Best Women's Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

10 Best Womens Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Are you on the outlook for the best women’s basketball shoes for ankle support that look and feel great on the feet? If so, you have landed at the right place.  

Basketball is a popular and universal sport that females enjoy playing just like males. However, they need stable, well-cushioned, breathable, supportive, and non-slip sneakers to rock on the court and thrive in the game. 

This game is all about impeccable passes, high-flying dunks, accurate shots, swift moves, and fiery performance.  

If you are a professional basketball player, there are greater odds of experiencing that hair-raising twinkling after coming down from a higher jump when you are unsure what will happen to your ankle. 

You have landed incorrectly or slipped; something gave way. Is your ankle sprained, twisted, or broken? There are very few privileged athletes who have never experienced an ankle twist, sprain, or breakage. 

Whether you slip while changing direction or land on someone else’s feet after a jump, it is inevitable to materialize at some point in time. 

Luckily, you can lower the hazard of injuring your ankles by acquiring a pair of the best basketball shoes for teenage girls that deliver adequate ankle support. 

They are exclusively designed to enhance your feet’ stability and accommodate quick bursts of speed, abrupt stops, sudden directional changes, and jumps.

Finding the right women’s outdoor basketball shoes for ankle support with vital attributes won’t be easy, considering there are near-countless pairs of sneakers to choose from nowadays. The majority of today’s basketball pumps tend to concentrate on aesthetics than materials. 

best womens basketball shoes for ankle support

Suppose you have ever suffered from an ankle injury or played for extended hours in uncomfortable and unsupportive boots. In that case, a great quality shoe can make a massive difference when performing on the court. 

Therefore, we decided to craft a list of the top ten best women’s basketball shoes for ankle support so that you can pick the right kick, depending on your preferences.

Top Best Women’s Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

1- Nike Women’s Court Vision Low Sneaker – Best Basketball Shoes Women

Nike Court Vision is one of the best women’s outdoor basketball shoes that feature a retro design. You will see clean lines, a traditional lacing system, and noticeable branding on this kick. 

Its midsole and outsole are fused by autoclave construction, so your feet will stay in lightweight comfort. First of all, if we discuss their fit and size, these low-top sneakers are designed to empower the ankles to move independently. 

In the toe region, the boot’s perforated upper is made of leather and synthetic materials. The ultimate purpose of using this stuff is to make the shoe breathable and comfortable. 

The traditional lacing system is inserted to provide a protected and locked-in fit. Besides, the tongue and ankle collar are well-cushioned for enhanced support. A mesh lining and EVA footbed are installed to provide all-day comfort. 

The upper of these women’s basketball shoes exhibit a classic appearance from the mid-80s. It emanates versatility and trendy flair that completes numerous OOTDs. This fashionable kick can meet today’s fashion needs and the culture of the present’s game. 

It boasts a rock-solid rubber outsole with herringbone tread that provides long-lasting and reliable traction. The traction performs impressively well in indoor and outdoor stadiums. 

It complements a wide variety of outfits; you can conveniently pair it off with shorts, joggers, denim jeans, track pants, miniskirts, minidresses, and much more. A woven logo is sewn on the tongue, and the Swoosh logo is placed on the shoe’s side for promotional purposes. 

When you wear it for the first time, it feels slightly stiff and hits your ankles’ front area unusually. However, it will offer you a comforting and soothing sensation after a few uses. 


  • Synthetic and leather upper provides durability, a retro look, and breathability. 
  • The midsole and outsole are merged by autoclave construction. 
  • A traditional lacing system is inserted to provide a locked-in fit. 
  • Resilient rubber outsole with herringbone traction offers an admirable grip. 
  • Flaunt a beautiful design
  • Provide a lot of comfort to feet
  • Can match a variety of casual and formal outfits
  • Fit true to size
  • Deliver extraordinary value for money
  • Fit tight width-wise
  • Creases easily

Final Words:

These best basketball shoes for teenage girls showcase a stylish low-cut silhouette that looks like a slimmed-down version of Nike Air Force models. Their fashionable style and versatility complement a wide variety of formal and casual outfits for numerous occasions.

2- Nike Women’s Basketball Shoe – Women’s Outdoor Basketball Shoes

These best women’s basketball shoes for ankle support features Air technology in the midsole. This technology gives boosted cushioning to the shoe without adding excessive weight to its substantial setting. 

