best basketball shoes with arch support

10 Best Basketball Shoes With Arch Support

Best Basketball Shoes With Arch Support

Basketball is a game that puts your feet under constant stress. The high jumps, running, and sudden turns can have an impact on your feet that may become dangerous if not handled properly. So, basketball players are highly likely to injure their feet during playing and training. But this can be easily avoided with a good pair of shoes with arch support.

If you are a basketball player with fallen arches or high arches, you will definitely benefit from shoes with arch support. These shoes give extra support and divert the amount of pressure on certain parts of your feet. And, if you are recovering from a recent injury, they will provide a safe space to start your training again.

So, whether you have a specific problem with the anatomy of your feet or have an injury that you are recovering from, shoes with arch support will get you back in the court minus the pain. Although they are expensive, these shoes will be invaluable to protect your feet from possible injuries and long-term effects.

So, we set down and put together this list of 10 best basketball shoes with arch support. Try one of these, and you’ll be surprised at how much comfort and support you get.

best basketball shoes with arch support

1. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Torch Basketball Shoe

The highlighting factor about this shoe is its very affordable price point. For this affordable price, this pair of shoes offer more than enough support.

Starting with the upper, this shoe is made of synthetic material and wouldn’t really impress anyone at first sight. But don’t let the look fool you. The upper is incredible in terms of performance. Most support you get from these Go Torch Basketball shoes comes from this stretchy upper. And it works wonders in stabilizing the foot.

It is thin, soft, and provides a nice wrap-around feel for the feet. The tongue has foam and feels nice and soft while improving the lockdown effect on your feet. Although the upper surely could do with some improvement with lateral containment, it offers pretty good support.

The cushioning of these shoes is impressive. It adds a bouncy ride and a smooth heel-to-toe transition. The heel area is very soft and has a nice compression. The arch support is awesome, and the design overall is highly responsive and will offer excellent protection from impacts. Because the cushioning is awesome, these basketball shoes are one of the best shoes that offer arch support.

As for the outsole, it is made of rubber and has complicated, geometrical lines that add a good amount of traction to these shoes. But be prepared. You won’t feel the best of this traction the first time you play in these shoes. After you play for a few minutes, the traction drastically improves. However, it is a little lacking in lateral movements. It is amazing for sudden stops and turns.


  • 100% synthetic exterior
  • Rebound cushioning
  • Responsive
  • Arch support
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Rubber sole
  • Thin and soft upper
  • Proper lockdown of feet
  • High responsiveness
  • Good compression at the heel for a bouncy feel
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Good traction
  • Supportive
  • Super lightweight
  • Breaking time is short
  • Durable and affordable
  • Could use some improvement for support and traction

Final words:

Because of the bad heel slippage, your heel would easily come off when you take off your shoes. But this wouldn’t get in the way while you are playing. On the plus side, this shoe is an ultra-lightweight shoe and is durable as well. Overall, it is really more than you could expect from a basketball shoe at this price.

2.    PEAK Men’s Flash Basketball ShoesBest Basketball Shoes

The PEAK Men’s Flash Basketball shoes are a perfect pair of shoes that offer good arch support and lockdown support. This reasonably priced shoes are well worth the price and will provide protection to your feet.

This shoe is very breathable because of the knit mesh upper with good toe box space. It provides good ventilation and is extra comfortable for the feet. Moreover, it is designed with quality in mind. At the sides of the shoe, there is synthetic leather that has been added to improve the aesthetic of these shoes. Overall, they will bring a cool vibe, and you’ll feel great wearing them at the court.

The midsole has just the right amount of cushioning that your knees will thank you for. The material used for cushioning is foam, and this brings a very plush, yet contained feel to the shoes. It is also bouncy and very responsive. The foam also adds high shock-absorbent properties to the shoe. You won’t have to worry about sustaining injuries due to impact in these shoes. They will give you the comfort and proper arch support that you need in a basketball shoe.

To increase stability and arch support, these shoes use 3D TPU with anti-torsion. These can be found on either side of the shoe and in the heel as well. These stabilize the foot, and the shoe conforms to any surface without bringing any stress to your feet. The smooth heel-to-toe transmission and extra heel containment are results of this technology.

