Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

10 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Some so many people have wide feet who might be looking for the perfect basketball shoes. But at times, lack of research and no knowledge about the right way to purchase can create a lot of confusion. Professional players may end up buying the right shoes. To get the best high-top sneakers for wide feet mean you need to focus on moving half size or more. 

This can often result in a balance issue. Only focusing on the shoes that allow perfect balancing can often result in ignorance on other crucial features. That is why this is the post of great help.

If you are struggling to find the right new balance wide basketball shoes, you indeed are at the right place. For the wide feet people to find the perfect basketball shoe can be a problem. Often, it becomes a problem for such people to find the show that gives good support to arch while specific correct issues that often, wide flat feet can create. 

Here are some of the Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet  presented by some of the best brands you can encounter. These are reliable brands, which means you can rest assured that your feet will only get the best support.

best basketball shoes for wide flat feet

It is advised to you that you must consider other factors that can ease down your playing experience more than focusing on the price. Basketball is a sport that needs a lot of energy and footwork. You cannot afford to compromise with the shoe quality.

1- Air Precision Basketball Sneaker by Nike – Best High Top Sneakers For Wide Feet

Nike has always been on the top to offer its customers the best of the loved and appreciated shoes. So far, this brand has managed to stay at the top of the competition. Nike always believes in treating all the sports and the respective players equally. That is why, if you have a wide foot and you think it is a problem well then you must visit Nike. 

Here you shall come across a wide range of basketball shoes designed for the wide foot players. Do not worry about the quality since it is nowhere compromised. Talking of which, Air Precision Basketball Sneaker by Nike is one such perfect product to consider.

This pair of athletic shoes is known for quality design. Design is what makes the brand unique, and if you come across this air precision shoes, it is so beautifully crafted that you cannot resist yourself from buying. It has a rubber sole which offers the possible traction. This way, you can conveniently move forward at the best speed. 

It also offers better flexibility so that you can move in a much natural manner. This shoe is crafted of synthetic fabric. It is known to absorb unnecessary moisture, and thus you get a breathable atmosphere. The shoes are light in weight and have the functioning and foam that makes it the best one in the market today.

This range of premium shoes is nice-looking for the wide feet. It comes with aesthetic features like piping and a visible air unit, which gives the Player a better comfort while playing. 


  • This is one signature best high-top sneakers for wide feet, which is durable and well built. It offers better comfort because it is true to the size.
  • It comes with synthetic fabric, which is why your feet get the flexibility to move within the limited space while playing.
  • These shoes are highly engineered with aesthetic features, while its quality design can give a visual treat.
  • Aesthetically engineered
  • Perfect Fit
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Overpriced

Final words:

Overall, this is the best shoes with good looks and great features. It is a perfect run shoe that can fit well and is designed to withstand during tough times. If you are focusing more on the shoe’s performance, well, then some so many happy users are still using it.

2- High Upper Basketball Shoes by BEITA – Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Flat Feet

BEITA is another known brand that has been trending in the market these days. It has gained popularity for rafting the best quality of shoes, even for the wide feet. Started 30 years back, this company was only used to create quality sneakers. Now, the company has reached the level where it is a tough competition for other brands, not just for fashion but also for quality and features. 

If you still have not got the best basketball shoes for wide flat feet, you may want to consider High Upper Basketball Shoes Sneakers by BEITA. There are the best quality basketball shoes that can improve your performance. Besides, it has the molded heel field, which promises to give your feet better support during this fast sport. 

It also makes sure your ankle gets better protection while the right support to your arch is achieved. With all these fantastic features, if you are worried that design could be the problem, then be rest assured because these shoes are just amazing. 

Basketball is a sport that is played mostly in court. The risk of a skid is more as you tend to bounce and run often. But these shoes can be your lifesaver. They are anti-skid and wear and tear-resistant. Thanks to the emitting soles of mesh concept, the stronger grip promises no injury or accidents happen. The shoes are made of solid rubber sole that gives a good traction pattern throughout with exceptional stability.


  • It is made of rubber damping sole. There is a net shape that gives a good ground hold and ensures the sole force position will provide your weight a better support
  • Thanks to textile upper and heel shield, the risk of injuries reduce to a great extent
  • There are vent holes at the upper, which promise’s the sweat perspiration so that your feet stay comfortable during the whole workout.
  • Durable
  • Wear Resistant
  • Anti-Slip
  • At the backside of the basketball shoes, the high-tops can take time to let your feet get inside.

