Best Basketball Shoes Under $50

10 Best Basketball Shoes Under 50

Basketball is a painstaking sport that requires a lot of quick movement. While playing this game, you have to stay on your toes, run, stop, and jump— all in swift succession. 

Therefore, you need a pair that offers extra padding, adequate foot support, ankle stability, impact protection, and flexibility to endure all these types of movements. 

The best basketball shoes under $50 also need to have the right kind of traction to prevent you from slipping or falling on the court. 

When it comes to playing basketball, you can’t wear any jogger type without risking severe foot or ankle injury. That’s why; cheap outdoor basketball shoes are an integral part of playing the game.  

You have no idea about when your favorite basketball sneakers might need to be replaced. 

Whether you are changing your old shoes or purchasing your first-ever slippers as a new basketball athlete, grabbing information about the most acceptable options available on the market that are both durable and affordable can assist you in getting a handle on what matters the most. 

Best Basketball Shoes Under $50

Picking high-quality basketball kicks should not mean paying an excessive amount of money. Of course, you can spare hundreds of dollars on basketball slippers, but there are some exceptional budget-friendly options available as well. 

If you are just starting, there is no need to break your bank. We dedicate this guide to those individuals who have a super-tight budget and are on the lookup for basketball shoes at a low price. 

10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50

1- Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes – Basketball Shoes At Low Price

These high upper basketball joggers are armed with rubber damping sole in the net shape that gives you substantial ground holding. The sole is also responsible for supporting your weight. 

Speaking of their upper, it is made of ventilated and lightweight, full-length synthetic and textile material. 

A molded heel shield is deliberated for improving performance, protecting the ankles, and locking in the foot in the right place to combat the threat of an injury. 

The breathable design of these best basketball shoes for beginners promote airflow inside the sneaker and make it more comfortable. 

In addition to that, the mesh design with perforations boosts the breathability and ensures that your feet stay dry and comfortable while you are fighting passionately to win the game. 

As they are made of long-lasting, wear-resistant, and anti-slip material, so they are a perfect choice for basketball games.  

Beita high upper basketball shoes are equipped with emitting mesh sole with a full palm force position that provides a strong grip on the floor. 

It flaunts a one-piece rubber outsole with a unique traction pattern that provides lateral motion and stability. 

These joggers ensure that you don’t slip or fall on the court, thanks to their premium quality materials. When you wear them, you obtain adequate support for your ankles. 

If you are suffering from ankle pain, it is recommended to wear these slippers because they provide a soothing sensation like getting a massage. It promises that the pain will disappear within a few minutes. 

They are obtainable in numerous stylish designs and colors, so you can easily match them with your basketball jerseys. 

However, it comes at a very affordable price, so it is an excellent option for tight budgets. A good thing about them is that you can conveniently wear them in all seasons.  


  • Rubber damping sole in net shape provides a robust grip and supports body weight.
  • Breathable and lightweight upper is made of textile and synthetic materials. 
  • A molded heel shield protects ankles from injury and improves performance on the court.
  • Promotes airflow inside the shoe to keep the foot dry and comfortable
  • Equipped with emitting mesh sole with full palm force position
  • One-piece rubber outsole with exceptional traction pattern
  • Ridiculously affordable
  • Wear-resistant
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Improved fit and support
  • Sufficient heel support
  • Venting holes make it super-comfortable
  • Look cool
  • Water-resistant
  • Sole is hard to clean
  • Runs small and wider

Final Words:

If you are looking for an incredibly fashionable look with your basketball clothes, Beita high upper basketball shoes are ideal for you. 

They are made of high-quality materials and cover the feet up to the ankles to prevent the hazards of possible injuries. Moreover, they are available at a ridiculously low price with various designs and color options. 

This pair is surprisingly comfortable, stylish, anti-slip, and supportive. All of these features make them extraordinarily cheap outdoor basketball shoes. 

2- Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe – Best Basketball Shoes For Beginners

James Harden’s signature stepback inspires these basketball shoes at a low price. They feature a lightweight built that is intended to elevate your performance on the court. 