Basketball shoes must have outsoles with good traction. If the traction is not good, your performance will be highly affected by it. The PEAK Flash basketball shoe incorporates a herringbone and polar pattern to increase traction. This traction is fully made of rubber and will give you a good grip on any surface. So, you’ll get to make that killer cut without any worries of slipping.


  • Breathable knit mesh upper
  • Ultra-soft foam cushioning in the midsole
  • 3D TPU with anti-torsion for stability
  • Herringbone and polar patterned traction
  • Rubber outsole
  • Breathable upper
  • Spacious toe box
  • Excellent foam cushioning
  • Extra arch and lockdown support
  • Good stability
  • Resistant to wear
  • Bouncy ride
  • Nice heel-to-toe transmission
  • Looks stylish
  • Ankle protection
  • The mid part of the shoe may be a little narrow for wide feet

Final words:

These shoes are also very durable and will last you for years. PEAK Flash shoe offers good stability, and the features are worth the price. Because of the stylish design, they will make you feel awesome every time you step into the court.

3.    Under Armour Men’s Team Drive 4 Basketball Shoe

This Under Armour shoe is good at performance, although it lacks a little in looks. However, performance always comes first. So, this shoe is a decent basketball shoe that offers good arch support.

The upper of this shoe is made of textile material. This material provides good ventilation. It is also nice and soft and wraps around the shape of the feet, providing a good fit and support. The lacing system helps in keeping the feet on lockdown during playing.

Team Drive 4 combines EVA foam and Exposed Micro Gheel around the heel as cushioning. Because micro Gheel is a firm component, the shoe can feel a little bit stiff. There is little to no bounce compared to other cushioning systems in shoes. However, the midsole is very responsive and is good at absorbing shock and protecting your feet. The cushioning is important in providing arch support as well.

This shoe also offers a nice fit with a wide enough toe box. It’s not too narrow and not too wide. It also offers good lockdown support, and you will not experience any heel slippage. In fact, you’ll have to put extra effort into taking off the shoe because this shoe has a high ankle collar. But the ankle collar provides support to the ankle.

The outsole of Team Drive 4 is made of hard and thick rubber. The traction is a herringbone pattern and is excellent at providing a good grip on any surface. However, the rubber sole is likely to pick up dust. But it won’t be a serious problem because you can easily wipe off the dust. This traction is great at keeping you on your feet during sudden stops and turns.


  • Upper made of textile material.
  • Molded ankle collar
  • Exposed Micro Gheel around the heel
  • Full rubber outsole with herringbone traction
  • Soft upper
  • Responsive midsole cushioning
  • Better protection from impacts
  • Stability and lateral containment
  • Arch, ankle, and Lockdown support
  • Great traction
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Little to no bounce
  • Hard outsole

Final words:

This shoe can look a little bulky and is not a very stylish choice. But, despite the look, Team Drive 4 is lightweight and is incredible for performance. The materials are durable as well. So, for a basketball shoe, Under Armour Team Drive 4 is pretty stellar.

4.    Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi – Basketball shoes for arc support

Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi is a good performance basketball shoe that is also available at a very affordable price. It gives arch support and balance while providing good ankle protection as well.

The upper of this shoe is made of synthetic material with air holes for ventilation. Although it is not much breathable, it provides good support to keep the feet on lockdown. And, it is also soft and comfortable, which is an added plus. The Nike upper is very stylish and will stand out among the crazy color combinations in other sport’s shoes.

As for the midsole, the Air Visi Pro Vi uses a Phylon midsole unit. This compound is awesome for absorbing shock and is highly flexible. The midsole supports the arch and is quite firm. The only minus is that it is not very bouncy. But it makes up by being very flexible and responsive while conforming to your feet.

The ankle collar is a little high and firm. This improves the ankle protection provided by the shoe. The addition of the air sole unit in the middle section is very effective for shock absorption and impact protection.

Traction of the Nike Air Visi Pro Vi Men’s shoe is very impressive. It provides good lateral containment and is perfect for quick cuts, turns, and stopping. Overall, the traction is above average when compared to other basketball shoes. However, the use of plastic in the heel is an annoying point in these shoes. It can get a little uncomfortable for some players. The outsole is fully made of rubber, and the grip is awesome. It is also very durable and flexible.


