Best Budget Basketball Shoes

Top 10 Best Budget Basketball Shoes

Do you think you are left behind the modern and up-to-the-minute basketball shoe fashion just because you are strapped for money? 

Are you looking for high performance best budget basketball shoes to rock the court? Have your eyes on those Adidas or Under Armour basketball kicks, but want to compare prices first? 

Let’s be honest; high-performance shoes are costly. Many top signature boots are coming in at $120 and as high as $400, so they are simply out of reach for some folks. 

Inflation is also creeping high over the years, so it has become difficult for athletes to find good cheap basketball shoes under $40 dollars made of high-quality materials. Auspiciously, the basketball sneaker industry is not lacking in stock. 

There is a wide variety of extraordinary kicks available that are more reasonably priced. They may lack the stellar quality materials or innovative technology of the more costly models; they can still perform exceptionally in the stadium and look classy. 

Finding and purchasing the new best cheap basketball shoes takes some effort. Your new sneakers must have a killer tread pattern, foot and ankle support, comfortable cushioning setup, and a resilient upper. 

best budget basketball shoes

This guide comes up with various budget-friendly joggers recommended for you. We have chosen the most acceptable options in this category so that you can elevate your game. 

There are ample options to choose from Nike basketball slippers to the most inexpensive and lesser-known companies. Permit us to assist you with a variety of cheap basketball boots anticipated for top performance at a reasonable cost.

Best Budget Basketball Shoes

1- Under Armour Men’s Jet – Basketball Shoe for Running 

These best budget basketball shoes are designed to help you break down the defense effortlessly and earn a victory for your team. 

First of all, if we talk about their fit, then they fit perfectly. The sneaker’s interior bootie construction delivers a comfortable and protected fit to the athlete. 

They feature a lace-up closure system that is intended to provide a snug fit. An internal midfoot shank will prevent your foot from rolling over.

On the other hand, an internal heel counter will give you the locked-in support that you seek. Speaking of its materials, Under Armour Jet 2019 cheap team basketball shoes are equipped with a leather and textile upper. 

The primary purpose of utilizing these materials for crafting the upper is to provide increased support and breathability during the intense game. 

An abrasion-resistant TPU overlay offers stability and strength to the shoe at the forefoot region and retains its actual figure. This sneaker flaunts a mid-top structure with an attention-grabbing design. 

Brand’s logos on the heel, front, and midsole of the shoe enhance its elegance. The 2019 version of the UA Jet series has a compression-molded EVA midsole that is anticipated for providing an ultra-light and highly responsive ride. 

To provide support and additional cushion, a die-cut EVA sock liner is integrated inside the boot. One of the most impressive traits of this kick is its durable and thick outsole made of rubber material. 

The outsole features a distinct tread pattern for lateral moves and a more excellent grip. The traction performs exceptionally well on both clean and dirty courts. 

If you are suffering from Severs disease, these best basketball shoes are an excellent option for you. They have sufficient cushion in them and fit flawlessly, so they make your feet feel comfortable inside the jogger. 

They look outstanding and also wonderfully hold the ankles. However, users complained that the cushioning setup is very thin, so bigger players should think thrice before purchasing them.  


  • An interior midfoot shank and internal heel counter prevent the foot from rolling over and offering locked-in support, respectively.
  • Textile and leather upper offers boosted breathability and support during intense games.
  • Rubber outsole with a distinct traction pattern provides a boosted grip for lateral motions.  
  • TPU overlay is abrasion-resistant gives strength and sturdiness to the sneaker.
  • A compression-molded EVA midsole allows you to enjoy lightweight and responsive rides.
  • Nice-looking design
  • High-quality materials
  • Traction performs excellently on all surfaces.
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Recommended for folks suffering from Severs disease
  • Offer a lot of court feel
  • Thin cushioning setup
  • Design needs improvements

Final Words:

If you want to feel fast in the stadium, you should opt for UA Jet 2019. These lightweight and responsive kicks offer plenty of courts feel to the hoopers. 

However, it comes with thin cushioning, so if you are a bigger and heavier player, you should stay away from it. 