The shoe utilizes a full-length bounce midsole that provides underfoot cushion for heightened comfort on and off the court. Best of all, the midsole is flexible and lightweight, so it keeps your feet comfortable all day long. 

The bounce cushioning does not offer the springy feel that you may expect. However, it is thin and low to the ground. 

This setup may be suitable for some people because it provides plenty of court feel without feeling like you are smashing directly through the sole. This shoe does not offer enough impact protection, so some folks can find it uncomfortable. 

Moving on to their traction, they are equipped with a super grip rubber outsole responsible for providing extraordinary grip on all types of surfaces. 

It flaunts a mid-top collar and an ergonomic lacing system to deliver maximum support and comfort to the wearer. 

If we talk about their materials, these best basketball shoes under $50, use a textile upper that is lightweight and breathable. 

There is a synthetic toe cap at the forefoot area that offers enhanced protection and abrasion-resistance. 

Adidas Harden Stepback matches the style of the 2018 NBA MVP. Its wide forefoot and midsole empower you to break down the defense easily. 

You will be able to see James Harden’s logo on the tongue that helps you attain an MVP look both on and off the court. 

Additionally, they arrive in multiple color options so that you can pair them off with casual and formal dresses without any difficulty. 

The downside of this pair is that its materials are not lined and stitched down properly, causing discomfort around the midfoot region. 

The ergonomic lace-up system of this mid-top kick leaves some parts of the laces exposed against the forefoot area, which means it will take some time to adjust it and accomplish a comfortable fit.  


  • Built for breathability
  • Equipped with full-length bounce midsole 
  • The cushioning provides heightened comfort on and off the court
  • Wide forefoot and midsole enables you to break down the defense easily
  • A synthetic toe cap for boosted protection
  • Textile upper is ventilated and lightweight
  • Looks great
  • Wide enough
  • Super comfortable
  • Enough spacing and no sliding
  • Can be used for daily activities
  • Breaks in very well
  • Perfect for the gym and running on the track
  • Lots of foot support
  • Narrow size
  • Bit tight

Final Words:

Adidas Harden Stepback basketball shoes are a top-notch performer. Individuals are impressed with its durable and grippy rubber outsole. 

The bounce midsole also provides comfortable cushioning and keeps your feet dry and fresh. Inclusively, they are one of the best cheap basketball shoes currently available in the market. 

3- Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Basketball Shoe – Cheap Outdoor Basketball Shoes

These mid-top best basketball shoes under $50 feature a lace-up closure that provides a protected and seamless locked-in fitting. Their high-wear zones are layered with polyurethane leather that gives a sleek and modern appearance. 

It features a textile lining that is deliberated for providing a soft feel to the wearers. It is made with a combination of mesh and synthetic leather materials when it comes to their upper. 

The lightweight and breathable upper offers durable support for all-game long. These slippers have a regular fit, so you must acquire your accurate size to avoid fitting issues. 

Adidas Ownthegame basketball shoe is specifically constructed to empower you to beat the competition against you with its magnificent cushioning. 

The Cloudfoam is cushioning in the midsole and footbed, providing reasonable support, comfort, and energy while making clutch moves. 

The pair is armed with a resilient Aidwear outsole that is envisioned to provide dual-zone traction. The traction allows you to slash through traffic and create separation on uneven surfaces. 

It also flaunts a debossed toe cap and three stripes. Additionally, soft massage nubs and Ortholite sock liners are incorporated in these sneakers that add comfort and help the foot heal rapidly. 

The abrasion-resistant outsole improves maneuverability when the player is performing pivots and cuts on the court. 

Their downside is that they run incredibly tight and narrow around the toes. That’s why; make sure to try them before purchasing. Moreover, the shoe’s bottom feels like it’s coming off, so you can feel a tad bit uncomfortable.