The airbag enhances performance and offers a comfortable feel. The air unit is large and thin and is enclosed thoroughly by the rubber. As a result, the sole is quite stiff and bulky so that you can get painful feet at the end of the day. 

This kick is designed for all occasions, from the streets to formal and hardwood courts. You can pair off this versatile sneaker with jeans and shorts or anything available in your wardrobe. 

This trendy yet straightforward boot looks exceptional with a chain necklace. Also, they will look outstanding at weddings and parties too.

When it comes to their materials, they feature a leather upper and similar paneling to other Nike models from the 80s. Numerous bits of leather are stitched together with a perforated toe box for air circulation. 

You will see a large Swoosh logo connected to the rear section on each slipper’s side. Also, a Nike air tag is situated on the tongue. The bold swoosh logos on the sides allow this relatively plain sneaker to stand out. It seems chunky but is tremendously durable and long-lasting. 

On the other hand, the resilient rubber outsole functions exceptionally well with the shoe’s overall shape. On the heel area, Air branding in large letters has been done that adds a tad bit of character to the plain midsole.


  • Equipped with Air technology for enhanced cushion, improved performance, and comfort
  • Leather upper provides strength and durability to the shoe.
  • The rubber outsole works well on all court surfaces.
  • Work effortlessly on the hardwood court
  • Can be worn all day long
  • Allow the ankles to move freely
  • Platform sole for added height
  • Can be worn with all outfits
  • Versatile sneaker
  • Looks bulky
  • Available in one color only

Final Words:

The best women’s basketball shoes have impeccably stood the test of time. It is one of the best flagship classics of Nike. 

Its popularity is rising higher day by day as fans still love its stylish design, comfortable feel, cost-effective price, durability, and enough ankle support. 

It draws attention as it stays true to its roots and pays tribute to brave women working hard to bring change in the world.

3- Alexander McQueen by PUMA Black Label Women’s Cali 

Are you searching for a genuine show stopper? Then, go for Alexander McQueen by PUMA that has been reimagined to produce Cali. This training jogger features a rubber outsole while the upper remains true to the original. 

It flaunts a stunning design for inspiring on-court appearance. You can wear them with formal and casual clothes, and they will look gorgeous. It also incorporates numerous essential features that rank among the superior quality and top-notch performance women’s outdoor basketball shoes. 

The Modern Cali silhouette offers incredible support and safeguards the heels, ankles, and feet from injury. Its full leather upper integrates perforated vamp for increased breathability, support, and foot comfort. It is guaranteed that your feet will stay sweat-free all game long.

Additionally, three-piece rubber tooling is used at the outsole and midsole. According to users, this shoe runs narrow and tight, so if you have wide feet, don’t buy them without trying in-store or order half a size up for perfect fit. 

Speaking of the traction, it has a stable bite and works flawlessly on indoor and outdoor surfaces. You won’t experience any falls and slips while wearing these cheap slippers. 


  • The rubber outsole with a unique traction pattern has a hard bite. 
  • Full-length leather upper with perforated vamp provides breathability and support. 
  • Stylish design allows you to wear it with all outfits in your closet. 
  • Outsole and midsole feature three-piece rubber tooling.
  • Nice-looking shoe
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Sufficient ankle support
  • Fits perfectly
  • Affordable
  • Not recommended for wide footers

Final Words:

The low-top sneakers provide excellent flexibility and ankle support to women. The leather upper is designed for breathable support and a comfortable fit, so your foot will stay cool during an intense match. 

If you have a tight budget or standard feet, you should try Alexander Mcqueen by Puma black label. It can be a go-to pump when it comes to comfort, support, lockdown, and sturdiness. These inexpensive slippers can be a fantastic addition to a rotation of boots. 

4- Under Armour Women’s Jet 2019 Basketball Shoe – Women’s Basketball Shoes

Under Armour is a famous brand that is distinguished for manufacturing affordable women’s basketball shoes. This particular jogger features a textile and leather upper that is flawlessly molded and perforated for boosted support and airflow. 

Talking about their style, they have a sleek mid-top figure and tall upper that delivers optimum ankle support. It will become more comfortable for you to put it on and off with the help of padded tongue and heel loops. 