You can experience pain in your pinky toe while doing outdoor high-intensity training. Overall, these best basketball shoes under $50 offer great value for hard-earned money.

2- Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe – Best Basketball Shoes Under $50

UA charged assert 8 is an excellent complimentary running pump for sports in general. They are incredibly lightweight, and at the midsole, they feel firmer and less springy so that they will give you a lesser amount of energy return. 

These best cheap basketball shoes are designed to make you feel fast without an anchor on your feet. The uniqueness of this pair is that it resembles numerous Nike models and features many great traits. 

If we talk about its size and fitting, it runs right to size, so if you are a professional runner, stick to your actual size. The lasting board’s semi-curved shape and form-welcoming fabrics of the upper portion allow it to provide a secure and comfortable fit.

When it comes to its upper, the UA Charged Assert 8 flaunts a mesh upper. The net-like material wraps around the foot’s shape, lock it, and prevent it from shaking. 

The multilayered design has 3-color digital print that delivers breathability. Small holes on the mesh upper improve the shoe’s air circulation so that you will enjoy a cool and dry ride. 

On the heel, instep, and front areas, leather overlays are sewed. The overlays are deliberated to provide a secure and snug fit and shield the upper from potential dangers. 

You will see an old-fashioned lacing system that empowers you to tighten or loosen the fit according to your needs. Semi-round laces and discrete eyelets are placed on the instep made of leather, covering the entire bridge of the foot. 

The best basketball shoes under $75 are armed with EVA sock liner that offers comfort to the players. The charged cushioning midsole utilizes compression-molded foam that provides increased durability, energy return, comfortable cushioning, and responsiveness. 

The resilient and thick rubber outsole encompasses all high impact areas for maximum durability with lesser weight.


  • Flexible sneakers make use of mesh upper for added ventilation.
  • Robust leather provides strength and firmness to the shoe and keeps the midsole balanced.
  • Charged cushioning and EVA sock liner are inserted for responsiveness, energy return, protection, and cushioning.
  • The rubber outsole is durable, lightweight, and grippy.
  • Comfortable construction enables you to wear them all day long
  • A versatile look allows you to wear them on countless occasions
  • Greater on-court performer
  • Lightweight, durable, and comfortable
  • Reliable traction pattern
  • The front part of the upper starts to tear apart after a few uses
  • Insufficient arch support

Final Words:

The Under Armour Charged Assert 8 is one of the best budget basketball shoes. Professional players appreciate its cushioning setup and lighter construction that provides all-day comfort. 

You can take advantage of it for both formal and casual purposes. On the other hand, users have grumbled upon their blister-inducing fabrics of the upper and sturdiness.  

3- Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe – Best Basketball Shoes Under $100

These good cheap basketball shoes under $40 dollars boast a lighter built to boost your performance on the court. 

If we talk about its materials, its main bootie construction exhibits a two-tone mesh setup that is more responsive in the front part but more reliable in the rear area. 

The mesh setup is attached with some bits and pieces of synthetics. It doesn’t offer a tremendous in-hand feeling, and the built quality is also not too good. 

However, the textile upper and synthetic toe cap proficiently do their job and offer support and comfort to the feet.

Moving on to the cushioning, the budget-friendly sneakers are equipped with Bounce cushioning technology that increases the stability and flexibility of the midsole. 

The cushioned midsole will keep your foot comfortable all-day and all-game long. They flaunt a super grip rubber outsole with a traditional herringbone traction pattern. The traction provides a fantastic grip on any court surface. 

The pump takes 4 to 5 days to break-in entirely, and after that, you will see consistent performance outcomes on both indoor and outdoor courts. You will have to wipe it off regularly to maintain the grip of the outsole. 

The Adidas Harden stepback comes with a mid-top collar and ergonomic lacing system, so you can be sure of acquiring maximum support and comfort. 

It fits right to size, but regular footers are advised to go half a size down to attain a seamless fit. The support system of this pair of sneakers is compelling. All the features work together to make the shoe supportive and comfortable. 

Its upper region ensures that your feet stay in the right position while you are in action in the stadium. The external heel counter, traditional lacing system, and interior ankle pillows are present to lock down your feet. 