  • Manufactured of mesh and synthetic leather upper for breathability and support
  • The footbed is intended to give comfort and energy
  • Dual-zone traction pattern provides maximum grip and prevents sliding
  • Textile lining delivers a soft feel
  • Equipped with Cloudfoam cushioning that provides comfort and support
  • The Lace-up closure system offers a protected and seamless fit
  • Highly suitable for long walks and running
  • Attention-grabbing design
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Amazing traction pattern
  • Upper feels good
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Zero arch support
  • Run narrow and tight

Final Words:

If you are looking for the cheap outdoor basketball shoes that feel nice on the feet and are durable and comfortable to play in, then you must give a shot to Adidas Ownthegame shoes. 

They vaunt a sleek and stylish design, so you can expect to receive tons of compliments. They are great for those people who are dealing with an ankle sprain and have a tight budget. 

4- Adidas Kids’ Dame 6 Basketball Shoe – Best Basketball Shoes Under $100

These best basketball shoes for beginners embody all characteristics of Damian Lillard’s personality, leadership, and creativity both on and off the basketball court. 

This boot features light strike technology to complement his lethal movements on the court. The light strike midsole is anticipated to provide an impeccable balance between lightweight cushion and ultra-responsiveness. 

The midsole offers you enhanced comfort, support, and response and enables you to get past defenders. They are designed to allow junior players to step back and show off their range with their favorite player’s style. 

If you want to play your game in Lillard’s style, they are a perfect choice because the light strike technology empowers you to make stepback threes with great ease or drive to the hoop.  

If we talk about their traction, they vaunt herringbone rubber outsole with a dynamic heel edge and round edges. All of these features enhance your grip on the hardwood while you are making rapid multidirectional movements. 

Coming to their closure, these low-top best basketball shoes under $100 flaunt an anatomical lacing system. The webbed lacing system delivers a precise fit, improved lockdown, and lateral support. 

The Adidas Kids’ Dame 6 showcases a comfortable and ventilated upper fabricated of high-quality textile and mesh material. They offer you ultra-light support when you run up and down the court. 

The shape reflects Lillard’s multi-dimensional personality from both sides of the sneaker. While looking at the outside, you will observe that it speaks to his focus. 

However, the interior side reveals the boot’s inner workings and celebrates his ruthless approach to the court.  

This pair arrives with a regular fit, so wide-footers should try it before buying. These slippers are available in multiple color combinations, so you can wear them for playing basketball and day-to-day activities as well. 

This shoe’s downside is that its rubber outsole attracts much dirt on dusty courts; therefore, be prepared to wipe it off frequently. 

In addition to that, their materials feel very cheap and not very sturdy, but they perform their job well. The support features of Adidas Kids’ Dame 6 are standard. 


  • Lightstrike midsole offers boosted comfort, support, and response
  • Herringbone rubber outsole with a dynamic heel edge and rounded edges
  • The webbed lacing system provides a precise fit, improved lockdown, and lateral support 
  • Comfortable and ventilated upper is manufactured of mesh and textile materials
  • Unique and lightweight design
  • Visually appealing
  • Very comfortable to play in
  • Perform impeccably on clean courts
  • They are great to go right out of the box
  • Impressive ligthstrike cushioning technology
  • Cushioning is bouncy and feels amazing
  • Locks the foot nicely
  • Poor traction on dusty courts
  • The material feels very cheap

Final Words:

These cheap basketball shoes are a solid on-court performer. The lightstrike cushioning, webbed lacing system, and comfortable and breathable upper are the major highlights of this jogger. 

The cushioning delivers a lot of court feel, responsiveness, and impact protection. It is made of superior quality materials that perform their job flawlessly and offer excellent support and locked-in fit. 

The traction pattern attracts some dirt on muddy courts, so be ready to clean it frequently.  

5- Adidas Men’s OwnTheGame Basketball Shoes – Cheap Basketball Shoes

Adidas is famous for making excellent quality basketball shoes in the industry. The brand takes care of its consumers and provides them comfort, support, and great value for their money. 

In the beginning, their primary concern was the sole only. However, these sneakers are specifically manufactured for those who have wide feet. 

Many people complain that their shoes run narrow and tight, so Adidas made this product comfortable cushioning. It offers enough space for your wide feet to breathe. 

The superior cushioning is intended to deliver energy and comfort to the wearer all-game long. The enhanced traction comes from the resilient outsole that helps you to produce separation on the court. The traction pattern attracts a little bit of dirt, but they are straightforward to clean.

