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How to Tie Basketball Shoes

If you want to get the maximum of your basketball shoes, then it is crucial to wear them properly. It is as important as wearing all other gear in basketball. Sometimes it is also considered as more important because, in basketball, you face quick multi-direction movements. In other words, you are going to have a lot of footwork in basketball, so your foot must be in full comfort.

In order to get full support from your shoe while playing basketball, it is necessary to tie them up properly. If you fail to do so, you are going to face many problems during your session. Let’s suppose you bought a new pair of your favorite basketball shoes, and without knowing how to wear them properly, you just went straight to the court.

Can you play and enjoy your game fully in this way?? NO, you must first learn how to tie your basketball shoes properly. If you lace up your shoe correctly, you will get the best of the performance, and you can also save yourself from any injury. In this article, we have provided the right way to tie your basketball shoes. Let’s have a look.

Types of lacing

Different type of basketball shoe lacing is available. However, before going to court, you must first experiment with all of these types to find the best suitable for yourself.

1. Crisscross method

If you are in search of a simple and easy way that can help you throughout the game, then the crisscross method is here for you. This type of lacing is the same as tying up shoes for the school. It means no need to learn a new way of lacing. Almost every one of us using the crisscross method of lacing to tie their daily life shoes.

This method is straightforward and known to most people. You just need to lace your shoe in a normal crisscross pattern.


  • First, make sure the right and the left sides of the lace are of equal length.
  • As the name suggests, this lacing type thread, the right side through the left eyelet, and the left side through the right eyelet.
  • Continue, repeating in the same crisscross manner until you reach the last eyelet.
  • Tie and tuck the lace. If you are wearing high top shoes, then make sure to go all way up to get some additional ankle support.

2. Sasquatch method

If you are looking for a lacing scheme that can help you to deal with your large and wide feet, then this method is best for you. This method is the same as the crisscross but with some minor changes. Let’s have a look at them


  • First, make sure the right and the left sides of the lace are of equal length.
  • Move the right thread through the left eyelet and left thread through the right eyelet.
  • However, here now, leave a set of the eyelets to give more comfort to your large feet.
  • Make them tight according to your comfort level.
  • Make sure you reach the top and do not leave any eyelet at the top to avoid strain on the ankle.

3. Professional lacing

This type of lacing is suitable for professional players or for those who play basketball in school, college, church, etc.


  • Make sure both sides of the laces are equal.
  • Thread the right side to the left eyelet and the left side to the right eyelet.
  • When you reach the last eyelet, make it reverse and keep it loose.
  • You can finish the lacing normally. However, you need to end the lacing by passing through the last loose eyelet before tying.
  • By doing so, your feet will save yourself from injuries.


It is necessary for every basketball player to learn about the proper lacing. We have provided all the necessary detail that you need to know about lacing. We hope you find it useful and informative—thank you for reading.

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