An internal midfoot shank safeguards the foot from rolling over. Besides, you will obtain adequate support from the internal heel counter. A full TPU overlay is abrasion-resistant, so it offers strength to the shoe and helps it maintain its original figure. 

Under Armour Jet 2019 best women’s basketball shoes for ankle support comes with a heavy-duty outsole made of rubber compound for maximum grip. The tread pattern prevents falls and slips when you make lateral moves on-court. 

Reviewers are quite happy with their perfect fit. The sneaker’s internal bootie structure provides a secure and comfy fit. Lace-up closure is also present to offer a locked-in fit. 

Speaking of its cushion, compression-molded EVA foam is positioned in the midsole to deliver a lightweight, responsive, and smooth ride. On the inner side, a die-cut EVA sock liner is installed to provide added cushion and support.


  • Compression-molded EVA foam in the midsole provides a lighter and responsive ride.
  • A die-cut EVA sock liner for enhanced cushion and support
  • Heavy-duty rubber outsole with distinct traction for increased grip
  • Tall upper is fabricated of leather and textile stuff.
  • Abrasion-resistant TPU overlay adds durability to the shoe.
  • Traction works well on all surfaces.
  • Lightweight and responsive
  • Resilient and comfortable
  • Eye-catching design
  • Cost-effective
  • Enough ankle support
  • Lack of impact protection

Final Words:

If you want to feel fast and jump higher on the court, then the Under Armour Jet 2019 is your sneaker. It delivers plenty of court feel but does not provide impact resistance. The cushioning setup is unsuitable for bigger hoopers, so we don’t recommend it for them. 

It will keep your feet comfortable because breathable materials are used for making it. It looks outstanding with workout outfits and basketball jerseys.

5- Adidas Women’s Hoops 2.0 Sneaker – Best Basketball Shoes For Teenage Girl

The women’s Adidas basketball shoes are deliberated with a basketball jogger DNA. They feature minimalist aesthetics and attributes that provide comfort and support. 

Whether you want to take advantage of it for the daytime full of activities or want to spend quality time with peers in the evening in the café, this low-top shoe has your back. You can match it with a shirt combo, shorts, or jeans for a modish look. 

If we talk about its fit, this model permits the ankles to move independently. It also gives a secure and comfortable fit with the lace-up closure and well-cushioned mesh ankle collar. 

A central loop tab is placed on the tongue that keeps it in the right place and prevents it from sliding to the sides. Support and grip are compelling. The basketball-inspired shoes flaunt traits that describe the story of Adidas’ heritage in the industry. 

Although it is not a technically advanced shoe, monochrome three stripes on the sides, conspicuous “Adidas” text on the tongue and heel counter gives it an awe-inspiring look. 

Its upper region is made of synthetic leather material for breathable support. On the toe area, it exhibits perforated details for boosted breathability.

Additionally, you will see a rubber outsole with traction that grips the floor tightly. They boast a die-cut EVA sock liner to offer maximum comfort and cushion. A textile lining is also intended for convenience.


  • Made of synthetic leather stuff for breathability and support
  • A die-cut Eva sock liner is inserted for comfort and cushion.
  • A robust rubber outsole provides a better grip.
  • Textile lining is envisioned for comfort.
  • Lace-up closure and well-cushioned mesh ankle collar deliver a secure and snug fit.
  • Simple style
  • Provide comfort
  • Looks good with everything
  • High-quality low-top sneakers
  • Budget-friendly
  • Vibrant white color
  • Great fit on the foot
  • Creases easily

Final Words:

Are you on the outlook for a high-performance and fashionable kick that can level up your casual looks? If so, then Adidas Hoops 2.0 best women’s basketball shoes for ankle support, are the ideal choice. 

These lifestyle pumps have a minimal and modern design, so you can easily pair them off with everything available in your cupboard. 

The low-cut figure, lace-up closure, monochrome three stripes, and leather synthetic upper collectively make it a dependable shoe that offers adequate ankle support, comfort, and style.

6- Under Armour Women’s HOVR Havoc 2 Basketball Shoe 

These women’s outdoor basketball shoes are crafted to abolish harmful impact as you run, jump, or land on the uneven and hard court surfaces. They feature a mid-top figure and use HOVR technology to deliver ultimate comfort and support. 

The cushioning setup runs full-length so that you will get a plush and springy feel underfoot. The structure is more concentrated on court-feel and stability more than anything else. 