Final words:

With structured support, the design is nowhere compromised at all. Along with the breathable design, your feet can get better air circulation within the shoe. Since it is comfortable and has a mesh concept, the ventilation is increased. This way, your feet will not feel sweaty and not even stink.

3- Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe by Adidas – Best Wide Basketball Shoes

Talking about the best brands that are ruling the market, how can we forget Adidas. It is one of those brands that began with a tiny shop but had been selling millions of products worldwide. This is the best platform to find the best outdoor basketball shoes for your complete foot.

You don’t have to worry about the price range, too, since many options are available on the price you have set. Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe by Adidas has grabbed many players’ attention because it gives fantastic bouncy effects and comfort irrespective of the wide foot you have.

These shoes are incredibly light in weight. They are designed with breathable material and promises to offer better comfort too. It is one of the finest shoe collection you can consider for your next match. The right traction providing shoes are essential for the broad foot, and this is what these Adidas shoes will do to maintain a better balance. The shoes have a cushioned midsole with a wide for the foot, which is why your foot will get enough room without discomfort.

These are the finest example of shoes designed with innovation. Made with a through sports science expertise, these shoes are meant for professional athletes who want to take these sports quite seriously in the future too. The inside of the shoe does not have a full lining, but the arch inside to the outside of the feet, there is an outer material of the shoe that premises better comfort. 

With semi-cushioning, these are the quality shoes to shortlist. It has the breathable material because your feet get all the room required for the right fit. It gives better comfort and ensures you don’t compromise with your performance anywhere at all. 


  • These best high-top sneakers for wide feet are made of the Synthetic sole that promises comfort and flexibility for a long time
  • Thanks to being light in weight with breathable material, your shoes can give much-needed space to your feet during the play
  • These shoes are designed with aesthetic features and are prominent enough to be played on the hardwood floors, which is why you will not have any problem at all.
  • Flexible
  • Good price
  • Better cushioning
  • It may look decent, but it is not a beery high-quality shoe

Final words:

Overall, these are the best wide basketball shoes for the professional sports player with a wide foot. Since it has the cushioning built within, you will not have any discomfort for a long time. It is worth buy for your next match. 

4- High Top Men’s Basketball Shoes by PEAK – Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

PEAK Sports Inc. is one well-known company earned to become a brand after a lot of struggle. Over other competitors, this brand is undoubtedly a must shortlist for your next purchase. The company not just crafts the best quality shoes but follows a process to design the right one. 

Talking of which, it brings the customer a functional, comfortable yet stylish shoes that ensure their peak performance is maintained rightly. PEAK High-Top Men’s Basketball Shoes is one of its kind because of impeccable quality, great fit, and top-notch material, which altogether gives you a fantastic pair for your wide feet

These best outdoor basketball shoes are the series of Louis Williams Streetball Master. It is made with the use of a particular technical structure that offers protection but also good cushioning. It gives the Player better comfort for an extended period. It is available in different colors such as Black and gold, red and silver, or Black and Gray magnetic combinations to choose from. Made from the blend of textile and synthetic material, these shoes promise a perfect game to enjoy in the court.  

Talking about the design, this series of Louis Williams Streetball Master shoes has the upper surface area from the PP film technology. Besides, the perfect fit promises you to have a great play. There is a hot melt filming that gives better stability even when you perform the high-intensity workout. 

That is not it; it has the sole parametric design with the anti-rollover, which offers good support for the lateral movement—being wear and tear-resistant and anti-skid option. The risk of any injury is minimal with this new balance wide basketball shoes


  • The upper is made from the peak surface that is designed with innovative tech material. This offers protection for a long time.
  • The shoe design is made of a slight wrapping solution so that the risk of toe injury can be avoided.
  • It has the leather heel with the triangle Peak logo that gives an aesthetic look to the court’s outshine while you focus on the play.
  • Cushioning
  • Wear-resistant
  • Breathable
  • Support
  • Lightweight
  • Quality over price is not that great

Final Words:

Overall, this is the best basketball shoes for wide flat feet. It can give you a great playing experience and is a perfect alternative for money-saving options. With a comfortable arch and cushioning, this shoe is a must buy.

5- Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe by Nike 

Nike has always been maintaining its reputation by providing its customers the perfect shoes. With New collection of Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoes for wide feet, it has undoubtedly raised the bar of expectations too. This is one of the best high-top sneakers for wide feet you can add in your Wishlist.

