How to Make Basketball Shoes Sticky

How to Make Basketball Shoes Sticky

      Basketball game shoes play a very important role in the basketball game for quick movement and fast feet. Safety, being essential for the players and quick moves in this game, is the main thing. when your shoes are in the best condition you can play harder, cut sharper and play with more confidence.

While keeping safety in mind choose the best shoes to play longer, practice more, jump higher without fear of rolling your ankle. Ankle injury is very common in basketball games due to the slippery surface of the court and shoe sole, so your shoes must be in the good gripping condition to play in the best way. Traction is the main thing in the best basketball shoes.

Best Gripping Techniques

Cleaning of Shoes:

  • For best gripping cleaning of shoes is essential.
  • Regular cleaning after every game will be best for your shoes’ long life.
  • Use the wet towel to wipe out the dirt, scrub that towel on the sole and make sure nothing left behind, then dry the shoe. it is the simplest way to clean shoes and it will increase the gripping life of the shoe.
  • A stiff bristle brush will also wipe out the dirt. To remove the dirt is very essential because dirt decreases the gripping capacity of the shoes.

Gripping Lotion:

Gripping lotions are easily available in the market just spray that lotion over the shoe sole. They add the gripping in the shoe sole.

Sticky Mats:

Another way is to use the sticky mats that are very common in this game and also increase gripping. just keep that mat side of the court and simply scrub your shoe on that specific mat and it will remove your dirt and will increase traction.

Never wear your basketball shoes out of the court because the more contact with the dirt, the more slippery surface of the sole will create.

how to make basketball shoes sticky

DIY Hacks:

You can use some DIY hacks to enhance gripping of your basketball shoes. Few people believe that hair spray does a good job to increase gripping but again people think that it’s a temporary solution.

The cheap method to get good gripping could be done at home easily. Rinse away dust by running water over the shoe sole, then use the wet towel to wipe out the sticky dust by scrubbing that towel you’ll get the clean surface of the shoe. Now take some handwash and pour over the towel and scrub that towel on the shoe sole.

You can use an old toothbrush to scrub on the sole to get better results, then clean it after scrubbing of 5 mints and make sure to dry your shoe completely. After drying takes petroleum gel and scrubs that Vaseline on the sole with a dry toothbrush. Now you can feel the good difference in gripping after trying out this method.

9: The other suggestion to keep your shoe in a good grip is that the player should use separate shoes for practice and game.

10: If you can afford to use the good brand for your basketball game it will be best for your game because the more gripping the more confident game you will play.

Use separate shoes for indoor and outdoor court:

make sure don’t wear the same shoes in both courts because it will decrease traction. when you play the indoor game the contact with the dirt is minimal and your shoe will not be that much dirty, but when you play basketball in the outdoor court the contact with the dirt is maximum even little stones could be in your shoe sole and that will damage the gripping insanely.

After outdoor game cleaning is more necessary and just take out the little stones carefully with some sharp tool, then rinse water over the sole and scrub the sole with a stiff bristle brush and then proper drying of the shoe is important.

Court grabbers:

Slippery courts are very common in a basketball game and this is also the reason for bad gripping. The constant contact of dirt with the court cause slippery floor and decrease traction.

Court grabbers are also available and they restore traction during the game without using your hand just place the court grabber on the top of each shoe and you can rub your sole over the court grabber and it gives you better traction.

This is legal to wear the court grabber during the game and these grabbers are user friendly and enhance gripping. while using saliva to clean the shoe during the game is not good because in this way you took all the dirt on your hand and it is unhealthy.

The sweat of the body as a gripping tool:

Applying the sweat of your body on the shoe sole will be workable but it’s a temporary thing and also somehow unhealthy and disgusting thing during the game.

Basketball shoes need to be dry every time after the game because it could be wet due to sweating and to pack your shoes while its wet could damage its shape.

Proper drying of shoes:

  • Don’t use hard chemicals, alcohol, and bleach to clean your shoe sole because it can crack your sole on drying.
  • Direct sunlight drying also not suitable for shoe life.
  • Paper towels and clean towels are good for drying purposes.

Shoe sole:

Another way to increase gripping is that you can replace your shoe sole and the new sole will provides you good gripping and it is the cheap method.

Cleaning of the basketball court for best gripping:

Basketball court cleaning is equally important for the best grip and fast moves. There should be proper cleaning of the court to avoid accidents. Cleaning of court with the special material will provide good results.


These above mention methods can increase traction and grip but if you are not getting any good results it’s better to change your basketball shoes. Because safety is very important for the players.I hope these suggestions and methods could be useful to enhance your performance in the game with the help of traction and a good grip.

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