Moving on to their materials, Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2 flaunts a micro molded mesh upper. However, on the toe area, it employs a rubbery material to provide protection. 

A good thing about mesh stuff is that it wraps and molds itself around the foot to offer a near-perfect snug fit. Besides, it is supportive and flexible and doesn’t need much time to break-in. This pair of slippers stay true to size, but wide footers are advised to try them in-store. 

Length and width-wise, they fit snugly and feel a little too tight. Lockdown is admirable because the build and lacing system perform their job efficiently. Top laces might dig into your legs because the tongue is short.

Lastly, the second iteration of Under Armour HOVR Havoc utilizes a heavy-duty rubber outsole with herringbone tread for increased grip and control on all court surfaces. The traction requires a little time to break-in because the rubber compound is too thick. 

You will acquire an impressive grasp once the traction will break-in. The herringbone segments will keep you protected from a linear standpoint. On the other hand, the spiral-styled section will provide lateral coverage for outdoor usage.


  • Durable rubber outsole and herringbone traction provide control and grip.
  • Compression mesh energy web wraps and molds HOVR foam.
  • Die-cut EVA sock liner is incorporated for heightened cushioning and support.   
  • Webbed lacing system for personalized fit and easy foot entrance
  • The perfect mixture of court feel, responsiveness, and impact resistance
  • Solid traction pattern
  • Offer a flawless fit
  • Outstandingly contain the foot
  • Feel light and minimal on the foot
  • Outsole is resilient
  • Soft and form-fitting materials
  • Not breathable
  • Firm cushion

Final Words:

The HOVR Havoc 2 is one of the best basketball shoes for teenage girls with reliable traction. It is another brilliant offering from Under Armour. 

The cushion is not remarkable, but still, it is stable and allows you to feel faster. Materials, fit, and ankle support are striking. 

7- WILTENA Unisex Lifestyle Women’s Anti Slip Basketball Shoes

As the name explains, these best women’s basketball shoes for ankle support are designed for both men and women. They come with a tremendously classy and trendy design. It is created to allow you to cover your foot in adaptive support. 

You will enjoy your game to the fullest while wearing these super-comfortable and breathable kicks. Best of all, they are wearable and non-slip, so there are minimal odds of falls or slippages on the court. 

The brand has prepared them using exceptional cushion technology, so you can be sure of getting underfoot comfort and support. Stellar quality leather and synthetic substance have been used for fabricating the upper. 

You will also see tiny venting holes that are anticipated for boosted airflow. Besides, Wiltena lifestyle women’s anti-slip shoes are durable and sturdy but deliver a soothing and comforting sensation at the same time. 

A beautiful thing about them is that you can use them for different purposes such as running, playing basketball, traveling, dancing, exercising, and much more without any hesitation. If you love to walk or run for extended periods, then you can invest in them. 

They are also an incredible option for folks who enjoy secure games indoors. Besides, its resilient materials can support your weight effortlessly. 

An EVA midsole is inserted into this sneaker that is liable for offering enough cushion. A smooth and comfortable textile lining also exists that empowers your feet to breathe wholly and stay sweat-free and fresh. 

Moving on to their traction, they are equipped with a rubber outsole that flaunts elastic concave-convex grain design. This pattern aids the sneaker in gripping the surface tightly. Rubber compound features anti-slip, wear-resistant, impact resistance, and shock absorption properties.


  • High-quality leather and synthetic materials are used for producing the upper for support and breathability.
  • Wear-resistant, anti-slip, and shock-absorbent rubber outsole grasps the court surfaces firmly.
  • Small venting holes on the upper are intended for air circulation, and the EVA midsole provides a ton of cushion.
  • Incredible traction
  • Meant for both men and women
  • Available in four different color options
  • Fine-looking design
  • Pocket-friendly joggers
  • Low-quality upper materials
  • Not much supportive

Final Words:

If you need beautiful, supportive, and comfortable best basketball shoes for women who don’t put a burden on your pocket, we would recommend investing in WILTENA lifestyle shoes. 

Its elegant and sophisticated design is carefully chosen for females and teenage girls. The upper is fabricated of leather and synthetic substances to obtain support, comfort, and perfect fit.

8- Men’s Women’s High Top Sports Shoes Casual Basketball Shoes – Women’s Adidas Basketball Shoes

These women’s outdoor basketball shoes have a stunning design that draws everyone’s attention, so be prepared to receive tons of compliments. With this shoe on your foot, you acquire a high-cut outline with the black laces that offer a customized snug fit. 