These best basketball shoes under $50 boast a mesh and synthetic leather upper that is super supportive, breathable, and comfortable. You will also see the signature three stripes on the boot that give an elegant look. 

The good thing is that they are made of durable materials. Thus, you can expect to utilize them for a long time. Furthermore, they are equipped with an incredible shaft that will provide you a comfortable cushioning experience on the court. 

The sole is constructed of rubber so that it will deliver the right force of traction. The joggers are equipped with original laces that will permit you to obtain a customized fit. 

The Adidas OwnTheGame sneakers are available in four diverse tonal hues at affordable prices. Memory foam is integrated into them that give you the ultimate comfort.  

The Cloudfoam sock liner and midsole are responsible for providing you pivotal comfort features and flawless fit. 

Additionally, they also make the slippers very lightweight and help you to move faster on the basketball court. The fit ensures that your foot stays protected during the training sessions and competition. 


  • Outstanding cushioning gives you energy and comfort
  • Durable outsole with superb traction offers impressive grip
  • Breathable and lightweight upper keeps your feet dry and fresh
  • Memory foam provides ultimate comfort
  • Lacing system for a customized fit
  • Amazing and comfortable fit
  • Looks very good with casual wear
  • Trendy shoe
  • Good finish
  • Made of good quality materials
  • Low cushion for a basketball player

Final Words:

These cheap outdoor basketball shoes are made of rubber outsole that provides insane traction and grip on all surfaces. This budget-friendly option will help you to improve your game. 

The upper is fabricated of fabric and leather with perforations for additional breathability and airflow, so no matter how intense the game is, your feet will stay cool.  

6- Under Armour Men’s Jet 2019 Basketball Shoe Running 

These best basketball shoes for beginners are designed to help you break down the defense easily. The joggers feature a compression-molded EVA midsole that is deliberated to provide a lightweight and responsive ride to the basketball players on hard surfaces. 

Inside the shoe, they are integrated with a die-cut EVA sock liner that offers extra underfoot cushion and support. If we talk about their traction, the 2019 version of UA Jet flaunts a durable rubber outsole with a unique traction pattern. 

The traction pattern provides an enhanced grip when you make lateral motions. These sneakers vaunt a stylish mid-top figure that serves the basketball players well. 

Furthermore, you will see the brand’s logos on the forefoot, midsole, and heel that conclude the overall design.  

They are available in different color combinations, so you can pick your favorite hue easily and pair it off with formal and casual wear. The conspicuous design will help you to receive tons of compliments. 

These pocket-friendly mid-top boots flaunt a leather and textile upper that is perforated. The upper provides you heightened support and ventilation. 

Moving on to their forefoot region, there is a TPU overlay that is abrasion-resistant, so it adds durability and helps the kick to maintain its actual shape. When it comes to their fit, some wearers have claimed that they have a perfect fit. 

The jogger’s internal heel counter provides a locked-in fit and support. Additionally, it is prepared with a lace-up closure to offer a comfortable snug fit. 

The internal bootie construction delivers a secure fit, and an internal midfoot shank prevents the feet from rolling over. They are lightweight, supportive, and provide adequate ankle support than competitors. 

The downside of them is that their cushioning is very thin so that you won’t see it from the outside. While playing with them, you will feel the ground. 


  • Made of a rubber outsole with a unique traction pattern
  • Molded and perforated leather and textile upper is designed for breathability and support
  • A die-cut EVA sock liner delivers underfoot cushion and added support
  • A robust abrasion-resistant TPU overlay helps the shoe retain its shape
  • An internal heel counter provides a locked-in fit and support
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Great quality
  • Excellent price
  • Look great
  • Perfect for playing basketball
  • Offers plenty of court feel
  • Impressive traction works well on both dusty and clean courts
  • Fast and responsive
  • Sufficient lockdown and support
  • Don’t have much impact protection
  • Runs a little narrow
  • Thin soles

Final Words:

These affordable kicks have a stylish design and hold the ankles flawlessly, but their cushioning is thin. It does not provide impact protection, so you will feel the ground every time you land on the court. 