These best budget basketball shoes are obtainable in various gorgeous color options. James Harden’s logo is positioned on the boot’s tongue that helps you accomplish an MVP look.


  • They are designed to keep your feet comfortable, dry, and fresh from the time you first step into the stadium.
  • A mid-top collar and an ergonomic lacing system provide necessary support and comfort.
  • Supergrip rubber outsole holds all court surfaces tightly.
  • Bounce cushioning technology in the midsole keeps your foot comfortable throughout the day.
  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Incredible outdoor option
  • Durable and relatively grippy outsole
  • Comfortable and responsive bounce midsole
  • Materials are light and supportive
  • Takes 4 to 5 days to break-in fully
  • A little uncomfortable playing basketball
  • The firm midsole doesn’t provide impact protection

Final Words:

Overall, Adidas Harden Stepback is a killer option that performs exceptionally well on-court. Users are in love with its durable supergrip rubber outsole that holds all surfaces firmly. 

The bounce midsole is also very flexible and keeps your feet comfortable and fresh on and off the court. 

If you need a well-rounded jogger with a low-profile cushion set up for an outdoor court, then James Harden’s best basketball shoes under $50 are the right choice for you.

4- Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Basketball Shoe – Best Cheap Basketball Shoes

If you have a limited budget and don’t want to affect your on-court performance, there is no better option than Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Basketball Shoe. 

It is exclusively manufactured to help jump higher, break down the defense, and own the match. The kick features a lace-up closure. That’s going to offer you a locked-in and secure fit. The shoe needs the shortest period to break-in completely. 

These mid-top slippers are very comfortable, even with laces. They are made with a seamless blend of mesh and soft synthetic leather zones so that you will obtain durability, ventilation, and support. 

Its durable Adiwear outer sole flaunts a dual-zone traction pattern that will give you a feel that you cemented to the ground. The abrasion-resistant outsole will polish maneuverability when you make your path to the basket.

The high-wear regions of these best budget basketball shoes utilize synthetic leather that offers boosted durability. Furthermore, you will see an inner textile lining inserted to provide a soft and smooth feeling. 

A heel pull is present to make the foot entry into the shoe super easy. Adidas Ownthegame stays true to size, so we would recommend you to stick to your right size instead of going half a size up or down.

This pump comes with a fashionable and trendy look and is armed with three stripes and a debossed toe cap that significantly boosts its beauty. Cloudfoam cushioning technology in the shoe’s midsole provides optimum comfort and support to the athlete. 

The sneakers have an Ortholite sock liner that delivers extra comfort. It is a brilliant option for individuals suffering from a foot disorder as it has soft massage nubs that help the foot recover quickly.


  • The lace-up closure will give you a perfect locked-in fit. 
  • Cloudfoam cushioning provides heightened comfort and support during the game. 
  • Ortholite sock liner is inserted into it to deliver additional comfort. 
  • Mesh and synthetic leather zones offer you durability, ventilation, and support.
  • The upper is made of high-quality materials.
  • Super lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable and affordable
  • Poor design

Final Words:

Overall, these good cheap basketball shoes under $40 give a comforting feel to feet. They run narrow and tight around toes for wider footers, so that you should choose your correct size. 

It is made of excellent quality materials so that you can take advantage of this pair for the long-term. Its sophisticated appearance permits you to use it for both formal and casual wear.

5- Adidas Originals Men’s Vs. Hoops Mid 2.0 – Good Cheap Basketball Shoes Under $40 Dollars

These best basketball shoes under $75 are a superb choice for budget-conscious athletes searching for durable and dependable sneakers that will not put a burden on their pockets. 

Initially, its price will catch your attention, but its comfort and style are also splendid. They feature a streamlined appearance, so they are ideal for those who don’t like the clown feet look. 

This pair of basketball boots comes with a leather-look upper and breathable mesh collar, making it one of the most fashionable pumps available out there. They feature a mid-top figure and come in various about seven different tones of grey, white, and black. 