These shoes are designed for wide feet to offer stability, better balance, and ensure an excellent bouncy effect can be enjoyed while playing the court. This type of shoe is designed to provide the wide-foot much-needed flexibility, which a regular pair of shoes may not offer.

The design and material used Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoes is what makes it unique from the rest. It has the upper material, which evaluates better stability and good control. Besides, the framework is swoosh in shape.

There is also a heel cage that ensures your best outdoor basketball shoes get lightweight support. If you often find it difficult to balance while playing when you are wearing regular shoes, then this one can be a lifesaver for you. The low top design gives your feet a better movement of the ankle.

The design and concept of this best wide basketball shoes over other brands and styles are quite different. You can notice the eyelets of TPU whose inspiration is the snake eyes. There is an air zoom unite, which makes sure when you do the lard longing in the court, it doesn’t hurt your wide feet. Besides, it offers better traction support, which is why you don’t have to worry about the ankle strain or any sprain.


  • This shoe is a perfect combination of aesthetic qualities, culture, and fashion, which you can show-off in the match too.
  • With adjustable straps for the ankle and excellent cut, the shoe promises a perfect fit around the ankle to reduce the risk of any damages.
  • It is available at a reasonable price to give your wide feet overall support along with the ankle without any sort of problem.
  • Sturdy build
  • Classic and light in weight
  • Reasonable price
  • Not much use of advanced techniques

Final words:

This is one lovely design shoes that give you the best comfort during the play. It is designed as an honor for the Kobe Bryant. With superior quality and outstanding comfort, this is the best shoes you can shortlist for the next play.

6- Air Low Basketball Sneaker by Nike – New Balance Wide Basketball Shoes

Nike has never disappointed its customers when it comes to introducing sports shoes. With Air Mavin’s low sneakers for basketball, customers have set an expectation to the next level. It is made of synthetic yet mesh blend quality, which is why your feet stay happy and comfortable all the time. 

For a snug fit that can give your ankle better support, this is the best shoes to be chosen. Wide feet can never be a problem for you in the future when you can have such incredible shoes with you. The best part is quality and price both walk hand in hand.

Nike is a well-known brand that has managed to offer a wide range of products to the customers. In these customers with wide feet are also counted. With these best basketball shoes for wide flat feet recently launched in the market, the professional Player can now give the best shot in the basketball court. This shoe is made of the complete phylon midsole. That is why your feet get proper cushioning. 

There is also a rubber outsole that ensures the blend of tread patterns is achieved for the best possible traction. We all know how significant traction is for balance and stability, and with such an incredible outsole, you will, of course, not be disappointed at all.

The shoes also come with heels resting feature. This way, there is no pressure on the ankle or heel area. Since it covers the feet completely with good padding, it can mold to any fit size. This makes sure the torsion increases while the wear and tear in the area are significantly reduced.


  • The outer sole is made of rubber that mixes well in the midsole. This offers better support.
  • Since the sports include a lot of bounce and hitting on the ground, it has the shock absorption that makes sure footing is correct.
  • There is a padded overlay at the upper. It is made of the mesh technology, which contributes ion to correcting the feet posture.
  • Comfortable
  • Soft with extra padding
  • Light in weight
  • Stiff construction

Final words:

The shoes are light in weight, and thanks to its mesh upper, there is an overlay that can expend. This helps in achieving the wide basin. It also locks down the upper side of the foot without causing any discomfort. With a durable leather and synthetic upper, these best wide basketball shoes are a must buy.

7- D Rose 773 2020 Basketball Sneakers by Adidas

Another unique sneaker for your wide feet, which you can use during the match, is D Rose 773 2020 Basketball Sneakers. These are incredible shoes that promise a better fit. When you wear them, you shall notice the change instantly. The padding and cushioning ensure that your feet don’t get hurt when you bounce while playing the game.

The shoes are designed simply for the wide feet players so that they don’t get any discomfort while playing the match. It is light in weight with good construction that promises better performance.

The shoes are designed with an excellent cushioning that is why when you hit the ground hard with your feet, it will not hurt you or cause any sprain. The ankle support is also stylish and ensures the arch and ankle don’t get injured during this aggressive play. It is worth your investment as you can use it for running or during long-distance travel too.