  • Upper made of synthetic material.
  • High top design for ankle protection
  • Phylon midsole
  • Air sole unit for impact protection
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Soft upper
  • Good ankle protection
  • Arch and lockdown support
  • Highly flexible
  • Above-average traction
  • Lightweight
  • Not expensive
  • Durable
  • Plastic in the heel can get uncomfortable.

Final words:

The Nike Air Visi Pro Vi Men’s shoe is a good performance shoe. The support is good, and the traction is incredible. For its price, this Nike shoe brings a lot of value. And the shoe is very stylish as well. So, you’ll love it.

5.    Nike Air Force 1- Best Basketball shoes for Men

Nike Air Force has forever been a basketball shoe. And the Air Force 1 is no different. The cool, classic vibe combined with awesome performance gives an end product of a pretty supportive shoe for any game. From the upper to traction, here’s everything you need to know about the Nike Air Force 1.

Usually, the upper of basketball shoes come in synthetic, textile, or fly knit material. Shoe companies are increasingly dropping the use of leather as the choice material for the exterior. However, Nike Air Force 1 comes with a leather upper. To make it more breathable, there are air holes in the front and the sides of the shoe. And the Nike logo brings a classic vibe and all the eyeballs. People will seriously love your shoes.

The best thing about leather is that it conforms nicely around your feet. It is also very flexible and will provide the best support you need for Basketball. The ventilation is also good, and the shoe will give you good lockdown support with little to no heel slippage as well.

The cushioning of the Air Force 1 is the stuff of any basketball player’s dream. It’s soft, comfortable and will protect your feet from high impact during playing. The Nike Air technology, which is an air pocket, is used in the heel and forefoot. So, these areas have a nice compression and can give bouncy, responsive feedback. The soft cushioning also provides support to the arch.

However, Nike Air Force 1 has one serious flaw. It lacks good traction. The traction is of a circular pattern and would have been alright if not for the lack of rubber. The only places where the rubber is used is at the tip and the heel.

Although the shoe is alright for sudden stops, it lacks lateral containment and is more likely to slide. If the court is dusty, this flaw will be extra noticeable. And as the traction is not rubber, it is not very durable either. This shoe is strictly for indoor courts. If you take it out in an outdoor court, it will wear off very easily.

Nike Air Force 1 fits nicely. But, if you have wider feet, you may want to go up a size to find your right fit. This shoe has good lockdown support, and the high ankle is great at providing ankle support. The ventilation is alright, but the aesthetics are the highlight of this shoe. It is also quite heavy and bulky, although it’s almost half the weight of previous Air Force shoes.


  • Leather upper
  • Good cushioning system
  • Nike Air technology in the heel and forefoot
  • Circular traction
  • Rubber at the tip and heel
  • High ankle
  • Flexible upper with good support
  • Nice cushioning
  • Good compression
  • Impact protection
  • Ankle and arch support
  • Soft and comfortable interior
  • Good ventilation
  • Awesome aesthetics
  • May slide in dusty courts
  • Not for outdoor use

Final words:

Overall, Nike provides good support to the arch and is a good performer. However, the lack of good traction can easily become a burden.

6.    Nike Zoom KD 12 Basketball Shoe

KD is another great line of basketball shoes by Nike. They are good performance shoes and doesn’t look too bad, either. As for the KD 12 basketball shoe, it is one of the best and will give awesome support for you.

The upper of KD 12 is made of a thin layer of Flywire. While it may not look that interesting, it is good at supporting the foot and is a durable material as well. This shoe also has a very plush tongue made of fly-knit material. It adds so much comfort and will feel awesome on foot.

KD 12 basketball shoe has one of the best midsoles ever in any basketball shoe. Its cushioning is great and comfortable at the next level. The full-length, segmented Zoom unit is very noticeable underfoot.

It provides a good bounce back and keeps the bounce in a specific section as well. So, you can feel the bounce back, whether it is at the heel, mid-section, or forefoot. The impact protection is excellent, and you’ll get smooth heel-to-toe transmission as well.

The traction is fully made of rubber and is quite efficient when it comes to sudden stops and turns. The traction is of a pattern made of separated, line-like structures. However, because of this pattern, dust is very hard to wipe off. And it will pick up a lot of dust and will not have good traction in a dusty court. But these shoes will work great in a clean court.

