting your weight. 

The shaped heel shield and lightweight substance at the upper portion make the construction striking. The shoe improves performance, shields the ankles, and increases structured support. 

It locks your feet in the right place and protects your lower legs from harm by providing you immense help. Its built ensures that you don’t fall or slip on the court, thanks to its superior quality materials. 

You acquire substantial support for your ankles when you wear Beita high upper sneakers. If you are dealing with ankle pain, wearing them will feel like getting a soothing massage, and the pain vanishes within a few minutes. 

They are available in nine different color options so that you can pick your favorite tone conveniently. Another feature we admire about these kicks is that they boast an affordable price and provide you significant Achilles support. 

The resilient rubber outsole with tread pattern throughout offers torsional rigidity and outstanding stability for lateral motions. They have a fashionable and elegant appearance so that you can become the focus of attention in the basketball stadium. 

It is a little wider than most joggers and offers a much-improved fit, support, and comfort. Therefore, you should order your actual size; otherwise, it will be broad. 


  • Rubber damping outsole is integrated to provide firm ground grip and support your weight. 
  • Breathable and lightweight leather upper with shaped impact point shield for more significant structure
  • Designed to prevent ankle injury and better support
  • Robust, wear-resistant, and anti-slip materials are used for their construction
  • Anti-slip materials
  • Ventilated
  • Comfortable
  • Awesome-looking boots
  • Provide relaxation to feet
  • Cost-effective
  • Soles are hard to clean.

Final Words:

These great-quality and gorgeous joggers cover your feet up to your ankles to prevent the hazard of possible injuries. They are an excellent choice for athletes who are looking for trendy yet cost-effective shoes. They are made by a famous brand, “Beita,” devoted to producing invincible basketball kicks.

5- Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 Mid Basketball Shoe – Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

These best basketball shoes for high arches are considered one of the most reliable and comfortable sneakers on the market. It flaunts a sophisticated design that appeals to most of the players. It is super-easy to take it on and off, thanks to its incredibly flexible nature. 

They come in various color options and sizes to cater to diverse preferences. Their lightweight construction enhances their wearability and comfort and won’t weigh you down. This sneaker is designed to cater to the needs of both men and women. 

Its mid-top figure delivers extra ankle support, and the synthetic leather upper holds the foot proficiently. There is a mesh collar that provides breathability and additional comfort. Furthermore, it features a textile lining and a lacing system to stay firm on foot. 

You are advised to buy them after wearing them to avoid fitting issues. It is established on a typical basketball shoe structure. These budget-friendly kicks have signature three stripes on the sides that give them a modern vibe and boost their retro appearance. 

The neutral color empowers you to pair it off with jeans, joggers, or anything available in your closet. The most striking feature of this jogger is it’s attention-grabbing upper composed of synthetic leather.

On the other hand, the outsole is made of a thick rubber compound that looks fantastic with any casual outfit. The outsole has high traction, so it has got a good grip. The Adidas Hoops 2.0 Mid incorporates a die-cut EVA sock liner that delivers optimum comfort and comfortable cushioning. 

The inner part has admirable moisture wicking to ensure the player’s feet remain dry during the intense game. On the upper, you will see ventilation holes that are envisioned for air circulation. This sturdy boot can handle the play, environmental elements, regular washing, and drying very well.


  • Synthetic leather upper for breathability and support
  • Die-cut EVA sock liner is inserted for responsiveness and lightweight cushion.
  • Rubber outsole with high traction offers excellent floor grip.
  • Mesh collar and textile lining provide breathability and comfort.
  • Durable and gorgeous
  • An excellent option for casual wear
  • Come at an affordable price
  • High-quality mid-top slippers
  • Looks great with white clothes
  • Amusing design and overall appearance
  • Firm fit
  • Hard to put on

Final Words:

When you buy something at Adidas, you are assured of obtaining stellar quality basketball shoes that also look elegant and stylish. When you acquire these dependable and inexpensive boots, there are no regrets. 

It vaunts comfort, support, toughness, and style. They are a fantastic option for long walks and look good with everything in your wardrobe.

6- Adidas Men’s Dame 5 – Best Basketball Shoes

This shoe comes with a CNY colorway, and the brand’s logo is placed on the heel. It features a vintage appearance. The tread from heel to toe is flawless with the optimum surface holding. They have placed a traction pattern on the entire outsole with a friendly wordmark beneath. 