Made entirely from synthetic material, it can stretch as long as your foot is comfortable. The rubber sole is of superior quality so that irrespective of the weather condition, it will not skid or turn at all.

Adidas has been holding a long history, and it has a deep connection with sport. With such sneakers made from an entirely new innovative technology, this is a new balance wide basketball shoes. Whether you are an elite player or a beginner, these sports shoes will not disappoint you at all. The rubber sole comes with a design that offers good grip and durability.

The ankle support with better stability is improved using the mid-cut design. In the durable leather case, the upper enhances the breathable so that better ventilation is offered.


  • It has a lightweight cushioning with firm padding to be worn for an extended period.
  • The ankle support and stability is what you get with the upper of the shoes that promise a safe play.
  • It is compact and flexible for your feet to turn as and when needed. Besides, sweatproof technology keeps your feet dry all time.
  • Comfortable
  • Functional
  • Accurate sizing
  • Soles can get peeled off quickly

Final words:

Adidas is a fine brand, and purchasing sports shoes for this brand’s wide feet can be your worthy investment. Being designed with better traction is a pair of shoes that offer maximum stability with minimum injury risk.

8- Jet Basketball Shoe by Under Armour

Under Armour is another well-known brand you may want to consider for buying the wide feet basketball shoes. This best basketball shoes for wide flat feet are made of perforated leather and is molded in nature. Thanks to the upper textile material, your feet get breathability with maximum support. The durable TPU ensures the shoes stay resistant to abrasion.

Besides, the shape also can be maintained. Along with aesthetic features comes the grand design. It is a perfect concept of a classic yet modern look that you can flaunt around other court players.

The midsole is made of molded EVA. You can understand immediately by its light in weight nature. It allows a responsive ride, which is why your feet are not under any stress even when you wear them for a long time. Being moisture resistant, you can have happy, dry feet with no stink issue. The heel counter is made of a locked-in support solution. 

That is why at the ankle, it fits snuggly. The booties’ construction is made for a secure fit. This means the risk of any accidents, sprain, or injury is minimal. This shoe comes with a shock liner that gives your underfoot better support.

These best basketball shoes for wide flat feet have a unique design that gives your wide feet an elastic yet sturdy compound. If you are worried about the traction, well, such shoes can be exceptional. It makes sure you are given an outstanding performance in the court.


  • There is no pad or extra cushioning, but still, it is comfortable and soft enough to be worn for a long time
  • The Player who tends to play with V cuts or step back can surely use them as responsive traction-based.
  • The framework has cushioning, which is why even when you enjoy the bouncy feeling, your feet will not be under any stress.
  • Exceptional traction
  • Stability yet sturdy
  • Greta playing experience
  • The shoes attract dirt easily, which is why you often have to clean it

Final words:

Except for attracting dirt, these shoes offer the best features you may not find in other brands. It is comfortable and compact for your next match so start saving money to buy it and increase your winning chances.

9- Nike Lebron Basketball Sneakers – Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

This is one of the best products that come with better quality and superb comfort. The players who take basketball pretty seriously but consider wide feet as a hurdle in their progress need not worry anymore. Nike brings you another finest collection of wide feet shoes to enjoy your gaming experience. 

This shoe has the best and significant heels in which maximum air unit. That is the plus point for the Player. The heels also have a stabilizer clip that ensures the rear foot stays stable, and you can maintain the balance to confirm the time. Thanks to its innovative feature, your feet remain secure.

The shoes also have a collar, which is quite broad. The tongue is of traditional pattern that gives your wide foot a better space. This way, you can easily slip in and out without using the stretcher or any such tool. With the mesh quality and breathable material, your feet stay dry even when you play aggressively. 

It has been designed to be used in all weathers. The sole comes with a pattern of an aggressive diamond. It is made from the hardwood of fine nature. You may want to avoid it for the indoor court, but for the outside game, this is the best option you can choose.

As compared to regular feet, it works best with the wider foot as it does not offer the aggrieve support on the feet’ outer side. Besides, what you need the most during the play is better stability. That is what this game shall give you. The lack of plastic stabilization step will frequently provide you with much better comfort than any other sneakers.