These shoes have some additional remarkable features that improve performance. For example, the rubber outsole has a curvature. This makes crossovers and lateral movements a breeze. Because the foam in the midsole comes up at the heel and lateral sides of the shoe, the lateral containment is also impressive. There is a plastic fixture at the tip of the shoe, and this makes KD 12 very durable.


  • A layer of Flywire in the upper
  • Segmented Zoom unit in the midsole
  • Rubber traction with a pattern of serrated lines
  • Rubber outsole has a curvature at the heel.
  • Foam comes up at the midsole and heel.
  • Plastic at the tip
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Extra support at the arch
  • Bouncy ride
  • Smooth heel-to-toe transmission
  • Great impact protection
  • Good traction at a clean court
  • Minimal breaking in period
  • Durable
  • The tight toe box may not work for wide feet.
  • Hard to wipe off dust

Final words:

Nike Zoom KD 12 has a pretty normal sizing system. But these can be too narrow and has a tight toe box that will be snug around your toes. So, if you have wide feet, these may not be a good fit. Other than that, this shoe is a nice mid-cut shoe with an average weight. It’s minimal and looks a little bulky on the heel. The breaking in period won’t take longer than one or two weeks to set the traction of these shoes in action. KD 12 also offers good arch and lockdown support. So, you will feel incredible wearing these shoes for your next game.

7.    Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

This Under Armour shoe combines good looks with an equally best performance. The Curry Basketball shoe line is by Stephen Curry. And this shoe is the third version. So, as expected, this is a good performer and won’t disappoint you.

The synthetic Threadbone, which is a textile material that makes up the upper of this shoe is very cool in terms of support. This upper is thin and soft, providing the best comfort you need in a basketball shoe. However, the Threadbone will feel a little firm at first. But, after the breaking in period, it will get much, much softer.

The midsole of the Curry 3 consists of charged foam which is also the technology in previous curry models. The foam is very responsive, although there is no bounce at all in these shoes. It provides good support to the arch and midfoot, but the impact of protection is arguably not the best.

Curry 3 has good traction made of hard rubber. The traction is a herringbone pattern and is quite efficient in sharp stops, cuts, and turns. There is also a pivot point, which is a circle that is right underneath the ball of your foot. This makes turning easier and efficient. The rubber is not that thick. But you can still use these shoes outdoors with no problem. But, if you play at a dusty coat, beware! It is very hard to wipe off dust because of the highly detailed traction.

Curry 3 has good lockdown support and has a nice fit. The shoe is long and has a wide toe box. So, wide footers will enjoy wearing these shoes. The material on the upper is not stretchy and is very supportive. The ankle support is good too. And the use of Carbon Fiber Shank adds stability to these shoes. Overall, it is not too heavy and will feel light on your feet.


  • Threadbone upper
  • Charged cushioning technology
  • Herringbone pattern and a pivot circle in traction
  • Rubber outsole
  • Carbon Fiber Shank for added stability
    • Not the best at impact protection
    • No bounce

    Final words:

    This shoe is made for performance. The cushioning is very responsive, and stability support is incredible. However, if you like wearing shoes that give bounce-back, Curry 3 may not be the best.

    8. Nike Men’s Air Precision High-Top Basketball Shoe

    Nike Air Precision High-Top basketball shoe is a pretty affordable Nike shoe. It has a nice overall performance and is a shoe that offers good support. If you are a basketball player, you’ll love these shoes.

    The upper of the Precision basketball shoe is made of a mesh material. It is very flexible and will conform to the foot comfortably. Because the mesh is breathable, it provides good ventilation. So, it won’t get too hot during playing, and if it got wet, it would dry quickly as well.

    The midsole of these shoes is made of a foam material called Phylon. Phylon is incredibly lightweight and good at arch support as well. While the midsole is very comfortable and flexible, it is not exactly bouncy. The cushioning is firm. So, if you like a bouncier feel, Nike Precision is not for you.

    The midsole also comes up at the lateral sides of the shoe. This adds extra support and lateral containment to the shoe. You can turn and do any lateral movement without fear of slipping because of this feature. The heel is cushioning consists of the Nike Air unit. This is a pocket of air in the heel and will feel extra nice when you have your shoes on. The midsole fully supports impact protection.