On uneven and rough basketball courts, it will not be easily congested with dirt and other particles. It is a dependable choice for outdoor stadiums and not a hindrance to your beastly performance. 

Besides, they feature full-length Bounce cushioning just like their previous versions. It leaves you with fresh and relaxed feet when you take them off after an intense, long match. It offers responsiveness, impact resistance, and remarkable energy return. 

The cushioning setup feels so good when you are changing directions quickly. The whole arrangement is designed to deliver optimum comfort to the player. It will give you the necessary Bounce without irritation. 

When it comes to its materials, the fifth iteration of Adidas Dame is made of soft suede upper. It provides comfortable support and allows the air to flow smoothly. Also, the well-cushioned tongue, ankle collar, and interior walls offer comfort and support. 

The shoe’s sides have wide outriggers, and they are great at preventing ankle rolls. The support system of these affordable sneakers is super-solid. Their midsole and outsole play an imperative role in providing you incredible stability and support. 

These best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis run a bit long at the toe. However, they offer a perfect fit for the narrow footers. Adidas Dame 5 uses a Thermo polyurethane panel to keep your foot in the right place. 

The lateral panel is broader and larger, so it will provide ample support and prevent foot slips. It flaunts a striking design and is available in various color options. All colors look excellent so that you can wear them with anything in your closet. 


  • Bounce midsole delivers lightweight cushion and responsiveness.
  • A midfoot banking barrier provides lateral support for quick directional modifications.
  • Herringbone outsole has a firm grip on all courts.
  • Designed to permit you to perform in low and fast style
  • Fabricated of soft suede upper for breathability, stability, and comfort
  • Internal pods are situated at the midfoot and beneath the tongue for comfort
  • The responsive cushion offers a springy feel
  • Provide heel to toe comfort
  • Fit flawlessly for narrow footers
  • Outstanding traction
  • Incredible support and stability
  • Little slippery in dirty courts
  • Materials quality is not good

Final Words:

Adidas Dame 5 is one of the most inexpensive basketball joggers currently obtainable on the market. We did not like the materials, but still, they perform their job very well. The design is average and can be improved further. 

Overall, they offer excellent traction, bounce cushion, sufficient ankle support, and stability. If Dame Lillard is your favorite player and you are willing to perform in his style, you must buy it.

7- Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Low Basketball Shoe

Adidas Marquee Boost Low is one of the best outdoor basketball shoes that come with a cost-effective price tag. They are equipped with zonal herringbone traction, which is admirable on clean courts. However, things go inconsistent on the dusty courts. 

It becomes vital to wipe it off after some time. The rubber outsole is durable and will last longer. It can handle outdoor games efficiently.

Speaking of their cushion, they have full-length Boost cushioning that provides all day long comfort. On the medial part, the cushioning has a flat setup and helps you make a smooth transition. This cushion is suitable for all sorts of basketball athletes. 

It is excellent at absorbing impact and returning light and fast energy. The insole of this pair of slippers is stable. If you want to move frequently, then it will take some time to break-in.

When it comes to their fit, they feel tight and quite snug through the midfoot. However, they are roomy on the forefoot’s sides. Over time, it gets comfortable, and the forefoot’s knitted fabric adapts to your foot type. 

For some people, it runs tight, but for a few, it stays true to size. So, before buying them, make sure to wear and walk in them in the shop. Its support system is quite impressive, and you get a vast structure that rides low in the forefoot. 

The TPU with lateral outriggers locks down your feet to prevent them from rolling over. Besides, the torsional support plate also performs its duty admirably. The traditional lace-up system is simple but outstanding. 

Also, it boasts a mixture of textile and mesh lining, and inner walls and collar are padded to deliver a comfy and secure fit. The upper part helps in eliminating moisture and maintaining durability.


  • A combination of air mesh and textile upper with cushioned collar provides comfort and breathability.
  • Responsive Boost cushioning offers a high energy return
  • TPU with lateral outriggers lockdown the feet to prevent rollovers
  • Herringbone outsole has a solid grip on indoor courts 
  • Hold up to wear and tear
  • Have generous support and grip
  • Suitable for indoor games
  • Well-designed sole and padding
  • Extremely comfortable and lightweight
  • Good looking shoes
  • Run narrow and tight
  • Slip all over the place
  • Comfortable but give pain

Final Words:

This fantastic hoop shoe breaks in beautifully and provides you comfort, adequate support, stability, air permeability, and reliable grip. It is not an ideal kick for playing on outdoor courts as it tends to slip. 