However, it will make you feel fast on the court and empower you to break down the defense effortlessly. 

If you are overweight and need an extra cushion, we don’t recommend this shoe for you. Inclusively, they offer great value for your hard-earned money and won’t disappoint you on the court. 

7- Adidas Men’s Own The Game Basketball Shoe – Best Basketball Shoes Under $50

Adidas is not only manufacturing fantastic lifestyle joggers; they are also producing affordable and performance-oriented basketball sneakers. 

These boots are equipped with superior cloud foam cushioning that is positioned in the midsole and footbed. The cushioning provides fast energy and comfort to the players. It is super comfortable, responsive and low to the ground and the adequate implementation in a basketball jogger. 

On the other hand, they feature an Adiwear outsole that is aimed to provide dual-zone traction and allow you to create separation on the basketball court. The traction pattern functions amazingly on clean surfaces, but it is a tad bit slippery on dirty surfaces. 

Speaking of their materials, they feel optimum and provide much-needed support and comfort when playing aggressively. These mid-top kicks have a regular fit, so wider-footers must try them in person before purchasing. 

The lace-up closure provides a protected and locked-in fitting. Moreover, it boasts a mesh upper that is impeccably coated with synthetic leather zones to offer breathability. 

The upper ensures that your feet stay fresh during the intense game. They are also armed with a debossed toe cap, three stripes, textile lining, and a heel pull. 

They are made of high-quality materials so that they will last longer. Some reviewers have grumbled that they fit too big, so they have to put extra insole and wear extra socks. 

Ortholite sock liner and soft massage nubs are integrated into it that provide added comfort and aid the foot heal faster. 


  • Prepared with superior cloudfoam cushion that provides comfort and energy
  • Adiwear outsole offers dual-zone traction with astonishing grip 
  • Traction pattern functions wonderfully on clean courts
  • Lace-up closure for optimum fit
  • Made of mesh and synthetic leather upper that keeps the feet fresh all day long
  • Ortholite sock liner and soft massage nubs are deliberated to provide maximum comfort
  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight and responsive
  • Well built
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Does not take much time to break-in
  • Perfect for long walks
  • Supportive
  • Breathable
  • Perfect fit
  • Fit too big
  • Poor design

Final Words:

The Adidas owns the game basketball shoe is an excellent budget and performance-oriented kick. The traction pattern, cushioning, Ortholite sock liner, and soft massage nubs are its clear highlights. 

They provide a snug fit, so you will be able to concentrate on your game entirely. They are comfortable, durable, and provide sufficient ankle support. 

8- Under Armour Men’s Spawn Mid Basketball Shoe 

These best basketball shoes under $50 first appeared in 2014, and now they are ready to dominate the court once again. They feature an anatomical design that grasps attention quickly. 

Different types of technologies are integrated into them, including TPU and Micro G cushioning system, to provide the best experience to the court’s players. 

If we talk about the Micro G foam cushioning, it is produced to be 30% thinner. The element reduces the overall weight of the sneaker. However, it still maintains a low to the ground experience. 

It also has “high bound” capabilities, so you can rest assured to receive higher energy return. The cushioning is firm, so it provides stability, but it drops the responsiveness. 

Moreover, there is a die-cut EVA sock liner that provides added support to the jogger. Moving on to their traction, the Under Armour spawn mid basketball shoe is equipped with a unique wavy traction pattern. 

The kick’s outsole is made of translucent rubber that offers an impressive grip no matter which type of surface you play on. The midsole can transform cushioned landings into explosive takeoffs. 

These cheap basketball shoes are envisioned for a shearing effect. Their soleplate pattern permits the player to start and stop quickly. 

The best basketball shoes under $50 are obtainable in a standard size when it comes to their fit, so they stay right to size. However, it is better to try them in person before making the final buying decision. 

This pair flaunts a central lacing system with lace holes located in specific regions of the boot for boosted lockdown and security. 

The shoe’s construction holds the foot in the right place and prevents falls and slides on the court while changing your directions. 