It is not only cost-effective but very comfortable and supportive too. The upper is made of leather that is not generally linked with comfort, but they are shockingly super comfortable. 

The best thing is that its mid-top cuff won’t injure and rub with the ankles negatively. A die-cut EVA sock liner cushioning is integrated into it that makes the shoe more comfortable. 

Users are in love with their neutral tonal hues. You can effortlessly pair them off with everything in your wardrobe. Professional runners can also take advantage of them.

Now, if we talk about their downsides, they are a bit cheap-looking. If you are fine with its cheap appearance, then you can buy this shoe. Its cushioning setup is thin, so it will not provide enough support and comfort to heavier and more prominent people. 

Additionally, its insole is permanently attached to the shoe, so you will have to put in a lot of effort to eliminate it. 

They run narrow and tight, so there is no extra room in the toe box. Therefore, we would suggest you go half a size up. These kicks are unsuitable for wide footers.


  • Mesh collar and leather upper are envisioned for breathability and comfort.
  • A textile lining delivers a soft and smooth sensation to the player.
  • A die-cut EVA sock liner cushioning makes it super comfortable.
  • They are made of high-quality materials that help them last longer.
  • Ventilated textile lining
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Inexpensive
  • Modern and streamlined appearance
  • Not suitable for wide footers
  • Thin cushioning
  • Cheap-looking boots

Final Words:

If you are on the outlook for good cheap basketball shoes under $40 with a regular fit, great traction, and incredible support, Adidas Originals Men’s Vs. Hoops Mid 2.0 is an admirable option. Reviewers said they run narrow and tight, so try them before buying them is beneficial for you. 

6- Under Armour Men’s HOVR Havoc 2 Basketball Shoe – Best Basketball Shoes. 

These best cheap basketball shoes are equipped with the HOVR cushioning technology responsible for maintaining energy return and delivering a “zero-gravity feel.” This foam cushion protects from hard impact when you make explosive movements on the court. 

The Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 uses a compression mesh energy web that forms and surrounds the HOVR foam for providing all-day energy. At the midfoot area, a TPU shank is placed that gives lateral stability. 

Additionally, a die-cut EVA sock liner is incorporated into them to provide extra cushioning and support. Its traction features a robust and thick rubber outsole with a notorious herringbone traction pattern. 

It will give you an enhanced grip and control on many court surfaces. This pair of boots takes a long time to break-in, but the traction grips the ground firmly once they break-in. 

If we talk about their closure system, they are armed with a half-bootie lining and webbed lacing system to provide a protected and locked-in fit. The half-bootie lining relies on traditional tongue construction to offer a tailored fit and make foot entry easy. 

It is available in multiple gorgeous color options and looks great with both formal and casual outfits. Moving on to their style, the durable and flexible upper delivers the support of a mid-top sneaker and low-top agility. 

The breathable upper has perforations for additional style. To help you recognize the pair belongs to Under Armour, the brand has printed their logos on the compression mesh energy web’s back and tongue. 

The best budget basketball shoes flaunt a molded textile upper designed for increased comfort and air circulation. The ultra-lightweight upper hugs the foot and provides form-fitting support. 

You will also see a mesh tongue that is deliberated for providing enhanced breathability to keep the foot cool and comfortable throughout the day.


  • It features HOVR cushioning technology that provides impact protection, energy return, and zero-gravity feel.
  • A midfoot TPU shank is intended to provide lateral stability.
  • A die-cut EVA sock liner delivers additional cushion and support during the match.
  • Thick and durable rubber outsole with herringbone traction offers enhanced grip and control on all court surfaces.
  • HOVR technology offers responsiveness, impact protection, and court feel.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Form-fitting materials are super soft.
  • Reliable traction performs exceptionally on all courts.
  • The outer sole is quite durable.
  • Fits flawlessly
  • Feel light and minimal on the feet
  • You might slip while making hard stops.
  • Materials are not much breathable.
  • The Cushioning setup is firm.

Final Words:

Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 is one of the best basketball shoes under $75 that performs well on the court. Users have issues with their inconsistent traction, but they love everything about these slippers. 