    Lockdown is a must-have feature for any sports shoe. Lockdown means that your feet won’t move around in your shoes. Nike Precision has excellent lockdown support. The lacing system is customizable for a close fit, and the foam-padded tongue offers extra support. The tongue incorporates a soft material. So, it’s very comfortable as well.

    Ankle support is important for basketball players because playing involves quick turns and movements that can affect your ankles. These shoes are awesome at supporting the ankles.

    The high-top ankle collar has a low-cut rear, which makes this ankle support extra special. Because of the low-cut feature, your feet are free to move around, and the two high sides of the ankle collar still provide support. The ankle support is also padded with foam and is very comfortable.

    The traction of the Precision is pretty precise. It offers incredible traction on clean courts and is pretty good for outdoor use as well. But, the minus about the traction is that it is very prone to picking up dust. So, you’ll have to wipe the shoes down frequently. Other than that, this shoe is good for every rotation, stop, and cut.


    • Upper made of mesh material.
    • Phylon midsole
    • High ankle collar with a low-cut rear
    • Nike Air unit in the heel
    • Rubber outsole
    • The midsole comes up laterally.
    • Padded collar and ankle collar
    • Breathable
    • Arch support and comfort
    • A firm, responsive ride
    • Better mobility because of the low-cut ankle collar
    • Good traction
    • Good lockdown support
    • Efficient for outdoor use as well
    • Firm cushioning
    • Not very bouncy
    • Picks up dust fast

    Final words:

    There’s nothing too bad about this shoe other than the firm cushioning and the traction that pick-up dust. Dust can always be wiped down. So, if you don’t mind the firmness, this shoe is incredible.

    9. Adidas Men’s Pro Next 2019 Basketball Shoe

    Adidas Men’s Pro Next 2019 basketball shoe is a shoe loved by many basketball players. The split upper adds a unique, stylish look to the shoes, and the performance overall is very much worth the price. And this shoe is actually included in the Adidas budget range. So, it won’t be too expensive, either.

    The upper of the Pro Next 2019 is made of faux leather on the inner side and mesh material on the outer side. These materials are very durable, as well. These shoes also have a textile lining on the upper to increase the breathability. So, you won’t be sweating too much in these shoes. The padded tongue and ankle collar are great at providing support and keeping the foot on lockdown at the same time. It’s all very soft and comfortable.

    As for the midsole, the Adidas Pro Next uses a Cloudfoam material. This material is lightweight and very comfortable. They offer extra support to the arch and midfoot, combined with shock absorbent and impact protection properties. There is also a soft pillow-like cushioning at the heel, and this would protect the heel from any impact.

    The traction of these shoes is a herringbone pattern. And you really cannot go wrong with this pattern. It is excellent to prevent sliding and enables you to make slick cuts, turns, and stops. The outsole is made of rubber, and this adds to the efficiency of the traction. Rubber provides a good grip on any surface. Because it’s rubber, it is more durable and resistant to wear. So, you can use these shoes for playing at outdoor courts too.

    This shoe is a mid-cut shoe. So, it provides efficient ankle support as well. The fit is nice, although the toe box is a little too narrow. If you are a wide footer, this toe box will bother you. The lockdown support of Pro Next 2019 is awesome. The lacing system will provide a close, custom made feel to these shoes.

    However, the break-in period is a little long. The materials can actually hurt your feet in the beginning. But it would get much softer with time and will be excellent in terms of support and flexibility.


    • Split upper made of faux leather and mesh material
    • Cloudfoam midsole
    • Herringbone traction
    • Rubber outsole
    • Mid-cut ankle collar
    • Breathable upper
    • Soft and provides good support.
    • Good cushioning
    • Impact protection
    • Ankle support
    • Traction is good
    • Can be used in outdoor courts as well
    • Comfortable to wear
    • Durable
    • Takes time to break-in
    • The material would hurt the feet while breaking in.

    Final words:

    Overall, these shoes are a nice bargain. They are surprisingly very lightweight and is good at providing ankle, arch, and midfoot support. The Cloudfoam will not let you feel any impact when you go do that jump shot.

    10. Under Armour Men’s Jet 2019 Basketball Shoe Running

    This Under Armour shoe is an incredible performer when it comes to the court. It looks good and feels good. This is also a budget model.