  • It offers better stability and balance as the upper has traction, which is essential during this aggressive sport
  • The ankle gets better support with the classic style of the extended tongue
  • The design is made of a herringbone tread pattern that gives a better grip on different surfaces
  • Light in weight
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Reasonable traction
  • Better support
  • You don’t get much protection
  • Non-durable

Final words:

If you have a stringent budget but don’t want to compromise with the quality, this can be the best shoes to shortlist. It is designed keeping the wide feet in mind, and so far, people who have used it are quite happy for still using it. Overall, it is the breathable option to choose

10- Under Armour HOVR Havoc Basketball Sneaker

With so many amazing options listed above, let us not miss out on these incredible shoes for wide feet. Often, players ignore the strength of their wide feet, considering it to be a problem. But the fact is if you have the right shoes, then you can, of course, make the best use of your weakness as well. 

And the same goes for your wide feet which if has HOVR Havoc Basketball Sneaker presented by Under Armour, major of the troubles shall end. This sneaker is made from the molded Textile Upper. It promises not just comfort but the probability of the dry feet.

The best part is these best outdoor basketball shoes have a web lacing solution that gives a customized fit. It also has a mesh tongue that promises a smooth flow of the air. Have a look at the bootie lining, which is in half pattern. It promises a secure fit, but the traditional support makes it strong enough to be used for a long time. The conventional tongue design ensures you don’t have to use a stretcher to fit in the shoes. 

Thanks to the EVA sock line, which is made of a die-cut pattern, there is an underfoot cushioning with good support. The technology that you get is of UA HOVR, which means there is no gravity feel. This can help you maintain the energy, and thus your strong impact will not harm your legs at all.


  • This shoe is made of the synthetic and textile blend, which is why you can use it for a long time.
  • As per the wide feet you have, these shoes can adjust itself probably. It comes with the Midfoot TPU shank wrap that offers better lateral stability.
  • The outsole is made of a good rubber that has a pattern of herringbone traction. This means you can control the floor while playing, and thus a better grip reduces the falling risk.
  • Synthetic sole
  • Webbed lacing system
  • Increased airflow
  • Overpriced
  • Impact protection is not that great

Final words:

These shoes offer the perfect fit, and you can enjoy other additional features too. It comes with better security for your legs so that even if you bounce, your feet don’t get harsh impact.

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet – Buying Guide

Merely visiting the store and buying any random shoes is not what you should be doing. For wide feet, make the right investment in the best basketball shoes using the given buying guide.

  • Focus on the material

When you plan to buy a good quality of basketball shoe that can be a perfect fit for your wide feet, you need first to understand the type of material used for each shoe. If the material is fine and stretchable, then your wide feet will be happy.

It offers better flexibility, and you can even wrap around the foot without any problem. If the shoe is quite stubborn, then there will be little foot area left in the shoe. That is why you must find a flexible yet better option.

Talking about the material, woven material or the knitted one can be the best shoes for a broad foot. You should avoid buying synthetic leather as it may not stretch or mold as you expect. If you go for the knitted option, then your comprehensive food can fit comfortably.

The only issue that may come is that it will leave you without better support if it stretches quite much. This will increase the chances of twisted ankles. That is why reviews are essential.

  • Get the user’s feedback.

The best thing to shortlist the new balance wide basketball shoes is to understand the feedback of those who have used such shoes earlier. This gives you a clear window on which one list can be the ideal option to go.

The genuine users will share their experience and struggle while using the particular shoes they purchased. This way, you will be alert about the shoe type to avoid and the one you can choose.

  • Focus on the outer sole

Another way to consider buying the right shoe is by checking the outer sole of the shoe. If the traction pattern and the material are huge or often stretch for a long time compared to the average one, then the shoe’s actual size will be a perfect fit top your complete foot.

Listed are some of the best outdoor basketball shoes that are classified based on their quality. If you have been looking for the best quality of the shoe that will be a perfect fit, this is the right option. The arch support shoe is the best one to choose from. You must also consider factors like price, style, and even the traction while making the right purchase. 

  • Arch Support

For wide feet, the problem of better arch support can always be a concern. You must try out the basketball shoes that are designed for wide feet. This eventually means that if you have wide feet due to fallen arches, then such shoes will give the right support wherever needed.

But this does not mean the shoes will not consider other crucial parts. You need to look for shoes that do not cause any kind of strain while focusing on giving your feet better support during the play. 

  • Ankle Support

Basketball is one such game where your feet are being used the most. With those wide feet, many people may think that you will not be able to perform. But it is time for you to buy those shoes that will make your feet your strength. That is why consider the factor of giving better ankle support when you wear shoes.