The molded and perforated textile upper hugs the foot to keep it protected and controlled. The cushioning is ultra-responsive and provides a well-balanced and lightweight ride. Inclusively, this kick is an excellent option for centers, guards, and everyone else.   

7- PEAK High Top Men’s Basketball Shoes Streetball Master

As the name suggests, these cheap team basketball shoes are designed explicitly for the streets. The outsole of these joggers is thick and reliable and has a deep traction pattern that is highly suitable for outdoor courts. 

For the shoe’s base, a hexagon shape has been utilized, and the outsole is flat across the forefoot and heel area. Its medial side is rounded around the middle that allows you to push off naturally while making cuts. 

On the other hand, the lateral side features an outrigger that goes back to the midfoot’s full length. They make use of one of the best outsoles available in the industry as it shows minimal signs of wear. 

However, on a dusty court, you will have to clean the dirt frequently. It has a bit of tack to it, so it draws grime and dirt easily, but you can quickly clean it using a cloth.

Moving on to their cushioning setup, they are equipped with EVA cushioning, which is given the name of the “energy storage system.” An Ortholite insole offers a step-in feel and is super-soft. 

It breaks down very quickly and leaves you with the midsole only. They are highly responsive to every motion, so it is guaranteed that you will enjoy the game to the fullest while wearing them. 

These good-looking and affordable sneakers come with a woven textile upper that feels very nice on the feet. The upper material is durable, flexible, and ventilated too. 

You will find the fuse overlays on the high-wear regions that are intended to provide extra security. The padded internal walls and ankle collar help you to achieve a comfortable fit. 

Best of all, it stays true to size and provides a bit of toe space as well. If you have standard feet, we would advise you to go half a size down or wear double socks. 

Wide footers won’t face any issues with their fitting because of the woven textile upper stretches over time. The best budget basketball shoes rely on a standard lace-up system and tongue with a loop.


  • Durable outsole with herringbone traction pattern is exclusively set up for outdoor courts.
  • EVA cushioning technology in the midsole provides impact protection and explosive energy return.
  • Woven textile upper offers durability, flexibility, and ventilation.
  • Fuse overlays on high-wear areas offer extra protection.
  • Traction performs impeccably on outdoor courts
  • Materials feel nice on feet
  • Very comfortable and responsive
  • Nice step-in comfort
  • Tremendously affordable
  • Outriggers on lateral sides prevent ankle rolls
  • The stiff midsole doesn’t provide impact protection
  • Outsole draws too much dirt

Final Words:

Peak Streetball Master is one of the best basketball shoes under $75 to boost your game. They smashed the myth that the rubber outsole can’t perform well on the rough and uneven courts efficiently or wear out quickly. 

This kick is undoubtedly a fantastic option for beginner basketball players or those with a tight budget.

8- Under Armour Men’s HOVR Havoc 2 Basketball Shoe 

The Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 Basketball Shoe features a molded textile upper that delivers enhanced comfort and breathability. It is exceptionally soft, lightweight, and form-fitting. 

On the other hand, it is contained in high-pressure zones. The mesh tongue is placed for boosted air circulation. In the toe box, it swiftly becomes puffy mesh for additional breathability. 

To safeguard the boot from toe-drags and other hazards, a circular rubber overlay has been inserted. 

Talking about its cushioning, it utilizes a full-length HOVR cushioning setup that offers a substantial amount of impact protection in the heel area and responsiveness. 

However, they don’t provide a court feel but allow you to enjoy a well-balanced ride. These pocket-friendly shoes are equipped with a rubber outsole that uses a herringbone traction pattern. 

It can endure all of that outdoor beating without putting a negative influence on your performance. The traction demands some time to break-in because it flaunts a thicker pattern. 

Once the outsole breaks-in, the traction will offer a solid grip. It will keep you covered from a linear standing position. On the other hand, the spiral styled portion will help you with lateral coverage. 

The best basketball shoes under $50 are manufactured of lightweight and form-fitting materials, and their sizing is also straightforward and stays right to size. However, we would still suggest you try them in-store. 

Hovr Havoc 2 doesn’t provide adequate support. Their midsole does overlay the upper portion a little bit. In this way, you end up sitting on it that shields you when you make lateral moves. 