    The upper is made of textile and leather materials. These materials are breathable and conform to the shape of the foot, providing good support as well. The use of textile and leather also increases the durability of the Jet 2019.

    The midsole of the shoe is made of EVA foam. While this foam material is lightweight and responsive, it is not too cushiony. So, the protection from impact is not the best. However, the midsole is very supportive of the midfoot and arch. Jet 2019 is a shoe that offers a perfect fit right out of the box. The lacing system adds good lockdown support as well. As this shoe is mid-cut, it offers good ankle support.

    The rubber traction has a unique pattern and offers good traction. It works well indoors and outdoors as well. The rubber increases the grip and will ensure good lateral containment. This traction is good for dusty courts as well.


    • Textile and leather upper
    • EVA foam midsole
    • Rubber traction with a unique pattern
    • Breathable upper
    • Responsive midsole
    • Good traction
    • Perfect fit
    • Lockdown support
    • Ankle support
    • No impact protection

    Final words:

    Jet 2019 basketball shoe is a pretty good performer. It gives a lot of support and is very comfortable to wear. The impact protection is lacking a little. But, if you can find your balance with it, this is a good budget choice.

    Best Basketball Shoes With Arch SupportBuying Guide

    Buying sports shoes is never an easy task. Because playing sports, especially Basketball is rigorous and has a high impact on your feet, you need to be extra picky. Sports shoes are expensive. So, when you buy, you need to buy a pair of shoes that would be worth the price. Here are a few factors that you need to consider when buying basketball shoes. If you consider these factors, buying a cool pair of shoes that lets you push forward to your maximum will be an easy task.

    ·      Player type

    Every player is unique and will have unique needs when it comes to choosing the best basketball shoes. So, you need to choose your shoes depending on how you play at the court. There are several player types, such as power players or fast players. Think about what kind of player you are. Are you fast? Or are you more about jump shots and rebounding? Or, do you see yourself as an all-around player somewhere in the middle? Whatever the playing style may be, there is a shoe for you.

    Power players would mostly benefit from stabilizing features and cushioning. Because rebounding or jump shooting will have a heavy impact on your feet, cushioning is required to divert that impact. Likewise, stabilizing is important to make sure that you don’t end up bending your feet in a weird angle after you do that awesome jump shot.

    On the other hand, faster players should look for lightweight shoes that offer moderate support, cushioning, and incredible flexibility. With lightweight shoes, fast players can do their best running around the court while not feeling any weight dragging them down.

    For other all-around players, a pair of shoes that offer moderate support and stability is perfect. Most shoes will tick the boxes for the needs of these players.

    ·      Fit

    When it comes to sports shoes, they should fit well. You need your shoes to have a proper grip around your foot to keep it in place. So, before you buy shoes, always remember to try them on. Simply walk around the shop and see if the shoes make a proper fit.

    Try to understand the anatomy of your feet. Are your feet wide or narrow? If deciding yourself is hard, consult a podiatrist or just ask from the sales guy/girl at the shoe store. Then choose the right pair for you depending on how low your arch is and how wide or narrow your feet are.

    A good lacing system is important for lockdown support. So, take some time to figure out the best lacing method to keep your feet in place. Once you know what kind of lacing works for you, you are set to go. If you have wide feet, look for shoes with wide toe boxes that let you have enough space around your toes. You really don’t want the distraction and discomfort of cramped toes while you are putting your all into the game.

    ·      Support

    Support is a feature that must be available in any sports shoe. Because Basketball is a game that requires demanding movements that may be harmful in the long term, you need a shoe that will support you. There are many options in the market, such as arch support shoes and ankle support shoes. These shoes will support different parts of your feet like the arch, heel, or ankles, providing the best protection. Moreover, if you are currently having any pain due to collapsed arches or a previous injury, shoes that offer support are excellent to get rid of that pain and get back to playing.

    ·      Cushioning

    Sports are hard work for your feet. The absorption of the impact when running or jumping can add up and wear out your joints. So, it is important to choose a basketball shoe that has optimal cushioning. When a shoe is properly cushioned, it will absorb all the excess pressure rather than sending that right into your joints. So, to avoid the pain that can slowly build up and affect your knees, hips, and back, choose a well-cushioned shoe for playing Basketball.