Overall, it is a remarkable performer that goes well with daily activities. A large number of users loved the Boost cushioning because it offers unbeatable comfort. They also catch attention with their classic appearance.

8- Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi – Best basketball shoes

It is one of the kings of best basketball shoes for high arches at a budget-friendly price tag. They are a favorite kick of numerous NBA athletes, so they are so popular among users. 

It is made of genuine and premium quality synthetic leather to enhance toughness and support. The presence of a solid rubber outsole with a herringbone shape increases the sneaker’s resilience and traction. 

Also, an asymmetrical foam collar is incorporated in them to offer a seamless snug fit. At the forefoot area, you will see perforations that are deliberated for breathability. Its heel provides a noticeable Nike air unit that is great at providing impact protection. 

Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi joggers are a brilliant choice for outdoor courts. You will obtain the utmost comfort while wearing them in the basketball stadium. The most prominent attribute of this boot is its weight. It is an extraordinarily lightweight kick. 

While wearing them, you will have to put less energy and less effort to move around. Their lighter weight will be very accommodating when playing ball. The only drawback of these inexpensive shoes is that they don’t provide enough ankle support.

They are made of good quality substances, so you can rest assured to use them for the long-term. It is designed to keep your foot fit without any blisters. 

Additionally, a padded tongue collar ensures that you acquire an exact feel of the cozy fit. The fabric lining and Phylon foam in the midsole are also present to provide you requisite comforting sensation.


  • Crafted to make you feel fast
  • Sleek upper for support and breathability  
  • Phylon foam in the midsole provides comfort and responsiveness
  • Padded tongue collar offers a cozy fit
  • Rubber outsole with herringbone traction enhance the sneaker’s resilience and grip
  • Great-quality joggers
  • Affordable
  • Right heel and sole support
  • Supremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Can be tied up and tighten promptly
  • Don’t provide ankle support
  • Run narrow for wide footers
  • Cushioning needs improvement

Final Words:

Overall, these best outdoor basketball shoes will give you tight-fitting and insane traction when you need it the most. 

You will get a cool design, long-lasting comfort, breathable and supporting upper, and strength with Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi. If you need ankle support, you should opt for high-top sneakers. 

9- JOOMRA Men’s Stylish Sneakers High Top Athletic – Inspired Shoes 

These sophisticated shoes have a blade rubber outsole with insane traction that holds the ground tightly. You will see a roll-cage on the top area intended to provide the wearer with the necessary support during an explosive game. 

The outsole has a distinct and appealing visual appearance, so it looks great with formal and casual apparel. Best of all, it is anti-slip and wear-resistant so that you can expect reliable performance on the court. 

Additionally, an attached ankle support frame boosts the sneaker’s performance and provides adequate ankle support. If we talk about their design, these inexpensive boots flaunt a functional and aesthetically eye-catching design. 

They arrive with a handcrafted feel of leather at the heel to toe. They are highlighted by the leather overlays that increase their resilience and sturdiness. Its lacing system is perfectly engineered to provide additional stability and strength to the player. 

Their long and padded tongue will deliver a safe and energized feeling. The upper is constructed of synthetic leather substance renowned for offering air permeability, comfort, and support. They can become your go-to kicks for long walks and professional running. 

They are available in lots of dazzling tonal hues, so you can use them for traveling, walking, gaming, and many other activities. The major highlight of them is their firm and supportive high-top figure. The structure will bring comfort to your foot and also provide top-notch support.


  • Synthetic leather upper for breathability and support
  • High-top design for boosted ankle support
  • Wear-resistant blade rubber outsole with traction grips all surfaces tightly
  • The functional and aesthetically driven design draws everyone’s attention.
  • The lace-up system provides a tight fit for added stability.
  • Enough ankle support
  • Perfect fit
  • Great traction
  • Help you get lots of compliments.
  • The shoe’s outer side has excellent materials.
  • Attractive design
  • Insole is thin
  • The outsole has aerated holes that permit the dust and rocks to enter the shoe.