A propulsion plate is integrated into it for torsional rigidity. A broad base provides stability and smoothness. They have kept the support system minimal to decrease the overall shoe weight.


  • Molded textile upper and mesh tongue provides increased comfort and ventilation.
  • A webbed lacing system delivers a locked-in personalized fitting.
  • Half-bootie lining and traditional tongue construction are deliberated for secure fit and easy foot entry.
  • Die-cut EVA sock liner offers support and comfortable cushioning.
  • Thick and resilient rubber outsole with herringbone tread pattern delivers enhanced floor control and grip.
  • Offers customized and locked-in fit
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable and supportive
  • Traction performs well on all court surfaces
  • Provides enough impact protection
  • Runs small for wide footers
  • Looks cheap

Final Words:

These best budget basketball shoes are packed with numerous outstanding features, and all of them perform their job flawlessly. 

They are made of a more rigid rubber that is highly suitable for outdoor sessions. If you don’t want to play outdoors, you can move on to another option.

9- Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe – Best Basketball Shoes

These basketball pumps feature a Supergrip rubber outsole with a herringbone traction pattern in the forefoot and a vol. 4 tread pattern in the heel region. 

This front region is designed to help you enjoy the game on-court, and the rear section is designed to allow you to enjoy the party in the club. It attracts some dust in the tight grooves easily, but you won’t experience any heel area issues. 

On the other hand, you will have to clean the forefoot frequently to maintain consistency while playing. If you like to play in outdoor stadiums, this pair of joggers is an ideal choice. 

When it comes to their cushioning setup, these affordable sneakers flaunt full-length Bounce midsole, but it doesn’t offer a bouncy feel as it is too thin and low to the ground. 

This firmer and minimal arrangement can be suitable for a few people because you will obtain tons of court feel. They don’t offer impact protection and energy return to make your feet feel comfortable inside the kick.

Speaking of their materials, these good cheap basketball shoes under $40 dollars have a textile upper for enhanced ventilation. 

The synthetic toe cap is also incorporated at the forefoot for additional protection and abrasion-resistance. Materials are durable but not well-placed and sewn down that can cause uneasiness around the midfoot. 

The ergonomic lacing system leaves some fragments of laces visible against the forefoot, so you will have to adjust them sometime, and they won’t offer you a comfortable fit. 

Most of the toe region is concealed by thin-vinyl, which is not too stiff or creased but a little foamy. Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback is narrow through the midfoot, but it runs wide in the toe box. Therefore, it is better to try them first before purchasing. 


  • Supergrip rubber outsole with herringbone tread is designed to provide floor control and grip.
  • Full-length Bounce cushioning technology in the flexible and lighter midsole keeps your feet comfortable all day long.
  • The ergonomic lacing system offers a locked-in and snug fit.
  • Textile upper and synthetic toe cap are integrated for breathability and added protection, respectively.
  • The shoe has a stylish appearance
  • Supergrip rubber outsole is grippy and durable
  • Bounce cushion is responsive and comfortable
  • Materials feel lighter and are very supportive
  • A little bit uncomfortable
  • Doesn’t provide impact protection
  • Firmer bounce midsole

Final Words:

Harden Stepback has proved that affordable sneakers can be a great on-court performer. If you are fine with a minimal cushion or have a tight budget, this pair is the right option. 

Traction could have been better, but still, it performs well on both indoor and outdoor courts. These best cheap basketball shoes will satisfy your desire to wear the latest and stylish sneakers.  

10- Nike Precision Iii Basketball Shoe – Best Basketball Shoes Under $75

Are you looking for a lightweight and best budget basketball shoes? Then, Precision 3 from the Nike collection is well-designed and more than armed with all the vital traits you would expect from a high-quality hooping pump. 

They feature a mid-top figure with a sturdy foam midsole that has two levels of comfortable cushioning. The cushioning setup is responsible for producing a softer and smoother ride for athletes. 

This pair of joggers come with a heavy-duty and durable rubber outsole with a multidirectional tread pattern. The traction provides incredible control and grip when you make quick cuts or move from one side to another. 