    Other than absorbing the impact, a properly cushioned shoe can also give your feet that extra comfort. The cushioning will wrap around your feet, and you will feel as if you’re on clouds. A highly cushioned shoe will also offer good arch support to your feet. So, get a plush shoe to protect your joints in the long term.

    ·      Flexibility

    Whatever shoe you decide to buy, test it for flexibility first. You shouldn’t play wearing shoes with a too stiff midsole or outsole. While stiff shoes will mostly just be uncomfortable, they may even restrict your movement. A flexible shoe that is designed to fit the anatomy of feet will feel as if they were made for your feet. You will forget that you have anything at all on your feet because flexibility allows the natural movement of the feet. So, if the midsole or the outsole is too stiff for your liking, don’t take chances, swipe left, and move on.

    ·      Traction

    Another key feature that can make or break your shoe is traction. Basketball is a game that basically revolves around quick movements. You need to be fast when you rotate, stop, or change the direction. And the last thing you need is to slide face first because of the poor traction of your shoes. So, although it may not be a pretty feature that adds to the design of your shoe, you need to choose shoes with the best traction.

    Most shoes will use swivels, zig-zags, or such other methods to give the optimal traction to basketball shoes. Pick one that gives the best traction. When you do, consider where you’ll be playing. Is it an indoor court or an outdoor court? The traction you need for each of these courts are different. So, you need to prepare for each court. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    ·      Breathability

    Shoes can quickly accumulate sweat and start to smell bad. And once it does, it’s a disaster. The sweat can also make the shoe wet and make it more prone to wear and degradation. So, having a breathable upper is a valuable addition to a shoe. It will promote the level of comfort and will increase the durability as well. When you buy shoes for Basketball, buy a pair with breathable functions.

    ·      Material

    There are so many shoes in the market that use different materials. Materials like leather are common but can be too stiff. Therefore, it is most likely that you’ll find a combination of materials, including new materials made of innovative technologies and leather for stiff parts of the shoe. Some uppers are made of stretchy materials and can help in providing support by keeping your feet in place.

    Usually, foam and such compounds are common materials used in the midsole. An outsole made of rubber is the best because it allows for better traction. A rubber outsole will grip the floor enough to save you from slipping, and you will still be able to make that sharp turn.

    When you choose basketball shoes, think about the material that would provide the most comfort to your feet.

    ·      Brand

    Buying a branded shoe is an expensive deal. However, just because it is expensive doesn’t mean that it would be the perfect fit for your feet. Some brands have shoes specifically designed by popular basketball players like Jordan or Curry. However, there is no guarantee that these designs would suit your needs. Everyone has unique needs. So, rather than trying to purchase a branded product, try to find the perfect shoe according to your requirements. At the end of the day, nothing matters more than your health.

    best basketball shoes with arch support

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Is buying basketball shoes for Basketball a must?

    Yes. Other shoes may not give the features you absolutely need for Basketball. Some such features are traction, lateral containment, and support.

    Q. Is buying an expensive pair of shoes worth it?

    Yes. Expensive products are made for quality and will last you a long time. If you feel comfortable in a shoe, you have to buy it no matter the expense. Wearing uncomfortable shoes while playing can cause injuries. So, if the shoes are expensive, start saving.

    Q. Is ankle support a must for a basketball shoe?

    Not necessarily. It depends on your preference and style of play. There is high cut, mid-cut, and low-cut ankle collars to choose from.

    Q. Why is traction important?

    Basketball is a game that involves fast movements. So, you need traction to not slide all over the place.

    Q. Why is cushioning important?

    Cushioning protects your feet from impact. So, a shoe with good cushioning is very important for a basketball shoe.

    Q. Is buying a branded shoe important?

    No. As long as the shoe offers support and performs well, the brand is not important.


    Choosing the best basketball shoe is a hefty process. But, if you buy the wrong pair of shoes that don’t offer the support you need for your feet, you may end up having serious conditions in the long-term. To prevent any possible injury, you need to find the right shoe. We hope this article helped you figure out exactly what you need.

    The shoes listed here are a few of the best choices you have. However, if you didn’t find the right shoe for you on this list, there are so many options out in the market as well. The best advice to follow when buying a basketball shoe is to always be picky. Consider your requirements well before you go for the buy.

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