Final Words:

If you are on the lookup for the most stylish and comfortable shoes with sufficient ankle support, then JOOMRA men’s high top athletic-inspired shoes are the ideal option. 

The deep traction is capable of keeping the water and other destructive elements away so that you can rock in the stadium or streets confidently. 

Ultimately, the presence of a little loop on the rear portion assists you in putting the boots on when you need to move promptly. They are highly suitable for all-around players or active men.

10- Nike Kids’ Team Hustle D 9 Grade School Basketball Shoe

These best basketball shoes for high arches have an attention-grabbing design with a supportive ankle area. The lacing system will give your child full support and a snug fit while they run up and down on the court or in the playground. 

The slippers are constructed of leather upper incorporated with foam-backed mesh for utmost comfort. It will give an impeccable amount of sturdiness as well as style. The sneaker’s arch is outstanding for quickly growing kids as it will provide them the necessary arch support. 

The majority of parents prefer this pair due to its numerous vital attributes. There is a hook-and-loop strap at the midsole that locks your foot down and gives a locked-in fit. 

On the other hand, a lightweight and flexible foam midsole are present to offer full-length soft, and comfortable cushioning. A thin rubber outsole is inserted to provide exceptional traction. 

Also, it provides your kid with complete control to move quickly and gracefully during matches. These best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis are designed to take your child’s game and style to a whole new level. They can make him feel like a pro on the court. 

It is a noteworthy option for kids with weak ankles as it protects their feet throughout the game. They flaunt a lace-up closure system that is anticipated for providing a perfect fit and preventing injury. 

They are very comfortable, thanks to their padded midsole that shields your feet from impacts and shocks. Amongst its best traits is the high-top silhouette that delivers added flexibility and support to the feet as you rotate or twist them on-court. The front portion of the sneakers is perforated, which increases the breathability and airflow.


  • Leather upper for sturdiness and support
  • Midfoot hook and loop strap provides a secure fit
  • Lightweight and flexible foam midsole for a comfortable cushion
  • Thin rubber outsole with an incredible tread pattern 
  • Great traction provided
  • Boosted breathability
  • Flexible cushioning
  • Fit perfectly
  • Cool looking sneakers
  • Super-large ankle
  • Run narrow

Final Words:

Children need more confidence while playing the basketball game on the court. When they feel good about their outfit and shoes, their performance elevates. 

That’s why; you should not overlook style when it comes to buying sneakers for your kid. These affordable and appealing boots are a guaranteed slam dunk.

Buyer’s Guide For The Best Basketball Shoes For High Arches

People with high arch feet should cautiously pick the type of basketball shoes. You can’t wear rigid sneakers that lack the cushion and support required because they could lead your feet to injury. You might have to suffer from stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, and other problems.

High arches are bad at absorbing shock with each step. Therefore, you must purchase the best cushioned basketball shoes. They are unique as they are equipped with a shock absorption unit that maximizes shock absorption. 

Moreover, they integrate added fundamental features such as excellent traction, sturdy upper, and much more. Before moving on to the traits, let’s first talk about what high arches are precise.

What Are High Arches?

Pes cavus is the existence of an aberrantly high arch that can develop in either one or both feet at any age. When a regular arch contacts with the ground, it flattens and absorbs shock. However, a high arch puts significant pressure on the foot’s heel or ball when walking or standing.

Causes Of High Arches

This enigma may be inherited or caused by a bone or neurological condition. You can easily find out if a person has high arches by merely looking at his feet. You will see a hollow space between the sole and floor’s surface. 

Another ideal way to detect it is to carry out a wet foot test. In this test, you will have to wet the suspected foot and step on a paper. If little or no moisture appears on the footprint between the foot’s heel and ball, then you have high arches.

Signs Of High Arches

A high arch is a primary sign of pes cavus. This condition results in bone fracture and pain. You may also feel a loss of sensation in the leg’s lower area, tripping, or exhaustion of the feet. If you are dealing with this problem, you must consult the doctor. 

Things To Consider While Looking For The Best Basketball Shoes For High Arches

Determine Your Arch Type

As a player, you should know about the foot arch type to acquire the right kick. There are mainly three different types of arches: high, normal, and flat arch.