It is a go-to anywhere casual sneaker, and you can wear it on and off the basketball court without overthinking. You can match it with shorts, jeans, pants, and miniskirts. The best thing is that you can pick your desired color between black and white colors. 

Air mesh upper makes this shoe breathable and comfortable. It won’t feel heavy and won’t weigh down on your feet. As a consequence, you can make swift moves from one direction to another conveniently. 

If you serve as a guard player, it is a fantastic choice as it allows you to be agile on the court. It will also keep your feet dry because the breathability is excellent, thanks to the lightweight and ventilated mesh material. 

Sweat does not buildup so that you can wear them for prolonged hours. They are designed to be used for four seasons and are suitable for outdoor, party, leisure, sport, and everyday activities. 

One thing users appreciate about these wear-resistant boots is their rubber outsole with superb traction that stays reliable even when you are playing on muddy, uneven, and rougher surfaces. 

They fit right to size so that you can order your actual size, and they feel comfortable right out of the box. Besides, these best women’s basketball shoes for ankle support don’t require much time for breaking in. 

EVA is integrated with the midsole for providing all-day comfort, responsive and smooth ride, tons of cushion, and support.


  • Designed for multi-purpose usage from the basketball court to streetwear
  • Available in black and white color options
  • Feature high-top silhouette that provides enough ankle support
  • EVA foam in the midsole offers comfort, support, responsive ride, and tons of cushion. 
  • Rubber outsole with traction stays dependable on all courts. 
  • Reliable traction pattern
  • Comfortable right out of the box
  • Lightweight and responsive
  • Sufficient cushion
  • Available at a low price
  • Look awesome
  • Poor quality
  • Not much grippy

Final Words:

Compared to Nike Lebron women’s basketball shoes, the SWEET NICE high top casual shoes are an excellent choice for women. It features a fantastic design that will surely attract numerous compliments on the court. 

Reviewers are unhappy with their low quality, but overall, they won’t disappoint you regarding comfort, support, and performance. 

9- PUMA Women’s Sky II HI SF Texture WN’s Basketball Shoe 

If you are a young lady on the outlook for a high-performance, functional, and gorgeous-looking sneaker, then PUMA Women’s Sky II HI SF is equipped with all the vital attributes to become your favorite sneaker. 

They are exclusively prepared to provide support to strong women on the courts and streets. It will protect your feet with the help of flat laces. A great thing about the laces is that they go up the ankle with two hook and loop straps shielding the ankles from injury and providing feet lockdown. 

The Velcro hook and loop straps provide a seamless fit. They are supremely comfortable to wear as they are made of breathable, durable, and long-lasting leather. In the first peek, this budget-friendly kick looks striking with its high-top figure. 

Rubber material has been utilized for making the outsole that adds strength and resilience to the sneaker. The iconic Sky II HI SF was first introduced in 1980, and it is a classical pair of PUMA. 

The uniqueness of them is that they begin from the high-top ankle collar. An oversized padded tongue is placed to give a comfortable feel to the wearer.

Furthermore, the footbed is also well-cushioned so that you will get enhanced comfort. You can wear them with pants and skinny jeans to rock the streets. However, they will look extraordinary with basketball uniforms and workout outfits. 

It is confirmed that these stylish kicks will breathe a new life into your wardrobe with their conventional design. You can take advantage of them on days when you only want to wander in malls or enjoy coffee in a café with friends. 

They can also become your club buddy at night. Its neutral color makes it a superb choice for day and night time usage.   


  • Two hook and loop straps are present to shield ankles from injury and to provide feet lockdown. 
  • Upper is composed of breathable, durable, and long-lasting leather.
  • Look stunning with its high-top figure.
  • A padded footbed provides a comfortable feel to athletes.
  • Rubber outsole offers an optimum grip on all courts.
  • Can be paired off with everything
  • Recommended for travelers
  • The neutral color looks good.
  • A supportive shoe for runners
  • Hold the courts firmly
  • The toe box is narrow
  • Synthetic looks like plastic

Final Words:

This iconic and classical jogger of PUMA features a high-top silhouette that provides adequate ankle support to the player. The Velcro straps safeguard the ankles and provide lockdown. They allow you to rock on the courts and streets with greater confidence.