It is equipped with dual-pivot points that boost your quickness and also assist your movements. When it comes to its materials, the shoe is made of high-performance mesh and fabric materials. This perfect blend provides ventilated support throughout the game. 

The textile lining is installed in them that gives extra comfort. Furthermore, the third iteration of the Nike Precision comes with a midfoot shank placed for torsional stiffness. 

You will also notice Nike and Swoosh logos on the tongue, heel, and both sides of the boots. The stylish mid-top design flaunts a rounded toe that gives the sneaker a simple yet fashionable appearance. 

These good cheap basketball shoes under $40 dollars stay true to size, but they run a little bit narrow and tight for wide footers. That’s why; if you have wide feet, don’t buy them without trying them first. 

They are equipped with a padded collar that is liable for providing comfort and control for lockdown purposes. Besides, it features a quarter panel that is perfectly engineered. Extra eyelets spread out to the sneaker’s collar.


  • Mid-top joggers come with a durable foam midsole that features two cushioning levels for providing a responsive and smooth ride.
  • The heavy-duty rubber outsole has a multidirectional traction pattern that grips the court surfaces tightly.
  • Dual pivot points will enhance your suppleness and assist your moves.
  • High-performance fabric and mesh materials provide breathable support.
  • Don’t need break-in time
  • Traction has a hard bit
  • The rubber outsole is resilient and perfect for outdoor usage
  • Stylish shoes can be paired with formal and casual outfits
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • Cushioning is highly responsive, feels nice, and offers a bouncy ride
  • Available in fantastic color options
  • Runs narrow and tight
  • Upper is not strong and supportive
  • Materials are cheap

Final Words:

If support, comfort, and cushion are your top priorities, Nike Precision 3 is a superb choice. They hold your feet nicely and snugly and secure them inside the shoe with a standard lacing system. 

Overall, it is a simple yet fashionable looking mid-top sneaker that elevates your performance on both indoor and outdoor courts.

best budget basketball shoes

How To Buy Best Budget Basketball Shoes?

(Buying Guide)

Look for cheap team basketball shoes that offer the proper protection you need according to your game style. Many players opt for high-top sneakers because they provide more ankle support than mid-top and low-top models. 

Also, pick a shoe with thicker cushioning, a sturdy upper, and powerful traction which meets your requirements.

Type Of Boot

You know that different sports require diverse kinds of sneakers. If you are a newbie in basketball sport, first of all, do some training. 

Never buy a costly sneaker because it will destroy your game. Choose running kicks that provide adequate ankle support and greater cushioning. 

Set Your Budget

Athletic joggers are available in different price ranges from about $40 to $400. You would not want to try the shoe and fall in love with its perfect fit and aesthetics and then get stuck at the cash counter with an unanticipated credit card bill. 

Therefore, set a specific budget before shopping online or in the local market. If you can afford to spend only $50, don’t try on the best cheap basketball shoes that cost more than that. Also, keep in mind that you will acquire what you will pay for. 

If you are spending $20, you can’t expect to obtain greater quality materials and high performance. On the other hand, an expensive shoe will provide you all the support features you need.

Don’t Shop Based On Brand

If you only buy the best basketball shoes under $50 from a specific brand and never tried any other athletic brand, then you won’t be able to get the right sneaker for your foot, fit, or game style. 

You must try on various other companies. It will be surprising for you to learn that they design shoes that are comfortable, supportive, and lightweight, and fit you flawlessly.

Based On Your Activity

Brands prepare slippers to accommodate each sport’s activities so that players can perform better and lower the risk of injury. 

For example, basketball boots are only manufactured for playing basketball, and they have a flat sole that is ideal for holding the ground and making swift moves. 

They also provide heightened support around the ankles to prevent ankle strains. Basketball players should not buy running or trail shoes because they are designed differently. 

Therefore, initially, decide which activity you want to perform and then select an athletic shoe accordingly. If you are a gym freak, choose a cross-trainer to use for several activities.