In the anatomical design, interwoven layers of TPU films combined with PU coated mesh are utilized for multi-layer support. The prime purpose of the mesh upper is to create a breathable sensation and flexibility. 


  • An anatomical design grasps attention instantly 
  • Micro G foam cushioning is 30% thinner
  • Cushioning reduced the overall weight of the pair and also returns energy
  • The soleplate permits the player to start and stop rapidly
  • A lacing system provides lockdown and security
  • Mesh upper is designed for breathability
  • Attention-grabbing shoe
  • Excellent traction and grip
  • Great fit
  • Micro G cushioning provides a soft feel
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Sufficient lockdown and security
  • Not good for extensive usage
  • A little bit of dead space in the toe area

Final Words:

Under Armour spawn, the mid basketball shoe is an extremely flexible and durable kick with a perfect fit. 

If you need a basketball boot that provides good lockdown and protection to your feet, then this pair is an ideal choice for you. 

From the slipper’s traction to the cushioning and breathability, it seems that this shoe could do nothing wrong. 

9- Adidas Men’s Pro Next 2019 Basketball Shoe 

These basketball shoes at a low price are designed to help you play in complete comfort. They flaunt a Cloudfoam midsole that provides enhanced cushioning when you run up and down on the basketball court. 

The midsole is highly responsive, so it gives you comfort and support. There is a soft heel pillow that makes you feel comfortable as you break down your defense. 

This pair is armed with a sturdy outsole that is made of rubber. The outsole provides maximum floor control and grip on the blacktop. It boasts a herringbone traction pattern that is intended to deliver sectional grip in high-impact regions.  

They have a regular fit, but unfortunately, they have narrow and tight toe areas compared to Adidas’ other basketball sneakers. 

These mid-top cheap outdoor basketball shoes are equipped with a lace-up closure that offers a tailored fit. This particular pair vaunts a synthetic upper that is deliberated for long-lasting support, flexibility, breathability, and comfort. 

In addition to that, it is armed with a textile lining for ventilation. The Adidas pro next 2019 basketball shoe has a heel collar and padded tongue that deliver heightened comfort. 

They have a stylish faux-leather design that makes it remarkable for both on and off-court use. You will be able to see the logos on the lateral panel and tongue. They are highly suitable for indoor and outdoor games. 

It has an appealing design, so you can take advantage of it for numerous purposes such as strolling with friends, going on a dinner date or shopping, lifting weights, or any other activity you want. 

The downside of this sneaker is that its tread is slick and shallow. Additionally, it does not continue to the shoes’ edges. 

These best basketball shoes under $50 are also not an excellent choice for competitive games. However, you can wear them if you are not going to make hard cuts. 


  • Cloudfoam midsole provides enhanced cushioning
  • The highly responsive midsole gives you comfort and support
  • Sturdy herringbone rubber outsole for maximum grip
  • Equipped with a lace-up closure that offers a customized fit
  • Synthetic upper provides long-lasting support, flexibility, breathability, and comfort
  • The stylish faux-leather design makes it perfect for on and off-court usage
  • A Heel collar and padded tongue deliver heightened comfort
  • Trendy and unique
  • Flexible materials
  • Comfortable
  • Great for competitive play
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Enough impact protection
  • Excellent fit
  • Cushioning feels very good
  • Excellent ankle support
  • They hurt at first
  • The tongue does not stay put on

Final Words:

This Adidas basketball shoe is winning hearts with its durability, responsiveness, support, and comfort. They have a unique traction pattern that performs well on the hardwood. 

People are only complaining about their wrong size. Overall, it is prepared with all the essential features you may need in a basketball boot. 

10- PUMA Men’s Legacy Low Basketball Casual Shoes Best -Basketball Shoes Under 50

Many reputed brands are competing in the basketball shoe market, and Puma is one of them. They have released many basketball models till now, and people love them. 

This particular pair is bursting with plenty of Puma heritage. These low-top kicks are made for both streets and courts. 

If we talk about their performance, they take advantage of Hybrid foam that combines two of puma cushioning technologies: Nrgy beads and Ignite foam. 