10- ESXGED Unisex Lifestyle Women’s Non-Slip Basketball Shoes – Lebron Women’s Basketball Shoes

Whether you are hunting for a pair of best basketball shoes for women to be on the court or rocking the streets, the ESXGED Unisex Lifestyle is perfect. They flaunt a fashionable and beautiful appearance so that you can make your movements with full confidence. 

The best thing is that they arrive in three different color designs so that you can select your favorite color for a personalized look. The upper of these high-quality joggers are made of lightweight and colorful canvas cloth. 

That’s why; it is enormously comfortable and ventilated to wear. Your feet will stay dry and comfortable for the entire day. It offers exceptional security to your feet so you won’t get wounded if someone accidentally steps in on them. 

The padded collar also enhances support and makes the ankle feel comfortable when you play aggressively or run faster. Besides, the soft lining is also integrated to make the shoe even more breathable. 

The insole delivers adequate cushioning, impact protection, shock absorption, and comfort. The outsole is manufactured of rugged rubber and has a concave and convex texture. Also, it has admirable bounce-back traits and robustness. 

It is responsible for reliving the foot pressure and providing skid resistance when playing on an indoor court. They are perfectly suitable for walking, jogging, running, games, traveling, casual wear, and much more. 

It stays right to size for few people, so we suggest you try them in-store to avoid issues with its fit later. 


  • Available in three diverse colors designs to give you a tailored appearance
  • Lightweight and colorful canvas cloth is used for creating the upper.
  • Padded collar provides increased ankle support and comfort.
  • Soften lining exists to make it breathable.
  • The insole provides cushion, responsive ride, and shock absorption. 
  • Rugged rubber outsole with concave and convex texture for optimum grip 
  • Keep the feet dry and fresh
  • Impressive impact protection
  • Enough cushion
  • Unique slippers
  • The pattern on the kick is conspicuous
  • Offer great fit
  • Runs smaller

Final Words:

Made from lighter and colorful canvas cloth and flaunting of dependable ventilation, ESXGED Unisex Lifestyle is one of the best basketball shoes for teenage girl that seem to have it all. It is a remarkable combination of responsiveness, comfort, support, and breathability. 

Owners have some issues with its fit, so wide-footers should go half a size up. These dazzling and fashionable kicks are available at a reasonable price so that they won’t break your bank.

Buying Guide For The Best Women’s Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Before the women’s Adidas basketball shoe purchase, you should consider essential attributes that the sneakers must have to make you feel comfortable on the court. 

Basketball requires strenuous movements such as shooting, jumping, and running; thus, the boots should withstand these movements. 

As we mentioned earlier, their primary purpose is to safeguard the feet and ankles against injuries. Here are some of the critical traits that you need to consider before buying the basketball kicks.

Recognize Your Game Style

There are mainly three types of athletes in the basketball sport: all-rounder, power, and fast player. All players have to fulfill different requirements according to their gaming style. 

As an all-rounder, you need superior quality slippers with extra cushions and light ankle support. Therefore, you can obtain lightweight shoes, so that they will make you feel comfortable and will not restrict your moves. 

Fast players perform quick movements to score and gain points, so they should acquire lightweight sneakers that will not hinder their swift actions. You can take advantage of lower-cut models because they support easy motion. 

On the other hand, power athletes need Lebron women’s basketball shoes with incredible cushioning. They have to move more compared to other players, so they must feel comfortable.

Support Structure

While buying the shoes, you should be able to determine how supportive they are. Don’t be misled by the sugary words of the shopkeepers. 

They always claim that their models are the best. Every seller says these words when you are in their store for purchasing boots. However, if you are ordering online, make sure to read the reviews and then make a final verdict. 

Check the quality of the substances, overall design, and structure to determine the shoes’ quality. It is better to select the ones that are made of lightweight and durable materials.


Basketball is a challenging game, so a player must be skilled enough to compete proficiently to be successful in the sport. For this purpose, they need a pair of joggers with superior traction that can grip the surfaces efficiently. 

Footwear brands have gone out of their ways to deliver boosted tread to their consumers so they can enjoy the enhanced grasp and control during their game. 

The top-notch tread pattern allows the athletes to make quick cuts and move in multiple directions.  

