are basketball shoes good for running

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Running

Choosing the right type of shoe for every specific activity is an important decision. Everyone must clearly understand first why they are looking for shoes. Whether they need a shoe for training, playing, running, etc. Basketball shoes are suitable for multi-direction movements like running, jumping, stoping, and such others.

So, you must select the shoes while keeping your activity in mind in order to protect your foot. Basketball shoes are specially designed to give the power and strength to the player in the game. Basketball shoes are able to handle the quick, multidirectional movement of the person.

While the running shoes usually allows the movement in one direction. Different types of running shoes are available, but the main types are firm shoes, softened shoes, and motion control shoes. These types of shoes make sure to protect the runner’s foot and provides maximum comfort.

However, the thing is you need to know which shoes are suitable for your specific activity. This is because the wrong type of shoes may cause serious foot injuries.

If we talk about wearing basketball shoes while running, then the answer is YES. You can wear basketball shoes while running. However, you can only wear these shoes for some limited time, and there are some other limitations as well.

These limitations occur because of the difference between shoes. Let’s have a look at some important differences between these two shoes.

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Running

Some important differences between basketball shoes and running shoes

These two types of shoes are quite different from each other. Running shoes are light in weight and are small. On the other side, basketball shoes are heavy and rigid. The material used for running shoes is very thin. Some of the companies are making such types of running shoes that you almost feel barefoot.

While the basketball shoes contain thick cushioning and sole to protect the foot during the change in direction, start and stop in the game. This sole makes sure the ankle of the player remains safe within the shoe.

Basketball shoes help the player while jumping, moving, running, etc. in the game. These shoes provide ankle stability, foot support, flexibility, and shock absorption while the running shoes are designed to provide the maximum comfort to the person.

The running shoe can go on long distances. However, there is no ankle support in running shoes as there is no sudden change in direction.

Can you wear basketball shoes while running

YES, you can. However, you can only wear basketball shoes when you are running within the court, or you have a little walk. In other words, you cannot wear basketball shoes while running all the time.

Basketball shoes cannot provide you with the stability and comfort that you need while continuously walking.

Can running shoes and basketball shoes be used interchangeably

Running shoes and basketball shoes are distinct from each other. As we have already mentioned, the running shoes are designed for one movement of the foot while the basketball shoes can handle multidirectional movement. Choosing an appropriate shoe for a specific activity can save you from many injuries.

Basketball shoes provide great stability along with the stiffness, cushioning, and think sole. You can wear basketball shoes for a very short period of time while walking, but you cannot wear them all the time. Likewise, you should not use running shoes for playing basketball.

Basketball shoes

The special design of the basketball shoes supports the ankles while the player makes sudden movements that may cause pressure on the bones and joints. The high design of the shoe is beneficial in preventing the injury, which is very common during such circumstances.

Running shoes

The running shoes are very light in weight, breathable, and contains no ankle support. This is because running is straight movement and causes less and almost zero pressure on the ankle. The sole of the running shoes is soft.

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Running

Types of basketball shoes

The three basic types of running shoes are

  • Motion control shoe

This type of shoe reduces the rate of overpronation. These are considered good for the runners having inward feet roll.

  • Stability shoes

Stability shoes are a combination of the support features and cushioning features. They provide some extra stability to the rearfoot, along with the medial support and forefoot flexibility.

  • Cushioning shoes

Cushioning shoe design make sure to distribute the shock on the midsole and the outsole. These are suitable for the players having high arches.

Types of basketball shoes

The basketball shoes are of three types based on how high the shoelaces up on the ankle.

  • Low-tops

Low-tops shoes end right below the ankle bone. They provide no additional ankle support if you need to perform more jumping on the court, then these are not suitable for you.

  • Mid-tops

These shoes are suitable for the players who perform a moderate amount of jumping on the court. These shoes provide more ankle support but do not restrict the movement of the ankle while executing high turn on the court.

  • High-tops

High-top basketball shoes are heaviest. However, they provide maximum ankle support. They also provide shock absorption.


You should always select the shoe according to the respective activity. You cannot wear the same shoe for playing, running, walking, etc. This is because different shoes are designed differently to perform various functions and fulfil the requirements of the users.

If you simply want to walk for 3 to 4 minutes or you are walking on your basketball court, then you may take advantage of your basketball shoes otherwise not.

On the other side, if you are going for a long-distance walk, or walking on a rough surface that can damage your shoes, then try wearing the shoes accordingly. We hope you find this article informative. Thank you for reading.

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