Both of them provide instant cushion and responsiveness. This jogger has a high-abrasion outsole that is manufactured of sticky rubber. The outsole is designed to offer improved traction and stability on all types of surfaces. 

A lace-up closure system with ankle and forefoot webbing provides you strength and a protected fit. The Puma legacy low slippers are incorporated with legendary design elements. 

It brings a flawless balance between performance and style. On this kick, you will also see the iconic T7 stripe with Puma branding. 

They employ an optimum quality mesh upper designed to provide maximum durability and comfort to the players.  

The downside of this shoe is that its appearance is not very special. The rear region of this kick is made of artificial leather, and the front area is made of knitted material. 

Their rear sole is equipped with hybrid cushioning technology, so its performance is excellent. When you jump with the rear sole, the cushioning will absorb the impact, and it will rebound. 

On the outsole, these best basketball shoes under $100 feature Omni-directional grains so that the traction pattern will grasp the surface very well. However, the outsole is soft, and grains are not very deep. 

They don’t come with an anti-rollover design, so you will have to play carefully. Another bad thing about them is that they are available in only one color option. 


  • Packed with plenty of Puma inheritance
  • Low-top kicks are perfect for both streets and courts
  • Hybrid foam combines two of puma cushioning technologies: Nrgy beads and Ignite foam
  • Cushioning provides instant cushion and responsiveness
  • A lace-up closure system gives strength and a secure fit
  • High-abrasion outsole is made of sticky rubber for traction and grip
  • Mesh upper for maximum durability and comfort
  • Features Omni-directional grains
  • Remarkable on-court performer
  • Great traction
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable
  • Shoe’s materials feel nice
  • Impressive lockdown and support
  • Perfect fit
  • Traction attracts dirt, so you will have to clean it frequently
  • The cushion feels dense and stiff
  • Don’t break-in fully

Final Words:

Overall, these best basketball shoes under $50 are packed with tons of features that make them an ideal choice for basketball players. 

With their mesh upper and ankle webbing, these low-top sneakers provide support. The outstanding combination of Ignite foam and Nrgy beads delivers satisfactory cushioning. 

On the other hand, a high-abrasion outsole is intended to offer durable and grippy traction. So far, these budget-friendly slippers can help you to beat the competition and earn a victory. 

Best Basketball Shoes Under $50 – Buying Guide

Who Should Buy Cheap Outdoor Basketball Shoes?

If you love to play basketball, you need to grab a pair of basketball joggers to prevent injury. Basketball consists of swift and intense motions like running, stopping instantly, moving from one side to another, and jumping. 

Basketball shoes are specifically designed to play basketball so that they can protect your feet and ankles on the court. However, on the other hand, running sneakers are crafted to be lightweight, so they support your feet during long distances. 

Never opt for a running shoe to play basketball as it could lead you to ankle injuries due to the nonexistence of traction. Likewise, if you need slippers for working out or running, you should not purchase basketball kicks as they are heavy. 

A heavy shoe will cause fatigue and make it difficult for you to run or do exercise. Therefore, it is necessary to pick a pair for the correct type of activity you plan to participate in. 

Important Features To Consider In The Cheap Basketball Shoes

Determine The Playing Level

  • All-Round Players

If you are an all-around athlete, you need to choose a pair with a distinctive combination of traction and cushioning. To acquire excellent traction force from the kick, you should check the outsole. 

The outsole must be made of high-quality rubber material with an insane traction pattern. Recently, most basketball shoes are coming with good floor control and grip.

  • Fast Players

If you are a fast player, you should buy very lightweight sneakers with an outstanding outer shoe profile. It must be equipped with a low-cut shape to provide more stability while you will be running fast on the court. A lightweight jogger will help you to run effectively and dominate both sides of the court.  

  • Aggressive Players 

However, if you play in an aggressive mode, you require shoes with additional cushioning and more traction. Again, you should check its midsole configuration, material, and technologies carefully.  

Construction Of The Shoe

  • Upper Part

The shoe’s upper area offers protection and keeps the sneaker balanced during the game. You have to pick a jogger that is fabricated with high-quality upper materials. 