Before going out to purchase the sneakers, you must have a good understanding of your foot’s state and arch type. Many people experience foot pain when they walk or stand for extended durations. 

Examine if your toes are bent or squeezed like a fist. Check if your skin is thick or hard into your foot’s side, heel, or ball. Are your feet muscles weak?

Inspect Your Feet

You have to do a small activity to find out what type of arch you have. First of all, wet your feet and stand on a piece of cardboard. Press your feet from the front to the back, then remove them and examine the footprint. 

If your foot does not touch the floor when walking, it means you have a high arch. You can also visit a podiatrist. Out of the three arch types, the high arch is the most serious and unsafe as it is prone to claw toes and other aliments when you walk or stand.

Shoe Size And Laces

The correct size of the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis is a compulsory consideration. It is responsible for providing a steady platform for your feet to hold your body. 

If you get tighter shoes, they will hurt your feet and could lead to blisters. However, oversized sneakers can lead to unnatural steps. People with high arches should not add salt to their wounds. 

You must take measurements of your feet or personally try them in-store before purchasing. The lacing system can help alleviate foot tiredness and niggling pain. The lacing substance, lacing type, number of holes, and type of knot can assist or disappoint you. 

We recommend you opt for cotton lacing material. Flat laces are great at holding the joggers effectively than rounded ones. If you are dealing with Pes Cavus, you should try the high arches lacing technique to provide sufficient support to your feet to prevent the threat of overpronation and supination.

Intended Use

We obtain boots for different purposes, such as running, walking, jogging, basketball, and much more. These activities put immense pressure on the foot’s arch. You should be cautious when choosing the best basketball shoes for high arches. 

High arch shoes for diverse activities are built differently. The basketball kicks come with the best cushioning technology for arch support since it consists of many movements. However, it is better to invest in well-cushioned pumps for all activities.

Heel Drop

Heel drop is also known as “heel to toe drop.” It is the measure of the difference in the heel and toe’s height of the shoe. This measurement defines how your foot strikes the surface upon landing. 

A flat shoe with a low (0 mm) to medium (8 mm) heel drop empowers you to run on your mid-foot and forefoot so that the whole foot hits the grounds. On the other hand, a high heel drop encourages heel striking. 

A flat shoe offers you the most efficient walk and lowers foot injury chances as it transmits minimal shock up your limb. That’s why; if you have high arches, pick a shoe with a low to medium heel drop to reduce the probabilities of foot pain.

Durable And Lightweight

The best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis and high arches should be lightweight and resilient. They have to control a health problem, and it will be frustrating for you to purchase multiple sneakers after a few days of usage. 

The fabric stuff used for composing the boot’s internal and external sides should be of more outstanding quality, easy to maintain, and lightweight. 

They should diminish the foot’s strain while walking. Heavy-weight joggers have a negative influence, specifically on folks dealing with swelling and pain.

Buy Shoes Recommended By Podiatrists

They are the medical professionals devoted to deal with orthopedic cases and related conditions. They have a more in-depth understanding of the high-arched feet and precautionary methods to keep them fit and healthy. Therefore, high-arched individuals should purchase podiatrists-endorsed footwear. 

Best Basketball Shoes For High Arches

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are The Features Of The Best Basketball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis?

You should choose a basketball shoe that offers adequate arch support, especially for high arches. They should provide superior shock absorption and remarkable cushioning on the foot’s heel and ball but restrict pronation to prevent the ankle twist. 

You should prefer buying more neutral sneakers with good breathability to keep your feet sweat-free. It should not have extreme stability control as well. 

Q. What Are The Advantages Of High Arches?

Though high arches have many disadvantages, they have few benefits too. It is much faster and powerful than a flat or standard arch foot. It functions outstandingly with jumpers, sprinters, and basketball players. Many record holders of 5k road races have high-arched feet. 


Basketball athletes with high arches have a wide range of best outdoor basketball shoes to pick from that allow the foot to move naturally and relieve pain related to high arches. 

Most of the sneakers mentioned in this article are constructed with a high arch midsole and some bend with the foot. That’s why; they are an excellent option for people with normal arches as well. 

The high midsoles are not permanently attached and can be detached if they need a personalized high arch midsole. It is difficult to correct the high arch condition, but you can control the type of sneaker you wear. The right kind of shoe will help you perform better and enjoy the game.

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