Optimum Fit

Picking the best women’s basketball shoes for ankle support means that they should offer an optimum fit. It does not matter if they are packed with many features; you won’t feel comfortable if they don’t fit you perfectly. If you are buying them from the local market, try them and walk in them in the store. 

However, if you shop online, grab information about the sizing, and read users’ reviews to know if they stay right to size or run long or small. In this way, it will be easy for you to choose the best fit for your feet.

Search For Outstanding Shoe Build

We recommend looking for the best basketball shoes for women with a strong, well-designed, and well-built structure. It is challenging to find boots that will suit your individual needs. 

That’s why; by getting knowledge about the vital components of the pumps and diversity in their heights, you will be able to pick one that best meets your requirements.


There are three different types of basketball shoe cuts—high-top, mid-top, and low-top. They are manufactured for providing a variety of advantages, and the shoe cut’s selection will be reliant on what sort of athlete you are. 

High-tops are available in a vast range in the shoe industry, and they are perfect for all players as they are designed to protect the ankles from injuries. 

Mid-tops are highly suitable for fast players, and they won’t limit their movements. They are lightweight and also provide enough ankle support. On the other hand, low-tops don’t offer ankle support, but you can use them regularly or as a street shoe.


The upper should be composed of lightweight, breathable, and durable materials. It is liable for maintaining the foot’s snugness and keeping it secured during the game.

Closure System

Closure systems are responsible for protecting the feet when players make side to side moves, quick turns, and sudden stops. The standard closure systems include straps, zippers, reliable laces, and Velcro. 

You should tie them accurately before hitting the court to prevent them from untying. Some players prefer laces because they are easily adjustable, but some go for straps because they stop ankle rolls. 

Zippers are not much standard, but they work like straps. The velcro closure system is integrated into children’s sneakers, but it does not provide a lot of support.


A proper cushion setup is mandatory for all sorts of basketball players. You need a pair of pumps that provide more support for joints. However, each gaming style requires a different level of cushioning. 

Therefore, many brands offer a wide variety of cushioning in their basketball footwear. For example, Nike gives Zoom Air to make shoe responsive. Adidas relies on Boost cushioning to help the player get more out of their shoots.  

Ankle Collar

The ankle collar is a protective component of the best basketball shoes for teenage girl covering the ankle area. A high-top shoe has a broader ankle collar to offer utmost security to the ankles, but it limits ankle movements to a great extent and lower flexibility. 

However, the low-top sneakers have a thick ankle collar to deliver minimal foot support, but they provide sufficient flexibility. Mid-cut boots have a medium-sized collar, and they strike a balance between flexibility and ankle support.


It is another compulsory feature of the women’s outdoor basketball shoes that enables you to feel protected and balanced with every step. 

Look for boots with an outsole that has an excellent traction pattern with a reliable grip. They should be equipped with other features like adjustable laces and added padding, etc.    

best womens basketball shoes for ankle support

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do High-Top Women’s Basketball Shoes Provide Ankle Support?

Yes, they are anticipated to provide adequate ankle support. However, the ideal way to avoid injuries is to have resilient muscles outside of the feet.

Q. Why Is Ankle Support Critical?

You must use the best women’s basketball shoes for ankle support because they can bring numerous benefits to you. They will lower the harmful impact and strain on arches ad ankles. They will also diminish the hazard of ankle injuries and foot disorders.

Q. Is Cushioning Plays Any Role In Ankle Support And Security?

Cushioning has nothing to do with ankle support, but still, it is a crucial factor as it delivers comfort to the player. 

Better cushioning means the shoe will efficiently absorb the shock, allow you to enjoy smooth and responsive rides, and improve the pumps’ rebound. The midsole provides cushioning and is essential for joint protection.


Having the best women’s basketball shoes for ankle support is not precisely an assurance that you will perform like the pros; however, it is not a wise idea to compromise your game by not having them. 

They can dramatically improve your speed, precision, ankle permanency, comfort, control, and grasp on the court. 

When you are comforted and supported by your sneakers during the explosive game, you are free to focus on your rivals and your performance. 

You won’t be forced to concentrate on how uncomfortable you are feeling or worry that you will break or sprain your ankle. 

Bear in mind that ventilation, insane tread, exceptional fit, eye-catching design, and premium quality materials are all obligatory when it comes to finding the best basketball shoes for teenage girls that can help you polish your skills. 

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