Go Shopping Later In The Day

As the day passes, your feet tend to swell. If you buy shoes later in the day, your feet will be at their largest. Therefore, it’s better to shop then. You should pick a kick that is large than the small one.

Wear Your Socks

While trying on the best basketball shoes for under $40, make sure to wear your socks that you will be wearing while playing basketball on the court. 

If you wear sample socks, you don’t know how they will fit you because they can be bulky, oversized, or thin. If they are not like the ones you want to wear while playing basketball, they will negatively impact the sneaker size you buy. 

You won’t be able to notice issues. If you wear low-cut socks but trying on high-cut socks, you won’t be able to notice if the shoe is rubbing your ankle’s back and making it sore.

Get Fitted

Before buying the best basketball shoes under $75, make sure to try them in-store. Feet grow and transform over time. 

Different factors, such as weight gain or loss, pregnancy, or injury, greatly influence foot size. So, ask the shopkeeper to size you before you begin trying on slippers. 

They should ask to analyze your arch type and then recommend a shoe according to your foot’s natural movement. Getting information about your shoe size and arch pattern can help you pick the right pair.

Try-On Lots Of Slippers

Make sure to try on as many shoes as you can that fit your budget, size, and game style. When you compare different models, you will be able to pick the most comfortable and supportive one. 

You will also learn that expensive ones are uncomfortable while the cheaper ones are very comfortable and have a good fit.

Check The Return Policy

Before leaving the store with your new cheap team basketball shoes, don’t forget to ask about their return policy. 

Some stores allow their customers to return them within 30 days if you have worn them a few times. But, some stores don’t provide this opportunity. 

If they don’t offer any return policy, note the shoe’s number and move to another shop. It would be devastating and infuriating to find that your new sneakers are uncomfortable and unsupportive and don’t have a return option.

Leave Yourself With Some Extra Space

It can be too painful and uncomfortable to play basketball in extremely tight, cheap basketball shoes under $40. That’s why, while buying them, make sure there is a thumb’s width of space at the toe box’s end. 

This space will facilitate the spreading that happens when you land during the game and deal with any swelling.


The shoe’s durability and quality are highly reliant on the boot’s materials. Different materials are utilized for manufacturing shoes, such as fiber, synthetic, leather, mesh, etc. 

It’s your personal choice which materials you want to pick. Shoes made of leather and synthetic materials are long-lasting and sturdy so that they will support you a lot on rough surfaces.


You will be spending a lot of money buying basketball pumps, so you would not want them to be damage early. Poor quality sneakers will break after a few uses. 

So, you should read other users’ reviews before buying a pair of boots. Customers’ feedback is a fantastic way to collect information about the shoe. It will help you to make an informed decision and save both your time and money.

best budget basketball shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do Good Cheap Basketball Shoes Under $40 Dollars Affect Performance?

Yes, they have a significant effect on a player’s performance. Great-quality yet inexpensive sneakers can dramatically elevate your performance because they enable you to jump higher and move swiftly. They improve your pace, flexibility, and steadiness.

Q. Can I Use Cheap Team Basketball Shoes For Day-To-Day Activities?

Some basketball sneakers are designed for both game and daily activities. You can also use them as work boots because they have an extra cushion that keeps your feet comfortable all day long. Some are not ideal for daily activities such as running, so you should not wear them.  

Q. How Can I Find Great Deals For The Best Cheap Basketball Shoes?

Online and local stores offer a discount of up to 20% to 50% on basketball sneakers from time to time to clean the old stock and make room for new shoes. 

Sometimes, you get super-affordable pumps or discounted slippers with a clearance sale. You can also obtain older great performing kicks at reasonable prices because their successor is already available in the market.


If you are looking for the best basketball shoes, get to know about three things about each pair: materials, performance, and of course, price. 

We invested a lot of time and effort in producing a list of the best budget basketball shoes that are comfortable, durable, breathable, and don’t break your bank. They are designed to improve your technique in the stadium significantly. 

These sneakers are equipped with a supportive midsole, robust outsole with insane traction, comfy insole, and breathable upper. You will also obtain plenty of ankle support to prevent the hazard of injury if you play aggressively.  

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