It is not just during the gameplay but often when you wear the shoes; it should give your overall feet, especially the arch and ankle, the much-needed support not to cause any strain. The reasons why such shoes are designed uniquely is because they can wrap just fine around the ankles 

  • Traction

Whether you plan to play on the open ground, outdoor court, or the wood floor-based court, the shoes you buy must give better flexibility and balance. And for wide feet, it is not possible if the shoes don’t have good traction. That is why you need to check at the treads located at the sole’s bottom to see if they are quite sturdy enough to withstand the short game and even in the bad weather.

With traction support at least, you will be able to give your body the much-needed flexibility during the game. Traction support also reduces the risk of injury, if any, and makes sure you can perform well.

  • Good styling

It is not just the aesthetic feature that should matter the most, but you need to also look for superb styling. Gone are those days when styling was the least concern to be worried about. Rather, for a formal game like basketball, you must be all ready with your attire, and to complement it well, a modern yet classic blend of styling is equally essential.

But for this, you first need to check the local league’s rules and then go ahead. Because, as per the rules set by the NBA, it was the color of shoes as well that was restrictive, but it was all in flux.

  • Flexibility

If your shoes are not flexible, then what is the point of buying them. Because with flexibility comes comfort, and that is what matters the most for your wide feet. It is essential to choose shoes that can bend without extra attempts. It must fit nicely to your feet besides;, you can even enjoy the flexibility just the way it shall be when you wear the gloves.

Flexibility is an important part not to ignore when you plan to shop for such shoes. No matter how many features a particular brand offers in the shoes, it is not worth buying if they are not flexible.

  • Underfoot Support

Many people don’t take this part seriously. But frankly, when you consider buying the best wide basketball shoes, you should not ignore it at all. While purchasing the shoes for your wide feet, you must go of the tread pattern. It can be noted at the bottom. A repetitious way will not give the right support.

But if you notice any unusual pattern, you will easily recognize that the shoe was made while keeping the wide feet in the mind. Of course, there will be professionals at your guidance.

  • Know the type of Player you are

For wide feet basketball shoes, you need even to understand the nature of the Player you are. For the aggressive player, it is essential to have a cushioning technology. This will give comfort, along with better durability. You also need to understand if stability and traction both can be achieved while playing the game.

If you are a fast player, you should look out for flexible basketball shoes and lightweight. Such a design of shoes must also come with better ankle support. It would be great if the shoes have mid-cut to get better traction no matter which surface you are planning.

The all-purpose players can consider the best outdoor basketball shoes with great cushion, mid technology, and outsole. It has to come with better ankle solutions and support. You, however, must pay extra attention to the cushioning.

Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Frequently Asked Question

Q. Is there anything that has a strong impact on wearing the Wide Feet shoes?

It would help if you considered weight a crucial factor since it can have a massive impact on the shoes you wear. You need to focus on how the weight transfers towards heels and ankles so that shoes will be able to balance well during the game

Q. Is there any way to make shoes comfortable for wide feet?

If you find the shoes too tight, you can always choose a shoe stretcher option. It can help you widen the shoes a little. There are different types of stretchers you can come across. But if you have one foot more giant than others, you can consider the console option that can give your smaller foot a perfect balance. There is also a handy tool called a shoehorn that can be used for stretching the heel

Q. Is there any specific limit for the Upper to be high?

The best wide basketball shoes upper is available in three heights: the mid-top, the high top, and the low top. The choice is entirely yours, but for this, you need to consider the role of you as a player in the court. High upper can securely wrap around the ankle while mid one can set exact at the ankle.

Q. What is the reason for wide feet?

You may wonder what exactly causes wide feet, but the fact remains that there are numerous factors involved in genetics play a crucial role. That is why you can do nothing except buying the rights hoes, making you pro while playing the sport.


To shortlist amongst the basketball mentioned above, shoes for wide feet should not be difficult as long as you follow the buying guide. The best part about these shoes is that they provide better features, good, mediocre traction, and better arch support.

If you have never shopped for such shoes before, this can be quite challenging for you. But take your time, compare them, and do not buy unless you try them on your own. 

After all, the match in which you shall be participating is not just meant for fun. It has to be played professionally, so you must buy shoes that offer comfort and a perfect fit. With hundreds of different best high-top sneakers for wide feet options available, it is time for you to search incredibly and see with your own eyes how comfortable will your wide feet be happy.

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