Upper material must be resilient, supportive, and ventilated so that it will keep your feet dry and fresh during intense play. 

These days, brands are generating the upper with a combination of leather and synthetic mesh material. Leather provides durability, and synthetic mesh makes the shoe breathable and flexible. 

  • Midsole Support

The midsole region is responsible for providing the cushion, and it also supports body weight and absorbs the shock as well. 

The cushioning is typically comprised of EVA foam, compressed EVA, polyurethane, or proprietary technology. 

The majority of boots provide additional cushion at specific areas that get pressurized easily during the game. However, some are equipped with stiffer materials that prevent pronation. 

  • Outer Sole

The outsole of the best basketball shoes for beginners should be durable and have a perfect shape and gripping pattern to give you the best traction. Nowadays, many slippers are armed with herringbone or hexagonal pattern. 

Both patterns are designed to give optimized traction that is needed in the basketball game. The sneaker’s outer surface should be flat to provide you stability and control. 

Indoor Or Outdoor Game

Before ordering the slippers, it is crucial to determine whether you want to use them for indoor or outdoor games. 

Many shoes are designed for indoor courts, so they can’t accommodate your game on outdoor courts. If you want to play on rough surfaces outdoors, look for a durable and thick outer sole. 

Color And Style

Style and color of the sneaker is a significant factor that should not be ignored. They should be comfortable, supportive, and responsive, but they should be attention-grabbing too. You can match them with your basketball jersey or pick your favorite color. 


Quality of kicks is always essential, especially when you are choosing basketball shoes at a low price. 

They should be made of good quality materials and protect your feet while you run fast, jump, and shift from one to another side. 

We suggest you select a shoe that can elevate your game and safeguard your feet at the same time. 


Many folks confuse support with comfort. Sometimes, shoes are very comfortable, but they are not supportive. 

To land, jump, and make quick movements on the court, you have to buy a kick that will provide adequate support to your feet and ankles and feel comfortable. 

Foot disorders such as ankle sprain, blisters, and plantar fasciitis can be avoided by utilizing slippers with excellent support and lateral stability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why We Use Basketball Shoes?

They are exclusively produced for playing basketball. They are constructed to bear and absorb the harmful shock of intense and swift motion. 

These shoes provide adequate ankle support, extra cushion, and fantastic traction to empower you to succeed at the game and lower an injury’s chances. 

Q. Who Manufactures The Best Basketball Shoes Under $100?

Several brands are well-known for manufacturing excellent quality basketball sneakers. 

Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Beita, and Puma are all exceptional companies that commonly produce and sell basketball shoes. 

Adidas is the number one brand when it comes to making good quality and affordable sneakers. 

Q. Can I Use Basketball Joggers For Working Out?

We recommend you to use basketball shoes for playing basketball only. Working out has numerous forms such as jogging, running, weight lifting, and others, all require different sorts of slippers. 

If you use the wrong type of boot, your chances of suffering from an injury will increase to a great extent. 

Q. Can I Run Wearing Cheap Basketball Shoes?

While wearing the best basketball shoes under $50, you will be running on the court from one direction to another. However, you should not use them for running and covering long distances. 

These sneakers are heavy and bulky, but the shoes specifically made for running are lightweight. Basketball joggers won’t allow you to run faster. 

In addition to that, they will impact your form and cause soreness and fatigue as well. Similarly, using running shoes for playing basketball could lead you to an ankle injury. 


Just like any sports footwear, the best basketball shoes under $100 are an accessory that can dramatically improve your performance on the court. 

A superior quality kick will have a comfortable insole, supportive midsole, and excellent traction pattern. It should also provide sufficient ankle support to prevent injury if you play in an aggressive mode.  

That’s why; it is imperative to pay attention to what you are buying while looking for shoes on a low budget. While the expensive sneakers’ built quality is excellent, that does not mean that budget-friendly joggers are any worse. 

Don’t let the brand name throw you off, as the above-mentioned best basketball shoes under $50 can help develop and support your basketball skills. All you have to do is take care of them properly, and they will last for a long time. 

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